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Rengar Build Guide by RazorBlade174

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RazorBlade174

[S4] Top Rengar - Here Kitty Kitty!

RazorBlade174 Last updated on December 6, 2014
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Rengar Build

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Welcome Fellow Summoners!

Before we begin, I wanted to state that this is my first guide. Although I'm new to Mobafire, I know the tips and tricks. Helpful criticism and discussion is appreciated! :D

To begin, I wanted to say that is an amazing champion. He has alot of burst potential, he can use brush to his advantage, and he can track down bursty opponents using his ult. Unfortunately, since the patch update, got 'nerfed'. Notice how I put the quotation marks. was balanced (to some extent I agree he was a bit strong), but he also got buffed. He is still a VERY VIABLE champion, he just takes a bit more skill.

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Pros and Cons

Before we begin to discuss how to play , we should discuss WHY to play .

+Amazing burst potential
+Good sustain
+Ult is a great escape/chase
+Abilities max stacks effects
+Good Tanky/Bruiser
+Great in teamfights

-CC destroys
-Needs max stacks for effects
-Ult has high CD
-Needs at least 2 core items to be effective
-Can be focused easily in

There are a few more pros than cons, but that means nothing. Like everything, has his flaws, but also like everything you can fix those flaws using certain items to your advantage to counter out cons.

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Alright, alright. Now on to the core build

's build is fairly simple, but also dependent on the opposing team. Here I will explain in depth what items to get, and why.

- is an item you should get EVERY GAME you play top Rengar. Why, you ask? Well, if we quickly take a look at 's stats, it gives 75 AD, 12 percent lifesteal, has a Regular Passive and a Unique Passive, as well as an Active. The regular passive gives 100% base health regen, which is incredibly strong. The UNIQUE Passive allows you to do AoE damage on auto attacks, which scale of of 60% of your AD. Its Active form does an AoE ring of damage scaling off of 100% of your AD, meaning if you have 340 AD, does the same amount. You can wave clear about 30-40 minions in only a few auto attacks.

Looking back at the stats, now we will apply that to 's abilities. The Active effect applies to not only 's AA's, but ALSO to his Savagery since it is counted as an AA reset/booster. That means you can literally shred your target using your Savagery and AAs.
As we mentioned earlier, 's Battle Roar at max stacks heals him for a certain % of his health. Now tie that in with 's lifesteal. You can heal up extremely quick using Battle Roar on just a few minions/jungle monsters. Although his Bola Strike isn't complimented by 's main benefits, the extra AD will help it to do more damage.

- is a core item, and as good as it is on , you COULD switch it out, but it isn't recommended. Although got a medium-nerf, it still WIDELY benefits 's kit. Let's take a look at it's stats. It gives 25 AD, 40% attack speed, and 10% life-steal. Unlike , doesn't have a regular passive, but it DOES have a Unique Passive and Active. Let's take a look at those too. It's Unique Passive does 8% more AD based on their health, which is decent. It's active however, is awesome. It does 10% AD on their MAX health, with a minimum of 100 AD, it heals for however much that scaling was, THEN it steals 25% of their movement speed, for 3 seconds. This GREATLY benefits 's Savagery and Bola Strike, and is a GREAT combo with . You can use , get a few autos and Savagerys off, slow them even more with Bola Strike, W, then shred them more with a double Savagery. Even more so, when ulting after a squishy ADC or Mid, you can use in your stealth form, and then completely stomp on them. Overall, is an AMAZING item.