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Irelia Build Guide by radepqq

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League of Legends Build Guide Author radepqq

[S8] Irelia Bruiser Build and Guide by an ex Irelia OneTrick

radepqq Last updated on December 6, 2017
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Hello everyone, I am radepqq, my IGN is Ravenes, I play on EUNE and I am a platinum rated player. In season 8 I had 100 games on Irelia with a 62win%. I've been playing Irelia since the end of season 3. I feel like I have mastered Irelia, and I know all her tricks. I am writing this guide to maybe help some of you improve your Irelia or your overall top lane!

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My thoughts about Irelia.

Irelia is one of the best champions in the game. She is extremely fun to play. If you are looking for a champion to main or one-trick, or just generally pick up and add to your champion pool, you can never go wrong with Irelia. Irelia is a mobile duelist, she excels at killing carries and being a front line, as well as split-pushing. She is simple to play, but if you want to carry you are going to have to put in the time and effort to learn Irelia, I will try my best to keep this guide as educational and interesting as I can for you guys.

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Irelia's Flexability. Which role should I play?

Irelia can fill many roles in a game of League of Legends.

If your team is very good you can go for a bruiser, hybrid, off-tank build and be a frontline and stun enemies and win teamfights by making the enemy team focus you and letting your tear team destroy them or have the enemy team not focus you and just kill their carries. Irelia is one of the few top-laners that can be a tank, bruiser and assassin at the same time.

If your team is bad you can be the carry. By building Tri-force, Steraks Gage and Guardians Angel. With this build you have insane damage and can kill enemy carries in about 3 seconds (WQ-E-AA with R inbetween to proc triforce). And with enough defense abilities, proper positioning, and the small amount of tankiness from there items you will still be difficult to kill.

You can also be a split-pusher by building Triforce, Titanic Hydra and BoTRK, and just splitpush all game long (I will soon include a split-push section in this guide).

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Pros and Cons


-High mobility;
-Great duelist;
-Queen of mid game;
-Extremely tanky;
-High damage;
-Very fun to play.


-Not the best early game;
-Scales off late game;
-Difficult to play from behind.

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Runes Reforged

We go with PRECISION because Irelia is a champion that relies on her basic attacks to deal damage.

Press the Attack over Lethal Tempo and Fleet Footwork. Fleet Footwork is just bad on Irelia and with Lethal Tempo you won't really get to exceed the attack speed limit that much. And Press the Attack makes Irelia much stronger because it adds a lot of damage to her kit, it's really good early and has nice scailing.

Triumph over Overheal and Presence of Mind. Presence of Mind is bad on Irelia, she doesn't need the mana and I feel like Overheal is a bad rune overall. Triumph makes teamfighting better, and let's you 1v2 people easily.

You can go either Legend: Alacrity or Legend: Tenacity. I prefer Legend: Alacrity because attack speed is pretty much the best stat on Irelia, you can run Legend: Tanacity because Tanacity is a rare stat now (Pairer with you passive and Mercury Treads you can get up to 90% tanacity at full stacks]]. As for Legend: Bloodline, Irelia doesn't build much AD so we don't need to bonus lifesteal.

Coup de Grace over Last Stand and Cut Down. Typically only tanks will have higher max HP than you so it is better to have Coup de Grace than Cut Down and if you are low on HP you wouldn't want to be fighting most of the time so Last Stand isn't that good. In fights if you jump on their backline you will have them below 50% in 3 seconds so Coup de Grace is the best choice here.

Secondary RESOLVE for the extra AS and durability and CC.

Iron Skin over Mirror Shell because most of the times teams have more AD damage, but if you are facing a team with more AP damage choose Mirror Shell.

I feel like Second Wind is a very powerful choice and in my opinion is just better than any other choice here.

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Items (atm in progress)

Corrupting Potion is what you'll want to start most often.It gives you good sustain early, some bonus damage in trades and you don't need to buy potions anymore.
If you don't like Corrupting Potion and you feel confident you can go with Doran's Blade. Also, if you get Doran's Blade you can always get one more as it makes you very strong in trades.

Trinity Force is the strongest item you can get on Irelia. For many reasons. The number one reason is that with your ultimate you can proc Sheen multiple times which let's you deal tons of damage. It also applies Sheen on your Bladesurge which helps you oneshot caster minions for a free dash. The attack speed is also great on Irelia because she is very auto attack reliant. The extra attack damage and health from Phage plus it's passive is just a bonus that makes Trinity Force even stronger.

Every champion in the game needs boots. Irelia only really has 2 options for boots, those being Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads. If you are facing a team with mostly AD damage and little to no CC always buy Ninja Tabi. Vs most AD lane bullies such as Riven, Renekton and Wukong you will want to get Ninja Tabi pretty early to avoid getting killed in lane and getting set behind.

The second option for boots you can get on Irelia is Mercury's Treads. They give you magic resist and tenacity. You will want to get them vs teams with more ability power damage or a lot of crowd control. They pair well with Irelia's passive Ionian Fervor and/or Legend: Tenacity.

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Using your abilities

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You max you Hiten Style first, than your Equilibrium Strike second and your Bladesurge last, and you put a point in your R at level 6, 11 and 16.

In hard match-ups or in losing lanes it is perfectly fine to max your E first, the stun is great for dueling, disengaging, setting up kills etc.

Hiten Style is maxed first because it gives a lot of sustain damage and healing, when you have your Hiten Style maxed (level 9) if you have your trinity force you can all-in your opponent and you can even 1v2 if you haven't lost lane too hard.

E is maxed second because our main goal is to be a be a good dueler, get kills and get picks. The damage that you get with basic attacks with your W active is much greater than the damage your Q does.

How to use your abilities

Ability Description

]ACTIVE: Irelia dashes to the target enemy, dealing physical damage and applying on-hit effects. If Bladesurge kills its target, it refunds 35 mana and resets its cooldown.

How to use it!

What makes Irelias Q so powerfull is that its cooldown resets and refunds 35 mana if it kills the target. This makes it a very powerfull tool for CSing and provides insane mobility.
With Trinity Force you can oneshot caster minions from full HP with activating W and Qing to the minion. This combo only works until the 30th minute, because minions get tankier over time.

Ability Description

PASSIVE: Irelia's basic attacks heal her.
ACTIVE: Irelia's basic attacks deal bonus true damage and double Hiten Style's healing for 6 seconds

How to use it!

Irelias W is an all around good spell, it gives u healing, passive and active, true damage, and it even makes your Q deal more damage. Main uses for this spell: 1.Dueling, when you are dueling an opponent always have this active if it’s not on cooldown, especially vs tanks because the true damage will let you get throught their armor with ease.
2.Healing, after a trade, after a teamfight or whenever you are low on hp you can use your W and just attack anything (minions, jungle camps, scuttle ****, etc.) 3.Powering up your Q, this can be to oneshot a caster minion when you have Trinity Force, to get more damage to kill minions, more damage when Qing to an enemy champion or whenever you need more damage on your

Ability Description

ACTIVE: Irelia pierces the target enemy, dealing them magic damage and slowing them by 60% for a duration. If her percentile health is equal to or less than her target's, she stuns them instead.

How to use it!

Irelias E is a great spell that provies a lot of CC, even the slow is pretty good. The general combo is to get to an enemy with damaging them if you are on full hp, because if you and your oppoent are on the same health percentage it will stun them, this can either be done if we flash onto them or Q to a minion near.

Ability Description

ACTIVE: Irelia summons 4 spirit blades and fires one in a line towards the cursor, dealing physical damage to all enemies it passes through.Transcendent Blades can then be cast 3 more times at no additional cost to fire each of Irelia's remaining blades, incurring a 0.5 seconds delay in between each cast.
Each blade heals Irelia for 25% of the damage it deals to enemy champions, and 10% of the damage it deals to enemy minions and monsters.

How to use it!

Irelias R doesn’t do much damage but it can be a great skill when used to correctly, mainly what you want to do is use your R while dueling or waveclearing. If you are dueling there are a lot of ways you can use your R. First, if you have Sheen or Trinity Force make sure you get as many Sheen procs as possible, you do this by having a delay and auto attacking between your R charges. If there are minions nearby if you can hit your opponent and hit minions behind him, that’s the best use. But if you can either hit your opponent or minions you need to think: If it is a close duel and you think you might lose, use your ulti on the minions to get a heal which will help you win the duel, if you are sure you are going to win and you don’t need the heal use it on your opponent for that extra damage, but don’t waste your ulti if you don’t need to. Also if you have Trinity Force it gives you 20% CDR and you can use your ulti to waveclear.

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Laning Phase

Irelia is pretty weak in the early levels (levels 1-5). Try to cs, but if you will get poked or killed for the cs don't go for it. If you get engaged stun and walk away. To cs under tower: for the meele minions let the tower attack them twice and than attack them; for the ranged minions either attack them, than let the tower attack them and than attack them again, or let the tower attack them than basic attack>Q. At level 6 when you get your ultimate you can easily bait your enemies by leting them engage on you. Stun them, use your W, basic attack and use your ultimate towards the enemy minions to get an insane heal. Use your Q as a gap closer if they try to run away, but if there is a low minion near them Q to the minions to get a reset on your Q ability (Your Q will reset every time it kills the target you use it on, abuse this). Sheen is an insane power-spike on Irelia as it gives you insane damage because you can proc it 4 times-only with your ultimate. Once you get your Trinity Force, you can all-in squishy opponents. To do this start with your W and Q to a caster minion near your enemy, E your opponent to stun them (or just slow them if they have lower HP than you). Than basic attack them with the bonus damage from your W and use your ultimate, but attack between your ultimate charged to get the full damage from your Sheen, if your opponent tries to run away, you still have your Q to gap close.