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Zyra Build Guide by RezoneVerified

Support SEASON 10 - [NEW SEASON 10 - 10.24 - EVERY ROSE HAS A THORN!

Support SEASON 10 - [NEW SEASON 10 - 10.24 - EVERY ROSE HAS A THORN!

Updated on November 26, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RezoneVerified Build Guide By RezoneVerified 172 25 581,514 Views 25 Comments
172 25 581,514 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RezoneVerified Zyra Build Guide By RezoneVerified Updated on November 26, 2020
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ReaperBoy909 | August 26, 2020 1:24pm
i think that eye of the watchers in your build is a bit outdated
Friendyboy01 | February 27, 2019 7:57am
Hi! I love zyra support and will be sure to add this to my next game and see how it goes, but from what I can see here its good!
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ (55) | January 11, 2019 6:22am
Heloo there!

This guide is sweet! However it needs some revision because many images are broken, and (not sure wheter it's on purpose) summoner spells' images are damn big.
Otherwise, I like how you made everything quick 'n clear. Good job!
Rako007 (14) | November 30, 2018 1:24pm
Hello RezoneVerified!
This guide helped me to climb a division so much usefull informations, really great guide dude, cant believe it was so efective i can carry my team with this build, i love carrying game with support, and i hope you will keep playing zyra.
RezoneVerified (6) | December 9, 2018 4:27am
Hi Rako! I'm glad you enjoyed the guide my man! Hopefully you continue to climb with it as Zyra is still a strong support in Season9/8.24
Fruxo (292) | November 30, 2018 12:15pm
Hi Rezone,
I stumbled across your guide today and i really like the chapter's and everything. You are always updating the guide (and your other guides) which makes it great because then new players and stuff will know that this might be a great guide to check out because of the fact that it gets updated a lot so it should be very viable.

Personally i think you need to add a proper Threats / Synergies section, because most people are pretty lazy (which also includes me lol) and they tend to just want to get to know how to play Zyra and Ashe against Thresh with a Draven Adc etc. etc. And some people just dont want to have to scroll all the wayy down just to find that kind of matchup, (or any other kinds of matchups for that matter.) Thats just my opinion, also if you do that the guide will look a lot better and you will be able to just tell that you have spent a lot of effort into making it.

Other then that, really amazing guide, well done! :)
NDarKnight (24) | November 28, 2018 11:01am
Greeting RezoneVerified, i passed by your guide and it really looks nice and i see you keep updating it and only thing you should add is syneries, and i really like in this guide that you take rylai's crystal scepter its awesome when you shot root and then you use basic and you can keep hitting him cause he is slowed, really nice guide keep up updating it.
jyoeru | November 26, 2018 9:11pm
Just curious why you think Blitz is an extreme threat to Zyra.
RezoneVerified (6) | December 9, 2018 4:29am
If he grabs you, you're done! The threat is a support threat not a general threat! Prelevel 6 you have to be very cautious of his hook.
Wicked Cherry (157) | November 10, 2018 9:15am
Hey RezoneVerified,
I stumbled across your guide today and it looks really nice.
Maybe you could add some descriptions why you consider the champion you've listed in the match up and counter section as easy/mediocre/hard to play against. :) Also I think your guide would profit if you added some chapters in the Table of Content and link them with the sections.
But you're on a pretty good track. Keep it up. (:
CrazyKnightBob (6) | September 16, 2018 5:01pm
Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a good crutch for those who need enemies slowed to hit the combo.
RezoneVerified (6) | September 17, 2018 3:32am
Rylai's is an awesome item! Especially against strong melee matchups. Its also a cheap item all around so it's sometimes good to rush as a second buy! The build I go is just a guide but can be mixed and matched in relation to botlane matchups and team comp!
GoIden (2) | June 21, 2018 6:04am
very nice guide my friend, zyra is very op more with your build.
RezoneVerified (6) | September 17, 2018 3:32am
Thankyou! I appreciate the kind words and I'm glad it's helped you!
Tiruak | May 30, 2018 3:35pm
Good guide! I've been playing Zyra alot lately, and even though I used a different rune set, just wanted to add a small tip.

When you go for a full combo, with your R included, you want to have your plants to spawn and do good damage. Many times people tend to spawn the seed (W) right on top of the person they are attacking. By doing that, any area spells/attacks directed at you will destroy your plants and you won't take much advantage from it (playing against descent players at least). Try to put your seed a bit to the side of the enemy, so they are harder to destroy and will at least hit a couple of times, specially on team fights.
semisomniac (13) | May 25, 2018 6:10pm
Thanks for the guide! I am a little bit confused about the skill order though? There's only three points put into the W and there are two extra put into the Q... I don't know if that's a mistake or not. Either way, thank you, I was debating over what runes to take on Zyra and this helped a bunch haha.
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