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Kindred Build Guide by Zula Warrior

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zula Warrior

[S6] STOMPING Solo Que with Kindred Jungle [CHALLENGER] 6.21

Zula Warrior Last updated on October 20, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 12

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Runic Armor
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Resolve: 18

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About Me

Hello! My name is Zula, actually I go by quite a few names but that is the one that has always stuck (hence my IGN). I'm a challenger player who mains both ADC and Jungle, however my Top/Mid/Support excel far above your average player as well.

But before we get into all of that here is my Current Rank

I've been playing League for about 4 years and hoping to one day become a professional LCS player but as of now I am attending university in Hawaii as a Bio Chemistry student. When I'm not too caught up in my school work (such as the summer months) I enjoy playing games, and it's become not only a passion of mine, but a way to connect and build new friends and relationships. So I would like to give back to the community that I've spent so long with and offer guidance on how to become a better player of League of Legends. So I hope you enjoy, learn, and put into action everything in this guide, as these are the ways I've found to lead to pure success in my League of Legends career.

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Kindred is an extremely versatile champion in solo queue, especially in the jungle (tested from Gold to Diamond in 2 days, Kindred Only, as long as she (Yes I Kindred is referred to as them, but She is just easier) wasn't banned). The fact that she is rarely played correctly, means your opponents won't be expecting the game-altering plays you'll be making.

In all seriousness, a well played Kindred is more than capable of stomping solo queue, even at the highest of elos; I played my Kindred jungle vs many pros, top streamers, and other challenger players, and Kindred is one of the most contested for champions at that rank.

There are three main reasons for Kindred jungle to be able to compete at this level:

1. Her clear time is among the fastest in any jungler ( especially late game ) due to her mobility.

2. She can not be juked and has crazy good ganks with her skill set combo that other junglers don't have (the range... oooh the range!) and easily tower diveable ganks with her R

3. Her sustain in the jungle is plentiful, with the new Wolf's Frenzy you hardly get touched when you kite well, kiting used to be harder but since you now have an enormous slow on all large monsters (not dragon/RH/baron) you can just easily dance away from them.

After the consistent nerfs Kindred is still stronger than most people think and extremely fun due to her unique play style, mobility, and range (unlike almost any other jungler).

Oh, and if you're looking for a champion to get out of "Elo hell" with, Kindred will be the one. One of my smurfs, which I played on to test out how hard it really is to get out of "Elo Hell." Was ending games 17-20 mins every single game. Enemy team was just wowed.

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What exactly does Kindred Do?

Kindred is a mobile, high-damage output, ranged jungler. Her early game ganks are among the best in the game and can have devastating effects on the enemy teams morale and influence on the game. Her spells are meant to keep her alive while still doing a massive amount of damage, there is rarely a game where I do not top the damage charts.


+ Fast Clear Times
+ Physical Burst / Sustained DPS
+ Ability to Jump through walls and around enemy players
+ Highly effective ganks
Kindred has outplay potential and huge synergy with Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor and Blade of the Ruined King. These two items are Kindred's first two items and for good reason. They give her a much faster jungle clear time, do crazy AoE damage when both are used, and allows her to trade well with both champions, or if she is looking to go solo dragon, and the active has obvious benefits


- Fairly Low Auto Attack Range
- Situational Ultimate can throw games
- Weak Early Game (Comparability)
Kindred is a weak early game jungler. She can duel and kill the enemy jungle, early on in the game, but it's difficult to do so. She is a very high skill cap champion. Game knowledge is a huge part of playing Kindred, as the more you know the more you'll be able to outplay and plan out your maneuvers. Her skills allow her to do some incredible things, but at the same time can completely throw a teamfight and quite possibly a game. If you put yourself in a terrible position with your Q, waste your E, or worst of all save the entire enemy team with your ult (don't worry it happens sometimes xD) then you will be putting a lot of stress on your team. But that's okay, thats why we're here and I want to teach you exactly how to avoid those situations!

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Every one of Kindred's Abilities can be used both offensively and defensively.

Mark of the Kindred

Kindred's Passive is the absolute definition of who she is, there are two ways to get your marks.
By Champion
In order to get kindred marks, you’re going to want to be able to manipulate the time it take for the mark to become activated as well as the mind game of “fear” the enemy faces when you mark them. When you’re going for a gank, what you want to do is mark them approx. 2 seconds before they gain vision of you, that way by the time they realize they are marked, you’re going to be damn near in their face. And if you manage to get the kill (which you should be able to if you’re going for the gank!) it should be activated by the time they die. This takes practice, because if you do it too early they will just run to their tower because you marked them. Do it too late and they will die before the mark goes off (probably by 0.1 second knowing our luck xD).
Another thing to keep in mind is when ganking phase is over, and team fights start occurring, do not forget to get your marks off! Even if you kill somebody and your mark CD comes off, make sure you get the next mark off ASAP. I will go deeper into this in a later chapter but for now this is a good start.
By Enemy Jungle
[The other way to get your marks is (you guessed it) by the camps in the enemy jungle (WAIT ZULA DON’T FORGET ABOUT SCUTTLE…shuddup). The marks are semi-random. Semi meaning that for marks 0-2 can be on scuttles and raptors, 3-4 large monsters (excluding buffs), 5-7 buffs or epic monsters, and 7+ is only Baron. To make these even less random you can keep track of which monsters are dead and alive through the use of wards (omgosh wards? Scary) So this means you’re going to want to be warding the enemy jungle if not only for the fact that you can then tell where your next mark will be as the mark will only activate on camps that are alive (even if they are at half HP).
Coming Soon
KindredComing Soon

Dance of Arrows

Dance of Arrows Is Kindred's signature move. Since it is her spam ability and also the ability that does the most sustain damage for her, it is the one you max first for shorter cooldown and max potential damage. I don't know about you, but one of the most annoying things to me is when I'm playing a champion that can't go through walls, and then I see the enemy with 5% HP dash through a wall! No problem here, as Kindred can hop through many walls with this amazing spell! When cast inside of Wolf's Frenzy the Cool Down is significantly reduced. At low levels, this ability has quite a long CD and will not be quite as spammable, which is why she is a weak early game jungler. I suggest not invading or doing lvl 2 ganks until you fully understand Kindred, since this is such a crucial part of her kit.

When using this spell offensively there are a few things you're going to want to look out for. You want to make sure you're not putting yourself in a bad position by jumping to a location that you can't get out of. At the same time you want to position yourself to where you stay inside your Wolf's Frenzy so that you can maintain your W's passive. One thing I've noticed when I give my students lessons on Kindred, is when they are ganking, they tend to use this spell in the direction of the enemy champion instead of the escape route of the enemy champion. There are times where you need to be moving towards the enemy champions escape route as this is the best way to secure the kill. Your Q is going to prioritize champions so don't worry about it not hitting champions in a lot of minions. Lastly when using offensively, try to remember that it is still your only real escape, so be aware of when you may need it to get out of a tough spot

This is not only your best offensive move, but debatably your best defensive move as well (but Zula what about my ult? or my slow?) Well your Q is what allows you to escape from enemies during both your ult and slow! With that being said, you should be using this skill in combination to your other skills for best results. Hopefully by now you understand that if your Wolf's Frenzy is up you should be using it to lower the cool down of your Q. When escaping an enemy you can jump through small walls, to do this click as close to you can to the wall without going over it, place your cursor over the wall after, and once you step as close as you can to the wall, press Q! (No Pressure xD). But your Q isn't only defensive for escaping. You should be micro managing the team fight if at all possible (it's always possible) and dodging skills with your Q. This is where that game knowledge I was talking about earlier comes into play, because the better you know or gradually guess when the enemy is going to use their skill shot, the better chance you have of dodging it. You really want to press your Q before they press their spell "because reaction time isn't reliable but your brain is." So once you begin to be able to predict when enemies aregoing to use their spells, this, as well as all of your gameplay will be much more smooth and effective.

Wolf's Frenzy

Wolf's Frenzy is a pretty simple ability, because really it's all passive and you just have to stay inside of the circle. The complicated part of it is using it in the best possible position. Which is the area that you're going to be fighting while still being slightly in your escape area so that you can still escape if necessary.

KindredLike I said earlier, this is a pretty simple ability, so it's simple to understand how to use it offensively. You want to combine (just as all your spells) the use of your W with your other spells to maximize your full potential. That means you're going to want to launch your E, Mounting Dread, and your Q to get you in the best possible position before you lay down your W, that way you can maximize the time that wolf does damage and be able to stay inside your W to get the reduce CD for your Dance of Arrows. Another tip I love to give my students when coaching them is using the W to tower dive and do damage without actually tower diving. Since Wolf can't die or take damage, you can position your W to deal damage to get those last few hits without taking the tower agro, it is a great little tip that very few Kindred players take advantage of. Another tip is to use it right before you get stunned. Since Wolf can't be stunned, you will continue to do damage while you are stunned and then can come out with a reduced CD Q.
Using W defensively is more of an advance Kindred tactic. It's not necessarily harder, but you want to make sure you only do it in the correct situations, because it is still usually more useful used offensively ( I didn't confuse you did I?) The tip I gave in the offensive column is somewhat of a defensive trait as well. But other than that there are many times that may come up to put this spell on your defensive side. Such as when you're trying to save a teammate but have very little health or mana to do so, drop down your W to "push" the enemy team away by scaring them. It's almost like a warning shot because it seems as you are going to go in. The most obvious form of defensive however comes when jungling. You want to really use Wolf's Frenzy to kite the jungle camps so you can stay as topped off as possible. Combine it with your Q and you will hardly get touched. The best way to do it is to kite semi circles around the camp. Early game you may get hit once or twice but late game they will probably die before you even move.

Mounting Dread

I love this ability. It brings so much joy to my life! If I were an ability I would marry this ability (I'd probably end up cheating on it with Kayle's Ult) (Okay that's enough Zula) Fine Fine. Jeez. But seriously, this ability is great, I max it second for the increase damage and lowered CD. The Slow and execute are huge and I get more peoples flashes with this skill alone than an Annie with her stun/tibbers up. Lets get to it!
This spell is your main course when it comes to ganking. You will be getting it off as practically your first spell. The way I do it is Q > E > Auto Attack > W that way I maximize my time frames by getting the slow into an auto attack and then having Wolf do his damage.
Coming Soon

Lamb's Respite

Kindred's ultimate is a game changer, which is why I choose to do an entire chapter on it, which I will be releasing soon, between school and work it takes me a while to write a quality guide for everyone :) But thank you for being patient.

Coming Soon

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Runes / Masteries / Summoner Spells

Runes make the world of difference for Kindred!

Marks: I take 8 attack damage marks because you want to have the additional damage on your first clear, some people argue that Armor Pen marks would be more effective for the late game, but you take a risk with that because you end up getting rolled over in the early game by your jungle, and the enemy jungler can come in and sweep you off your feet. And we all know how our laners never like to come help out their jungler :).
I take the 1% Crit Chance 100% of the time! Roll the dice baby!

Seals: Armor and Scaling Health seals because without these you'll have a hard time having good sustain in your jungle. Try to keep in mind that Kindred is extremely squishy which is why Riot gave her such a mobile and versatile kit. You will want to combine these runes with more the defensive items I give in my build to make sure you're staying alive and doing godly damage at the same time!

Glyph: I suggest taking 9 flat Magic Resistance runes here for even more defensive. You will notice as you play kindred that you will be the main focus, all the time, and every time.

Quintessence: 3 Attack Speed Quints to get your Auto Attacks off even faster. Late game and early game these runes will help you tremendously, I would say out of the 4 different types of runes, these are going to be your most beneficial.

The best masteries right now are 12/0/18 for Kindred. There is no real reason to get any in the Cunning tree since the defensive qualities plus Insight are better than anything that the cunning tree has to offer in the first 4 tiers. Strength of the Ages synergies extremely well with our build as well, as we essentially are trying to do as much damage as possible before dying or even having to pop our ult.

Haha hopefully I don't have to go into extensive detail about this for anyone, cause if I do I might lose hope in humanity xD Get Smite and Flash Nuff said... ohhh and put Flash on F otherwise I'll probably judge you. ;)

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Hunter's Machete is my go to item over Hunter's Talisman for a few good reasons.
  • Gives you lifesteal for the additional sustain, also the lifesteal is increased since we take Runic Armor
  • You don't need the extra mana from Hunter's Talisman and the health regen doesn't outscale the lifesteal.
  • The passive on Hunter's Machete ends up doing more damage with the increase of attacks from attack speed.
So I always go with Machete over Tailsman on Kindred

Berserker's Greaves are an amazing first item to start. If you've played Kindred before (or League for that matter) you know one of the most frustrating things is watching the enemy get away with almost no health by the skin of their teeth because you were just a little too slow.
Well, we're going to minimize that happening as much as possible by orb walking and being just overall faster than they are. Not only do the boots help you immediately for ganks, but they also help you get to your marks quicker, which early game is extremely important because you'll be beating the enemy jungler to your marks by just a few seconds which is all the time you are going to need. So grab these before you even start building into your jungle item (outside of your first buy). Make sure you have 1100 Gold before you back and if you have more then you're free to start finishing your jungle item!

Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazoris definitely bae, I really do love this item. It provides you with practically everything you need all in one item. Sustain? Check. Damage? Check. Defenses? Check. This item is great for dueling, so once I get it (especially if I get it quickly meaning I'm ahead) I start counter jungling a LOT. It helps tremendously in duels with enemy junglers with the smite passive (which combined with red secures sooo many kills).
Occasionally I'll get the question why I don't take
Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior. The answer is pretty obvious. The way the games are being played out now, going into late game and all. There would never be a situation I would want to take Warrior's. So just trust me on this, and all the other top kindred players around the world!

Okay so here's the deal, Runaan's Hurricane is a beast of an item. Not only that, but it is also probably the most user friendly item in the game. Remember playing First Person Shooters when we were younger with our friends? And we used to always get pissed off because one person would take a small machine and SPRAY AND PRAY? Well welcome back to your fond childhood (Or possibly current xD) memories! Hurricane is going to provide you with: Wave Clear, Attack Speed, AoE damage in team fights, proccing your passive and on hit bonuses from The Black Cleaver and possibly Blade of the Ruined King so with all that being said. Get this item if you're looking to open up the charts at the end of the game and see you doing 2x more than anyone else in the game!

"With great tankiness comes great Magic Resistance" (Unless they have no AP Dealers, THEN GO BALLS DEEP WITH BotRK!) Haha just a quote to remember. But seriously if we're going to be getting tanky we're going to need some Magic Resistance, and with Kindred, you really have one main course item for that!

First up to bat is
Maw of Malmortius I get this item probably about eh, I'd say 90% of my games. Why? Because it's simple. It provides you with a very easy to use Magic Resistance item because once you build it you just store it away. The shield helps save your life which is extremely useful as kindred because, if you're going against a mage with High Burst that you can't really see coming; for instance let's say our little pyromaniac, Annie. She could be hiding in a bush and in an instance flash out at you to land a full combo in almost a blink of an eye. Well, with this item you're not going to die unless your mid lane thought he was a cat with 9 lives.... or 15 for that matter. Especially since you got Dead Man's Plate and have that additional 500 HP. Another reason I choose to get this item frequently is because it provides you with some good offensive qualities as well. The stats plus the lifegrip proc helps to get you back to where you need to be. When you have life grip your life steal will be massive and each auto attack is going to heal like crazy, try to avoid popping your Ult prematurely because then you may not be able to heal yourself through it (considering you pop it when you're at 10%).

Similar to our jungle item, Blade of the Ruined King provides us with so much good stuff for our kit. The passive alone is like having 5 extra stacks (excluding the stats). And the active is huge! It gives us the ability to kite while taking and stealing a large chunk of our targets health. The slow is also huge for not only kiting, but chasing as well.


Haha okay just kidding just kidding. Seriously though this item gives you an immense amount of damage. The passive synergizes perfectly with your Runaan's Hurricane. The speed boost makes team fights a breeze in terms of kiting and dodging. That's great and all, but the real kicker with this item is the health and CDR it gives you. The health is a defensive quality that you will see (if it's your first time taking Black Cleaver) makes the world of difference. And CDR is always both an offensive and defensive quality that you will always love to have more of!


The only real time I go Lord Dominik's Regards is when they have 3+ tanks and they are all pretty weak tanks at that, otherwise The Black Cleaver will get the job done and more!

Probably the most cost efficient item in the game. This item brings tears to the enemy when they see you with it. Why? Because not only do they have to kill you once, they have to kill you twice, wait no THREE TIMES! (Counting your ult as a life haha) It gives you bonus MR and Armor that makes you tankier, and the additional life pretty much takes away the one thing that can counter Kindred. Burst. Which is why I build tanky in the first place. Once you have this item Kindred becomes one of the highest win rate champs in the game. At least for me.

Easily my go-to item when it comes to practically any jungler. It provides you with vision of enemy champions when you don't have sight of them (obviously, you can't click them but you know they are there) It takes out wards so you'll have an easier time ganking and getting objectives. Probably best used on junglers as you will have the most map presence. Once you get used to using it in key spots ( I will add some key spots to a map later for everyone to see :) then you'll actually be gaining quite a bit of gold from it too!

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I think of jungling as a 6 step approach. First you Start off with your First Clear, meaning before you gank (this is your Brainless Clear at the start of the game of ALMOST ... Notice how I said almost... every game), then we move on to your first gank (Possibly your most important play of the game), General Ganking (How/When/Why to Gank), Farming (Maintaining CS, Getting Gold and Experience through jungle monsters), Counter Jungling (Making the enemy Jungler hate his/her life, PS if it's a girl take it a Little easy on her, but not too easy if you know what I mean ;) ), and Objectives (Dragons, Towers, Inhibs, etc. etc.). Those are the 6 main focuses of Jungling, let's see how we implement all of the 6 steps into our game-play.

First Clear

Your first clear is going to be pretty easy. Let's take it step by step. First, go to your bottom jungle (yeah the one where your bot lane starts), smite it, right when it appears so that you get the buff immediately, then after you and your bot lane get the bottom camp, go straight to the closest buff. Obviously, this is where you're going to be putting into practice most of your jungle kiting. So begin with an auto attack and getting your spells off as soon as they come off Cool Down. This way you'll maximize damage and kiting potential. To kite you're going to want to kite backward first, while still auto attack, and casting spells as much as possible, while also moving backward. Tip: I use the attack to move click function to kite monsters and kiting when dueling other junglers.. Make sure the buff doesn't reset however when kiting it away from you, so keep an eye on its patience meter. After you get your first buff, move onto your second buff, complete your bread N Butter Kiting technique on the second buff. Next, look at your Mark of the Kindred position on the map. It will be on either one of the scuttle crabs or the enemy wraiths, if it's on the scuttle directly by your 2nd buff, go get it. If it's on the enemy wraiths then decide whether or not it's safe to get them (Is the enemy jungler a weak early game champion? Get it. Is my mid lane pushed to their mid tower? Yes. Get it. If the answer is no to these questions chances are the first mark isn't worth the risk), and if it's on the other scuttle, try to prioritize it by prioritizing your first gank on either mid or bot. Considering your good with your mark, it's time for the first gank!

First Gank

Your first clear went smoothly so it's time for some serious action taking steps in terms of making the enemy surrender! This is why I consider the first gank to be one of , if not the most important play of the game. Because it can really set the tone for the game. Before we get into where to gank let's find out how.

When going for a gank you need to be aware of everything happening in the game, where is everyone located in the game? Is my health bar something to consider? Do they have a lot of early game champions that I should avoid? Try to make an educated guess about where the enemy jungler is. Is he in his jungle farming? Is he about to go for a gank? IS HE ALREADY GANKING OMGOSH GO COUNTER GANK!? haha, don't panic! There's a lot to consider, but take it slow, and remember that it's only possibly the most important play of the game (but not absolutely :)
So let's say you decide you want to gank, well how? I suggest trying the simple combination of Q E AA W AA Q AA Q AA, if you can get this full combo off you're almost for sure going to get the kill, but it's ok if you don't get the last auto attack off, just try your hardest to get at least that far. Another tip is to Ping the living hell out of your lane before you go in. Let him know you're on your way and that you're out for blood! Now let's see which lane to pick. You have three options when it comes to the first gank: Mid, Top, Bot

I'll start with the most likely of the three, top lane. There are two ways to know if you should gank top. One, if your mark was at the scuttle beneath you (very common) and your laner is in a position to gank for. This means that the enemy lane is not pushed into tower, and is either at or past the middle of the lane (you'll need about this much room to secure the kill) If you have a top laner with a stun then your likelihood of ganking for him skyrockets (think of a
Renekton). There, however, is one exception to this rule. If your lane IS pushing to the enemy tower, and they have an early game ganker (lee sin?) then skip your Mark, and sit in the bush in the river, or tri bush, to counter gank your opponent. However, let your laner know this is your plan otherwise that blind man might just take your buffs as a trophy.

Ganking mid lane is the next most likely option. The reason for this is similar to that of the top lane. Stuns/Pushed or Pushing/Gankable. Do not gank a mid lane that has a huge escape (zed, Le blanc, etc.) because you'll just waste your time and more than likely your passive. When ganking mid lane go behind the enemy, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE RIVER BUSH BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST LIKELY TO BE WARDED AND YOU WON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE TO KILL THE ENEMY. Which brings me to another point, you will need more space than normal to kill a mid laner (since you need to get your E and at least 3 auto attacks off to secure that kill probably). So don't be afraid to pass up on mid lane and go get marks and/or continue to farm, because forcing a gank is a lot worse than continuing to farm.

General Ganking

General ganking requires a much similar thought process to your first gank (which is why I choose to write about it first) because you'll be processing all of the information from your first gank, but instead of worrying about early game champions, think about where the game is and then plan accordingly.


Farming is simple with Kindred, it's like mini versions of your first clear, you want to be kiting the jungle camps using the strategy from above to farm. Make sure if you plan on backing soon, never leave the jungle before it is completely cleared (Unless it is unsafe to do so). A general rule of thumb is to try to keep your farm to as close to your mid laners. You can do it, and it gets easier as the game goes since you get your items. Also if your laner dies, go cover his lane and take his farm, and if you get a kill when ganking for your laner, tax a few minions, He might get mad but hey... Who's really carrying this game? ;)

Counter Jungling

Counter Jungling is huge as Kindred. Obviously, this is how you're going to get the majority of your marks. Realize though that there will be some games when you counter gank more than others. Do not fall into the trap of being either a super counter jungling player all the time, or never counter jungling at all. Be random in your counter jungling. Don't always go for the same place, and don't always go for your mark. Remember, the enemy can see where your mark is as well so they will be anticipating you. So if they go to your mark, what can you do? Go take their jungle on the other side of your mark.

However, if you know they are across the map and you see your mark just sitting there all lonely, then go take it and be on your way. The next step after getting your mark should primarily be ganking since you are behind the enemy, but if no lanes are gankable, then go get an objective, or continue farming, or back and get items! Don't ever waste time :)

Objective Control

Mainly what I see differs in every rank severely is objective control. Listen, you want these objectives. They win you the game. Period. My thought process of objective importance goes First Tower > Dragon (except flame dragon), Dragon > Towers, Rift Herald > Dragon (except flame), Inhib > Tower, Baron>Inhib. Remember too, RIFT HERALD, DRAGONS, AND BARONS all give Mark of the Kindred stacks depending on the interval. (Read the spell if you need to know the intervals) So use this to your advantage (PS an objective that has a mark on it DOUBLES, NO QUADRUPLES in importance). Okay, now with that being said. Another tip is that you can get dragon's by yourself undetected once you get your Red Trinket and Blade of the Ruined King. Use this knowledge to your advantage and make sure you get those objectives!

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...Work in Progress...

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...Work in Progress...

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Stomping Solo Que

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the guide! You're now well equipped with the ability to stomp solo que. Still however, you may find yourself in situations where you're just not exactly sure what to do, or how to win, or maybe you're just looking for guidance on another champion. Well, I have an immense amount of more information, and specific information that can guide you to being the best player possible. This is why Duo Legends was created. We want to show you exactly how to win in EVERY possibly situation.
Now, there are times, as we all know, that are going to be more rough than others. You may have a troll in champ select, have afker's, have feeding laners, ect. ect. Well, we're here to help. We want you to be able to carry yourself through your desired elo. To be like those streamers who go from Bronze to Masters in one week time. Haha I'm not saying that you'll learn how to be master in a weeks time, but we can help get you to a Skill and Rank you may have before not thought possible. But until you get there we will be with you every step of the way to guide you along that path.

So if you want more personalized advice for your gameplay, come check out You can play games with me or other Diamond 1+ players and get feedback and tips while you play! After registering, you can join our TeamSpeak server to pair up with Challenger and Master players of your choice. It's a great way to learn and improve quickly!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon.

Duo Legends.

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Special Thanks to...

(Grabs the Mic)
First of all, thanks to all of you, the guide has only been out for a few days and I have already gotten amazing feedback! My audience has been more than I can ask for already and I'm happy to help you guys in anyway I can!

Secondly, thank you to PSIGuard for being the best site Admin I know. He has helped me tremendously with help on my guide. I couldn't have done it without his help. He's the NA Coordinator of MobaFire, and if you need anything that man is right there to help you along! Great guy overall!

Thank you to my friend "TheExFear" for hooking me up with some sick Visuals!

Next, I want to thank my team over at for doing what they do best: Having Fun, Kicking ***, and providing the best possible service for players around the world.

Thanks to everyone for all the support!

Zula. Out.
(Mic Drop)