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Tristana Build Guide by SuperChicken144

Jungle [Season 12] Tristana Jungle Guide

Jungle [Season 12] Tristana Jungle Guide

Updated on December 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144 Build Guide By SuperChicken144 85 11 298,453 Views 4 Comments
85 11 298,453 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144 Tristana Build Guide By SuperChicken144 Updated on December 10, 2022
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Runes: Safe Runes

1 2 3
Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Jungle Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[Season 12] Tristana Jungle Guide

By SuperChicken144
I have 250k on Tristana and she is very fun. I started playing league in late season 10 and she was the first champ I liked. After a bit, I learned about the support role and that tank supports are a lot of fun. I stop playing her and so she started to get old. So I thought of Tristana jungle and learned it was a kinda a thing. I tried and had a blast. So I made a guide to let more people know about this stupid build. I will be going through how to jungle clear, gank, and many other things.


Abilites Order
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

DRAW A BEAD (Passive): Tristana Passive is very strong and is one of the reason she is a powerful ADC. This ability increase her range. Near the end of the game she can out range Caitlyn. The Range of her Explosive Charge(E) and Buster Shot(R) are increased too .
RAPID FIRE (Q): This is Tristana simpilist ability. When activated this increases her attack speed. This help with dealing more damage and your jungle clear.
ROCKET JUMP (W):This is where she gets all of her mobility. Use can use this to get away from fights or to go into fights. Also when clearing your jungle this helps to jump over walls.
EXPLOSIVE CHARGE (E):This is where all of your burst comes from and is the only reason you can survive in the jungle. Late game this will one-shot every person and turret you see.
BUSTER SHOT (R): This is the hardest thing too use in Tristanas kit because you can safe the enemies lives with it. You can use it sent them flying away or to push them into your team.

Hail of Blades is Tristanas best main rune. Press the Attack is also a good chose but for now, HoB is the best. When you start to auto an enemy you gain attack speed. This ignores the attack speed cap. On top of that you have you're Rapid Fire(Q) which increases your attack speed even more. Also has a 12-second cooldown so don't waste it. Lets her deal a **** ton of damage very fast.
You can go Taste of Blood or Sudden Impact but I personally like ToB more. This rune help with staying alive in fights, The healing is small but increases with level so late game it will be a decent amount. This also has a cooldown like Hob but this one is even longer-lasting 20 seconds.
This is a scaling rune that is very good when you are getting a lot of kills. When complete this gives you 10 Ap and 6 Ads. Even if you are behind this is still one of the better runes of this tree. Zombie Ward and Ghost Poro are fine but just not as good.
Treasure Hunter is the best runes for Tristana in this tree. You are a scaling ADC so having for money is never a bad thing. Relentless Hunter is also a fine rune that gives movement speed. I suggest going Legend: Bloodline instead of Legend: Alacrity to compensate for the loss of Ravenous Hunter.

I would say that Triumph is the best rune in the game on any character. This can win your team's fights. After killing someone you heal your self and as an added bonus you get some money. Overheal is not as good but you can still run it on Tristana.
Almost everything in Tristanas kit works with autos. Her main damaging ability only works if you auto so they are a big deal. With this rune you gain attack speed over time and in the late game will make you a powerhouse.
There are the basic ADC runes there are not that many that don't go this like Jhin and sometimes Senna. The attack speeds the good because you are an ADC and the extra Ap is scaled with some of your abilities. The armor is good too.

+ High burst damage
+ Extreme 1v1 potential
+ Very powerful late game
+ High mobility
+ Large attack range late game
Tristana jungle is very fun and has a lot of benefits to playing it. Tristana is a high damage burst ADC with a lot of damage. She can one-shot ADC's like Varus and Jinx like they are made of paper. With this damage, she is very good at 1v1 early game (Not as much in the jungle). She scales a lot so her late-game damage is not fair. With her Draw a Bead(P) she gains attack range. So not even can beat her attack range.
- Very little laning phase poke
- position with Rocket Jump(W)
- Needs to skip some jungle camps
- Your Ult can save poeple
- Very low health, armor and MR
Tristana jungle has a lot of good but also has a fair bit of negatives. With Rocket Jump(W) you can miss position your self and this is very important not to do because you are very weak with very little base health, armor, and magic resistance. Another ability you can use incorrectly is your Buster Shot(R), you can save the enemy with this. Tristana is not given any jungle buffs so her clear is very weak. You will have to skip some camps.

When To Gank
You can play Tristana as a Perma farming scaler or an extreme gank-heavy jungler. With this in mind even if you only want to farm it's still very important you still look if you can gank. If the enemy laner is pushed up and you think you can 1v2 gank early is a great thing to do. With mid-lane, you can mid almost every 1v2. The problem with mid-lane is that there are a lot of mobile champs like Katarina and Yasuo who can get out of a gank very quickly. So only gank mid pre level 6 if they are a none mobile champ. With the top lane, the problem with the top lane is not that they are mobile it is that they will win 1v2. Things like Urgot and Gwen can easily win these fight by them selfs. If you think you can win a top lane gank try to stay back and don't get one shot. Bot lane is very simple to win because they are ADC's. If they have a Lux or brand I would try to stay away but it's still winnable.

How to Gank
How to gank it's pretty obvious but ill explain it anyway. With gank, you have to have Rocket Jump(W). This is very important to get behind the enemy so you can deal your damage. Be very careful where you land because if you miss positioning yourself it can lead to a very sad int. Things like Pantheon and Lee Sin will be on you in seconds to destroy you. Try to jump just in auto ranged so they can not all in you. The best people for Tristana to gank in the top lane would probably be Lee Sin and Tahm Kench because they can run into battle with you. There are not many people mid and a bot that are easier to gank. I would say Veigar and Leona are nice because of their CC but that's really it.

Level 6 Ganks
Level 6 is very important with ganking because it can help a lot. When going in from behind the enemy you can Buster Shot(R) them into your teammate to ensure the kill. This is also helpful if the enemy jungler comes and you want it to leave so you can push it away. Your ultimate is not necessary but can be very useful and can insure high mobility champ can't get away as easily.

Team fighting
Tristana is a high burst carry and nothing else. She has almost no CC in her kit and she also has no healing/shielding. This means that if you can not provide damage you are useless. When team fighting Tristana has a lot of advantages over other low max hp ADC's like Jhin or Varus. With her Rocket Jump(W) she can position herself in a good location and can get out of being miss positioned. When fight I would try to stay just auto-attack ranged so you can deal your damage without being targeted.

The only thing special that can be used poorly in Tristanas kit is her Buster Shot(R). You can mess up a fight can you will be flamed for it. If you use R for extra damage make sure that they will die. Also if you use it to push someone away make sure you're not messing up a Pyke ultimate or any other important skill shots.

1.Kraken Slayer
This is a high damage Mythic which is what Tristana is all about. Becsue she runs HoB and has alot of attack speed in her kit this is a very good items for her. Also ture damage is never a bad thing.
2.Phantom Dancer
The attack speed you gain from this item is gamechanging. Not as much damage as some items but still one of Tristana best. You also gain some move speed, which is good for running into battle .
3.Infinity Edge
You're playing an ADC what did you think you would be building. The passive that infinity edge gives makes it so every ADC has to build it. Its base stats are also ridiculous, giving you alot of damage.
4.Lord Dominik's Regards
This item will help into champs like Leona and Ornn and other tanks becuse they are very powerful right now. The armor pen and the damage based on health difference is insane.
5.Navori Quickblades
This item will help a lot with Tristana late game. The ability haste will give your bomb and jump more often which is very good. Also has 60AD which is alot of such a busted item passive.

1.Berserker's Greaves
Tristana is auto attack based so having more attack speed is very useful. This help with stacking your bomb and dealing more crits in faster time. These are her best boots.
2.Plated Steelcaps
If you are fighting a heavy AD team or there is a fed AD god going these boots can safe you or let you live a little bit longer
2.Mercury's Treads
If you are fighting a heavy AP team or there is a fed AP god going these boots can safe you or let you live a little bit longer

Tristana can work with almost anyone but there are some champions that work perfectly with her. There are two kinds of champs that work very well with her and some that are kinda situational. The first kind of champ that can work with Tristana is enchantress supports like Janna and Karma. These champs can protect you so you can deal your damage. One that works perfectly is Lulu. She gives one-hit with autos so having that of Tristana who builds crit is very helpful. Her Ultimate works well for when you jump into combat with your jump. Another kind of synergy is with tanks like Leona, Ornn and Rell. One of my favorite tanks is that goes with her is Taric. His CC can follow your jump which leads to some very powerful plays. Also Taric has a lot of healing. If they have CC they can help you.

There are a fair amount of counters because Tristana jungle is very off-meta. I would say your hardest counters are very good invaders. Kayn and Kindred will destroy you in the early game and you will not be able to play. Also, Assassins are very good into Tristana because you are an ADC. If you see people like Rengar and Viego at scuttle you can not do anything. There are very few people you can solo but most tanks you can solo if you don't let them CC you. Sejuani and Zac are some of the tanks that you can win into early.

Jungle Clear

1.Blue Buff
You need a good leach when play Tristana. Try to walk and auto so it hits you less.
The next thing you get is your attack speed so it's harder for the buff to hit you.
3.Murk Wolves
This is pretty easy becuse of your bomb and its passive. Auto speed is also good too.
4.Red Buff
When doing this Smite this is important. With this buff you can gank while healing a fair bit.
5.Rift Scuttler
Becauce your only CC is with your ultimate and have probably used your Smite while clearing. You might have to let the enemy get the Rift Scuttler .

Other Jungle Clear

1.Red Buff
You need a good leach when play Tristana. Try to walk and auto so it hits you less.
This is pretty easy because of your bomb and it's passive. Auto speed is also good too.
3.Murk Wolves
This is pretty easy becuse of your bomb and its passive. Auto speed is also good too.
4.Blue Buff
When doing this Smite this is important. With this buff you can gank while still having mana up for farming .
5.Rift Scuttler
Becauce your only CC is with your ultimate and have probably used your Smite while clearing. You might have to let the enemy get the Rift Scuttler .

Full Clear?

You can full clear your jungle but there are a lot of problems with it. First off you have to get a big leach on your first buff, I would say 600 to 400 health on the buff is the best. The second thing is you have to get scuttle or gank in between your second jungle side or you will die. Also, you have to use all of your health potions on your camps, this means you will have to way to heal yourself after or before a gank beside Smite if you have it up.

When to Smite

You have very little Hp, Armor, and Magic Resistance at the start of the game because you're an ADC. This makes smiting very important. Your first should be on gromp or krugs depending on that side you start on. Never Smite your first smite because you are being leched. Your second smite is on the second buff or the last thing you have to clarify which would be gromp or krugs . If you can try to keep your last Smite for Rift Scuttler , this will help because you have no CC in your kit besides your Ulitmate.

Objectives with Tristana

Objectives are very important for a jungler to get in the league of legends. Getting These can determine if you win a game and your skill as a jungle. Getting four drakes can buff your team to victory. Also killing rift herald and baron can make you push your way to victory by destroying all the turrets. With Tristana it is hard to solo most objectives. If you smite early you can do it but it leaves you vulnerable to the enemy jungler stealing the objective. Try to have someone help by Earther tanking it or killing it with you. The list below will show how every objective works and will tell if Tristana works well with it.

Drakes are very important to the game and are the main part of winning a game. Every drake is very unique with different buffs, looks, and fights. The first drake is known as Mountain Drake . This is a very good drake for tanks like Sion and Ornn because of their ornate tackiness. This dragon when killed gives you +6% armor and magic Resistance which is very powerful for none tanky champs too. The Second Drake is called Cloud Drake . This drake is best for people with very powerful ultimates like Bard and Kennen. When killed this gives +12 Ulitmate Ability Haste, this will help a lot in fights. Fire drake is the best for Tristana and works with a lot of other characters. It gives +4% Attack Damage and Ability Power after its death so damage carries work well with this. The last drake is called the Ocean drake This is an underappreciated drake but it is very strong with a lot of champs like Zac and Dr. Mundo because of their healing ability. This drake when killed Restore 2.5% missing health every 5 seconds. This is Tristana Seasoned best drake. I like the new drakes that came with preseason 12. They do not do too much for Tristana but if I were to get them and their soul I would not be mad. The death passive is very fun and the other Drakes passive is kinda just there.

2.Elder Drake
When four drakes have been killed by one team the finale drake will spawn, the elder drake . When someone is below 20% Health they will be executed. This will almost 100% win the game for you. This also has a burn effect which is very stupid because of the execution. All of this damage is true so matter how tanky you are it will not help. If the enemy gets this just try to holds waves so they cant get turrets.

3.Rift Herald
From almost the start of the game till 20 minutes in this monster will spawn. This can be taken by any jungler on their own. You want to use this in the lane to take turrets. Try ganking and then placing this or if the turret is low enough let it kill turrets and then fight the enemy laner. When fighting this remember to hit the purple eye on its back because it deals a lot of damage to it.

This is the only objective that you can not solo late game. This thing needs to be taken by at least two or more people. When you get this objective you get a few buffs. The first one is that your back is faster. This will help with getting items after because you get a fair bit of gold. Also, this empowers your minions making them harder to kill and they do more damage too.

In Conclusion
This is a powerful build with a very rewarding late game where you can destroy the enemy team in seconds. The early game is pretty bad but it's worth it in the end. I love playing this fun build with a lot of ways to play it. I hope you have fun with my build. If you liked it or have any opinions leave a comment or dont.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SuperChicken144
SuperChicken144 Tristana Guide
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