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Teamfight Tactics Guide by ScottTheTeemo


ScottTheTeemo's TFT Guide .Challenger grind* updated every

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on July 29, 2019
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

ScottTheTeemo's TFT Guide .Challenger grind* updated every

By ScottTheTeemo
Hi, my name is ScottTheTeemo.

Currently, I am top 100 NA player in TFT.

I'll give you some tip on how to climb, what to build and what's the most synergistic together.

*updated 9.14 patch
Builds (what's meta?) Back to Top
Currently the OP meta champs builds are:

Kennen -> Demon / Sorc


Gunslinger -> Blademasters

the key is to have a strong field deck and work off the bench and transition.

Do not panic when you lose fights/health. Until you are below 50 health, try not to reroll too much and keep healthy economy.
Other possible (semi meta) Back to Top
Mostly in lower elo, different builds still work well.

6 yordles

4 ranger -> knight/elemental deck (not current patch, try this at 9.15 patch. NEW KNIGHT AND NOBLES IN PBE IS AMAZING...)

4 ninja + (something) still works; however, akali is weaker so I suggest putting most items on star 2 kennen.
Items Back to Top
Currently, items are pretty free for all.

Few good cores would be:

TIER 1: HUSH <-<-<- best , Rapid Fire Cannon , morello , ionic spark

Tier 2: cursed blade (nerfed but still good) , stat shiv, redbuff, zekes , locket

Honestly try many items out on different types of champions, you'll probably figure things out as you go along.
First Carousel Back to Top
I generally think best items to start are:

1. bow , spatula , tear , negatron cloak
2. Large rod , giant's belt
First 3 stages Back to Top
In the first 2 stages after minions, it's important to decide if you are strong enough to win the fights or not.

If you have a nice deck for example:

2-4 2 star champions


4-6 items

Then you might wanna level up the xp with 4 gold and get an additional champion on the board.

If you have a bad start, better to lose all 3 early and keep a loss streak towards krugs. (HOWEVER DO NOT LOSE TOO MUCH HP, it would be ideal if you kill a few enemy units before losing health points to them)

If you have done these steps correctly, you will either get 1st/2nd pick at the carousel. Choose what you need wisely based on either item, or champion.
Health vs Gold Back to Top
If your life point dips below 40, you need to use all your gold. Xp vs Reroll I'll explain in detail in upcoming days. (Trying some new stuff right now.)
I will Update Daily Back to Top
I will update daily, one chapter at a time.

I am aiming for challenger currently, so I can't type everything about this game here at the moment. If you have any questions, come ask me on stream.

Thank you for reading :)



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ScottTheTeemo Guide
ScottTheTeemo's TFT Guide .Challenger grind* updated every