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Pantheon Build Guide by PanthrickTV

Top 👑 [Season 12] Panthrick's Pantheon Guide! 👑

Top 👑 [Season 12] Panthrick's Pantheon Guide! 👑

Updated on July 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PanthrickTV Build Guide By PanthrickTV 292 16 425,469 Views 83 Comments
292 16 425,469 Views 83 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PanthrickTV Pantheon Build Guide By PanthrickTV Updated on July 3, 2022
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Runes: Best Runes

1 2 3 4 5
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
What is in my deep Pantheon guide!
Who I am?
All about me and me and Pantheon
Why should you play?
I tell you why.
Pros & Cons
champion strengths & weaknesses
I tell you what runes are the best
Summoner Spells
I tell you what summoner spells are the best.
I show you my unically build with I got high Master.
How 2 win?
I tell you how 2 win with Pantheon
Tricks and Combos
You can see Videos how to use combos and u can see some tricks.
Thank you!
Thanks for writing the guide & Twitch & YouTube links.
Who I am?
My name is Patrick.
I'm 19 years old.
I live in Poland.
I am playing League for 8 years.
My highest peak was GrandMaster 572 LP!

Now I have GrandMaster

Below you can see, why I am the best Pantheon player in the World!

My Twitch if you are interested:

My YouTube if you are intrested

Why should you play Pantheon?
Pantheon is one of the strongest Early Game Champions.
He is really fun to play. He is a cool designed as a champion.
You can play 2 Playstyles. Like an Assasin, or just like a Bruiser.
He is easy to learn. Play some normals and you can go into ranked games and enjoy the FREE LP!
Pros & Cons
+ Flex pick
+ Powerfull early game
+ High kill potential
+ High sustain
+ High mobility
+ Crowd control
+ Survive ability
Pantheon is one of the strongest Early Game Champions. He is able to deal a lot of damage to his opponents and kill them. He is able to sustain any damage, thanks to his Aegis Assault which blocks all damage from one direction. You have high mobility, since you buy Youmuu's Ghostblade and great roam potential, because of Grand Starfall
- Some champions outscale you
- You are a bit useless into Control Mages without Flash
- Champions with high mobility/ dashes counter Aegis Assault
Some champions outscale Pantheon in the Late Game. You can get outranged by Control Mages or some ADC's. Champions with high mobility/ dashes counter you, because they can just go behind you and deal damage.
  • Press the Attack: is better that Conqueror after the Conqueror nerfs. But conqueror is still playable. Press the Attack gives you more burst and conqueror gives you the extra sustain needed to remain in fights. GREAT against tankier teams.
  • Triumph: is the only rune in slot 1 that makes sense. The healing from this rune will help you survive close fights. The other two runes should not be considered.
  • Legend: Alacrity: gives 18% attack speed when fully stacked. Legend: Tenacity gives 30% tenacity. Choose either based on how much crowd control the enemy has.
  • Biscuit Delivery: gain 3 Biscuit's. They are good for sustain and they increase your mana cap by 150 (50x3)
  • Time Warp Tonic: gives you faster sustain and it gain 5% Move Speed while you are consuming a potion or biscuit
  • Diamond: I always take the 9 adaptive force, because attack damage is core for an early kill.
  • Diamond: I always take the 9 adaptive force, because attack damage is core for an early kill.
  • Shield or Circle: Take ARMOR if you are playing vs an AD matchup or MAGIC RESIST when you are playing vs an AP matchup.
Summoner Spells
When you playing Pantheon you want to take always FLASH. You can use it offensively and deffensively. It can be used to extend the range of Shield Vault. You can use it also to extend the range of Comet Spear. You need to use Comet Spear and FLASH while casting the Comet Spear

Take IGNITE into matchups, when you can kill your opponent or when you need healing reduction. With this summoner spell no one can 1v1 you.

Take TELEPORT when you can't really solo kill your opponent or when you want to roam a lot. TELEPORT is good when you are playing FLEX with your Team.
Old Itemization (Need to change it here)

This build makes you a Monster. From Strong Early Game to a Late Game 1v9 Machine!

My Build:

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Youmuu's Ghosblade is one, of the best items for It gives you all what you need to destroy your opponent. Rush it and snowball your opponent with the extra movment speed.
Divine Sunderer
Divine Sunderer is in my opinion the best Mythic Item on It gives you all, what you need as an AD Bruiser/ Assasin. Purchase it and enjoy FREE LP!
Black Cleaver
Black Cleaver is the best item into TANKS! It reduce Armor and give you movment speed. And the statistics are really nice too!
Sterak's Gage
Sterak's Gage is an Anti-Burst Item. That Items is really good on the most Bruisers. The shield is insane and you are healing a lot too. Good Survive Item.
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel is an good item, when you are feeded. You don't want to give the shutdown to the enemy's, so you are buying it for risky plays.

With this Build you gain:

- 3445 HP

- 60-80 Ability Haste (80 when you are buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity)

- 381 AD

- 18 Lethality

- 61,8% Armor Penetration (30% A PEN from Grand Starfall+ 20% A PEN from legendary items and 30% Armor Penetration While Fighting from Black Cleaver

For example, let's use 30% A Pen + 20% A Pen + 30% A Pen and 100 Armor dummy:
First, reduce 30% Armor from 100 and we get 70 Armor
Second, reduce 20% Armor from 70 and we get 56 Armor
Third, reduce 30% Armor from 56 and we get the final result, 39.2 Armor.

This is an example, why should you change your build


DIVINE gives 35 AD, 400 HP, 20% ABLITY HASTE.
DIVINE gives you a lot of sustain and after casting an ability your next atack is dealing 12% max health. That is insane. 2x more than ECLIPSE.
With SUNDERER you can also split push really well.
ECLIPSE gives you a small shield and a bit of movment speed that are just useless. 6% max health is also a joke.

Now you know, why SUNDERER is better. Try it out (;

My other Item Sets are Playable, but this one is The Best in Patch 11.17. Try it out and u will find a lot of success!
How 2 Win with Pantheon?


As your mission is to play really agressive. You need to play smart and snowball the game!


(1) POKE! When the enemy want to CS a minion use Comet Spear and AA him (when you doing that make sure, that you are staying in a good angle to CS the minions too).

(2) LEVEL ADVANTAGE! Remember! The 1st minion in the 2nd wave gives you 2nd level. Try to get LvL 2 faster than your opponent and all in him. Push the wave fast under the turret or go immediately base.

(3) ITEM ADVANTAGE! When you get 1st blood the best purchase you can do, is to buy Serrated Dirk and a Control Ward that is {1175 gold}

(4) SNOWBALL! When you get a lead you need to take advantage of it. So your mission is to freeze the wave and don't let your opponent to take exp for the minions. When he want to CS a minion immediately use Shield Vault and use your full combo. A few seconds later write to you jungler for a dive. Dive him proxy the second wave or take a plate and go base. Purchase Ionian Boots of Lucidity and a Long Sword you can buy a Control Ward too as well.

(5) PRIORITY and ROAMING! When you kill your enemy 2 times he will respect you and sitt 24/7 on his own tower. Your mission is to make a slowpush and then crush the wave under the tower with the cannon minion. That is your time to roam! Use Grand Starfall if you need if not just roam without Grand Starfall. If the enemy's are under tower invade the enemy jungler and make deep vision on his jungle camps.


(1) SPLIT PUSH! You are playing without Teleport, so you want to push the lane, what is close to the next Objective. For example:
(a) when you want to take Baron split push top. Why? Because you can immediately use Grand Starfall there and help your teammates.
(b) when you want to take Dragon split push bot. Why? Because you can immediately use Grand Starfall there and help your teammates.

(2) CATCH! As Pantheon you have great one-shot pottential, so you should catch a lot of people, when they are facechecking their jungle. Take Oracle Lens and tell your teammate to go into the enemys bush and just wait, maybe you can get a free kill.

(3) HIGH PRIORITY OPPONENT! Make sure, who is doing the most in the enemy team, that shold be your priority to kill. When there is only one enemy, who is feed with all kills I recommend, to buy Blade of the Ruined King and use Shield Vault on him! You have really much Burst Damage with Blade of the Ruined King. If you kill that one, who is feed you will win the teamfight trust me (;
Tricks and Combos


(1) Q+ Flash Trick: Comet Spear Flash


(1) Basic Combo (LvL 1): AA, Comet Spear, AA

(2) Standard Combo 1: Shield Vault, AA, Comet Spear, Aegis Assault, AA, Comet Spear

(3) Standard Combo 2: Shield Vault, AA, Comet Spear, Aegis Assault, AA, Comet Spear

(4) Catch Combo: Shield Vault, AA, AA Comet Spear, Aegis Assault, AA, Comet Spear
Thank you!
Thank you for reading my Pantheon guide! Hope my guide helped you with Pantheon, you can write in the comments, what could I make better next time.

My Twitch if you are interested:

My YouTube if you are intrested

League of Legends Champions:

Teamfight Tactics Guide