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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Sands Strom Nasus (DPS/Carry)

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on November 9, 2010
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Sand Strom Nasus Overview/ Introduction:
When I think of a champion being considered a fighter I think of Nasus. Sturdy DPS champion with an ultimate that benefits him being in the throws of combat. A solid amount of base HP modified by abilities that allow him to lane effectively through control. By control I mean Wither and Spirit Fire. Nasus is a medium difficulty champ to play. His abilities are straight forward but it is their application and use that will win the day for you and your team. Let's get started.

The reason I decided to finally make a Nasus build was because I don't see enough of them on The Fields of Justice. I used to main Nasus when I was new to Lol and had no idea what I was doing, I decided to bring him back. The current top build for him isn't even really noticed, it is a successful build but it isn't updated with any of the new items. It focuses on building up Siphon Strike, which is Nasus' main source of damage but there needs to be more that he can bring to the table. That is where this build comes in. Hope you enjoy it, hope it works for you.

Summoner Spells: You're a melee DPS so why not have the new and improved Cleanse? Get exhausted? Want to whoop some *** but you can't see? Cleanse it away. I wouldn't recommend changing this summoner spell for anything else. Ghost for the the fact that using Wither on a target might not always be enough to close the distance so use Ghost to help. Flash is useable but apparently might not be in the game much longer so if you like that over Ghost use it while you can.

Rune Set Up: Plain and simple, ArP so that you can gain the benefit from Siphon Strike early, HP5/Level to boost the laning phase, flat CDR to allow you to use Siphon Strike more often. Seals can be replaced with Dodge Seals, Glyphs can be replaced with MP5, I suggest that you keep ArP, as much as you can, T2's to supplement if needed but Marks NEED to be ArP marks.

Masteries: Standard offensive mastery giving you some solid damage. Bonus damage to minions in order to farm better. 0 points in defense and 9 points in utility.

Item Build: A mixture of survivability and damage. This is primarily to make Nasus a beast at pushing lanes as well as a solid fighter. I think Rageblade is what makes this build really shine, each stack means your Siphon Strike will hit harder which is a nice bonus. If you want to build the Rageblade sooner do it.


Early Game: Nasus should never be mid. His cool downs are too long and his skills don't lend themselves to someone as a mid laner (He's not ranged). Grab your boots and health pots then head to a side lane.You should lane with a range if you can, someone with a form of CC say Annie's Stun, Janna's Knock Up, Fiddle's Silence and Fear etc. Focus on last hitting with Siphon Strike that is all you should focus on leveling and using. It can be a mana drain but using it when you know you're going to kill the minion will make each hit worh it. Don't worry about being harassed too much you're a durable champ and shouldnt have trouble life stealing your HP back due to Nasus' passive.

Mid Game: Now there should be a little bit of ganking, pushing, and small skirmishes 2-3v2-3. Your job as a DPS is to focus their squishest champs first. You're durable but not unkillable. Nasus has ther best (one of the best) slows in the game. It's a solid way to help your tank initiate, let the tank go in then you find your target and slow them to a crawl, throw Spirit Fire under them to reduce their armor and then start swinging.

Late Game: It's what William Dafoe called a firefight in Boondock Saints. Corpses stack high, towers are turned to rubble, blood turns the river of Summoner's Rift crimson and you Nasus are the cause of it. (Assuming you have competent team-mates) It's the same formula as mid game during teamfights, however the damage you should be putting out now is so great that people will want to focus you. All I can say is let them, you're not unkillable but you are extremely durable focus one target and then another you should be alright. Always slow your target then put Spirit Fire under them, make them fight in it so it puts the edge in your favor. Just play smart, if you're solo pushing a lane then GTFO after you notice the whole enemy team missing on your mini map. To win you need towers, but one of the best ways to kill towers is by getting kills.

Closing: Hope you enjoyed the guide, I appreciate all questions or comments. Please don't downvote or up vote without reason so I know how to improve my guide.