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Build Guide by MastaAlucard

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MastaAlucard

Scary Clown Shaco

MastaAlucard Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I am mastaalucard (in game name is AlucardtheBadass {mastaalucard was taken]) and this is how i build Shaco. I usually do fairly well as him and my best game insofar has been 42/7/15, hope you all like him and do just as well.

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Pretty basic 21/0/9 mastery tree here, although i usually don't jungle with this build, it is usually a good idea to throw in a utility master point for the golem later on. Otherwise nothing really special about this one.

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I start with a point in knife for the throws, as i don't usually get ignite this can get firstblood in its stead. After that i get a point in deceive and at 3 i get a point in jitbs. From here on trade off between deceive and knives and get ult at 6, 11, and 16.

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The reason i have runes split up like this is to allow a comfortably high crit chance throughout most of the game, without with holding the attack speed bonus as well. The glyphs are pretty simple, base cd reduction for your spells, and quints are armor pierce. All around a pretty solid rune build.

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Summoner Skills

Ghost is always a good idea for a shaco, however can be replaced by flash if you feel that is more to your liking.

Summoner heal is a great skill to have all around, heal yourself early, heal your team late, etc.

Flash is fun for a "***** and giggles" game, the double jump can really screw with people.

Ignite is usually a good idea, however i prefer knives.

I only strongly recommend against 3; revive (it's like boots/tangos.. just no), clarity, and clairvoyance.

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Core items: Mobi boots, bloodthirster and black cleaver. Mobi boots will give you insane movement speed, bloodthirster is good damage and the lifesteal is a must, Black Cleaver is great for attack speed and extra armor pent.

Optional items: Taimat, really good for farming up the bloodthirster, and during teamfights your deceive will hurt their whole team, as long as they are relatively close. Infinity Edge and Trinity Force; Many people argue over which item is a better one for shaco, however both together can be quite fun. If you get both together your infi edge will go off the sheen that goes off the deceive, ending in a pretty awesomely high crit. Tri-Force is a well rounded item and needed for survivability

If the game demands it you can alter the build by changing out the infi edge and taimat for a guardian angel and flame cape. This sacrifices damage and crit for the ability to not die.

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Pretty simple here, just don't be bad. At lvl 3 start placing you're jitbs in the brush to gain vision.

During team fights (if you go with the taimat/infi edge version) you need to jump in and target a dps. You're high damage output that is splashed can end with doing massive amounts of damage to their entire team in a shot time slot. However, make sure someone can take damage for you is already there.

If you go with the guardian angel / sun cape version you can basically stand in the middle of them all and not die. Very good if your team is lacking a tank, although i wouldn't recommend it on account of losing most of your damage output.

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Pros / Cons

Infi Edge / Taimat
High damage output
Incredible Crits
Able to take most of the other team at the same time (as long as you have someone taking damage)

Survivability issues
Will probably get focused

Guardian Angel / Sun Cape
High survivability
Damage over time and extra life (I'm going Leoric! He has two lives!)

relatively low damage output
Will also probably get focused.

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About Me

I know most of you probably don't care about me and I'm ok with that. However for those who do, I often play Critplank, Shaco, TF, and Trynd. I usually follow crit / dps builds with them all. As some of you can probably tell, i am a DotA fan and that is what originally got me into AoS games. So woohoo for that. I usually do very well with either variation on this build, so if you do too post your scores in the comment section. I want to see how well others can do with it. I am also open to suggestions so go ahead and comment at will on how i could improve this build at all.