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Heimerdinger Build Guide by SuperChicken144

Support [Season 11] Heimerdinger Support Guide

Support [Season 11] Heimerdinger Support Guide

Updated on October 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144 Build Guide By SuperChicken144 15 1 15,437 Views 4 Comments
15 1 15,437 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144 Heimerdinger Build Guide By SuperChicken144 Updated on October 20, 2021
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Runes: Arcane Comet

1 2 3 4
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Aggressive Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Win 50%
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Middle Lane Ranked #95 in
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Champion Build Guide

[Season 11] Heimerdinger Support Guide

By SuperChicken144
Hello my off-meta friends, this is a guide to Heimerdinger support. This is a high damage machine. You can one-shot almost anyone late game. You are also one of the best lane bullies in the game.

Laning phase
You are a very good lane bully, all your abilities work to hurting the ADC a fair
bit. At level one get your turrets. At level 2 go your stun. If you hit the stun
try to auto them for more damage. When you get to level 3, you do the same as
level 2 but try to hit your missile too. When you hit level 6 there are many thing
to do.[Go to ability description to see level 6]

Where To place Turrets
You do not want your turret to interfere with your ADC's farm. So place them in
the bushes where they will not hit minions. This is also good for affecting how
some supports play. Janna, Sett, and Shaco are hurt by this a lot.

Abilites Order
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

HEXTECH AFFINITY (Passive): Heimerdinger is a old champ so her passive is very simple. He gain movement speed when near heimer turrets and towers. This is good for not getting turret dived.
H-28G EVOLUTION TURRET (Q): This is your great ability on Heimerdinger becuse of its damage and poke. The only problem with this is taking the ADC's farm.
HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS (W): One of your highest damaging abilities. This is a very good poke ability. Try to use this as much as possilble on the enemy ADC.
Your Only CC is in your main kit. This has a small hit box so only try to hit it when you know you can. If you do you will kill them.
UPGRADE!!! (R): This ability upgrades one of your abilitys in your. Its can give it more damage or more CC.

Heimerdinger is poke support so running this rune work perfectly. It is a weaker late game but is still worth the early game. Also just more damage is always good. Summon Aery is just worse Arcane Comet in this situation because you can't give your team any shields.
You have a lot of mana in the laning phase so this is a great rune. With this, you can poke more before you have to back. You can run Nimbus Cloak because of the extra speed you get for running away or going in but it's not as good.
This rune increases your damage by a lot. You will almost always have it up because of your turrets. Transcendence is also good because of the CDR. If you want to do something funny try Celerity because of the extra movement speed from being in turrets.
There is a lot of poke in your kit so having Scorch is very good for pressure and extra damage early. Gathering Storm is better if you have to dominate the late game and one-shot even harder. I would say it's all preference.

Out of the three runes Cheap Shot is the only viable one. This increases your damage from CC, which you have plenty of. Taste of Blood is also viable because of the healing which is very good. I would say it's all preference.
You want your Ult up at all times because of all the damage and CC it can do. Running Relentless Hunter and Ravenous Hunter is also fine but just not as good.
With the one diamond, you get a lot of early Ap so you can get more early damage in. You can also go more attack speed but it's not that good in the late game and not necessary.

+ High burst damage
+ Anti turret dive
+ Very powerful late game
+ Exerme lane presser
+ Giant CC
Heimerdinger has some of the best lane pressure in the game. In support, you can make it so that the enemy support and ADC are not allowed in the bushes. You can also almost one-shot anyone late-game because of your high burst damage. You also have a lot of CC and because of that and your turrets, you can not be turret-dived.
- Can take farm from ADC.
- Hard not to take kills
- some ADC dont work well
- Turret can be destoryed
- Very low health, armor and MR
You are a high damage super carry, so Heimerdinger support has some propblems. One big propblem is that your turrets can easly take farm from your ADC. Another thing you will take are kills. Try to give then to the ADC but its kinda hard not to take it. You are also very weak so be carful.

When you hit level 6 and your ADC is fed or bot lane is unwinnable, you can try to go to other lanes like Mid. Just try to hit your stun and then kill them. If there Jungler is weak, go to their buff and one-shot when with empowered Hextech Micro-Rockets(W).

Team Fighting
With team fighting, try to one-shot people before the fight. This will help with winning the fight before it even started. Try to place your turrets before fights if you are going for objectives. When you use your abilities try to stay back and auto till they are back up.

1.Luden's Tempest
You are a high burst mage so having this item is very helpful. Ablities are very important for Heimerdinger and this gives mana. Also has magic penitation so you han do even more damage.
2.Zhonya's Hourglass
This is one of the best magic items in the game. There is alot of armor which is cool for fight AD team or even just an AD carry. Its active is also the best one in the game.
3.Cosmic Drive
Cosmic drive is a very helpful item that works well with your passive. There is a fair bit of Hp in this item which can help. Also when you have over 160 Ap gives you Speed and Ability haste.
4.Void Staff
This item will help into champs like Alistar and Sion and other tanks becuse they are very powerful right now. The magic pen and the large amount of damage is very helpful.
5.Rabadon's Deathcap
Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage!!! Damage and even more damage!!!.

1.Sorcerer's Shoes
The same with Luden's Tempest and Void Staff this give a **** ton of magic pen and then that leads to damage. There are not as many other boots you can but some are ok.
2.Plated Steelcaps
If you are fighting a heavy AD team or there is a fed AD god going these boots can safe you or let you live a little bit longer
2.Mercury's Treads
If you are fighting a heavy AP team or there is a fed AP god going these boots can safe you or let you live a little bit longer

Tanks are your best Counters and also your best synergy. Champs like Alistar and Tahm Kench are impossible to kill and will give you a hard time while in team fights. If they're on your team they can force people into your turrets and you can deal your damage with no problems. For synergies with ADC I would say Jhin and Jinx are very good picks, I think your worst is Kog'Maw because you have to shield and heals.

In Conclusion
This is a powerful build with a lot of damage from your turrets and rockets. You also have a fair bit of CC and the size increase with your ultimate. You can one-shot almost anyone in the whole game of league of legends. The only reason you cant one-shot someone is that they are tanky. If you liked it or have any opinions leave a comment.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144
SuperChicken144 Heimerdinger Guide
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