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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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[Season 5] Patch 5.13 Updated A Very Serious Jungle Graves G

Last updated on July 11, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Graves with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi Really, Master Yi is nothing until he gets at least 3 of his core items, so just shut him down as much as you can. Try avoid duelling him as he is the same as the Godyr. The timing of his Alpha Strike (Q) may screw you up when you either Quickdraw (E) or use your other abilities on him as his Alpha Strike (Q) makes him untargettable
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Graves Jungle is a weak pick. This is only a guide to become a troll.
However, contradicting the first statement, Graves jungle becomes very strong once Sated Devourer is complete. Once you become the carry, you will be seen as a God rather than a Troll.

Any other junglers apart form the ones on the threat list aren't really important to know as they won't have a big effect on your gameplay.

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The Decalogue/Ten Commandments of a Jungler

1. You shall not gank a lost lane
2. You shall not gank a lane who doesn't buy a ward on their first back
3. You shall not gank a lane who pushes but doesn't ward
4. You shall not help a midlaner who doesn't leash
5. You shall always be prepared for the enemy's counter jungle
6. You shall help a winning lane and help them ward their surroundings
7. You shall help out mid as much as possible show yourself to the enemy mid laner
8. You shall gank top at least once before level 6
9. You shall communicate with the support about enemy ward placements
10. You shall remember that a lost game is lost even if you follow all the previous commandments

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Why Graves Jungle?

You're Jungling as Graves because of these reasons.

1. You're a troll.
2. Forgot to swap.
3. You want to play graves but someone took ADC
4. You want to break the meta
5. You're a hipster
6. You're Bronze
7. You're "Challenger Smurf"
8. You're Smurfing
9. You're a God
10. You're a Graves main
11. You want to play a strong mid - late game duelist/splitter/assassin/AD Carry

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Pros / Cons

You're Graves Jungle for Godyr's Sakes. You don't need to know the Pros and Cons


+ Does not fall off
+ High Burst Damage for Ganks
+ Can solo Dragon at low levels
+ Ranged Jungler unlike most junglers
The good thing about Graves Jungle is that Graves has a high burst potential with his abilities. They all have a high base damage and decent scaling, and your Quickdraw (E) increases your Attack Speed, and also gives you chase potential. As Graves is a ranged jungler who relies on auto attacks, he can easily solo dragon at lower levels. Graves Jungle does not fall off at any point in the game, but gets stronger as game draws on.

- Slow Jungle clear-time
- Can easily be counter jungled
- Can easily avoid ganks
- Heavily reliant on team's Crowd Control Abilities
The bad thing about Graves is that he can't gank a lane that well unless the ally laner has a good crowd control to keep the enemy from running away. If they don't have a crowd control ability, your red buff and smokescreen's slow is the only way to keep them from running away, which isn't very effective (red buff every 5 minutes). Another bad thing about Graves jungle is that he can easily be counter jungled early game due to his slow clear time. Faster jungle clearers such as Udyr, Shaco and Lee Sin who are also very good counter junglers can screw you over, meaning you have to take big risks by going into their jungle or share xp with your laners, slowing your allied lane's levelling down.

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Creeping / Jungling/Ganking

This is important.

Start buffs at whichever side you want, but I recommend the bot side as they can give you a better leash.

But for Graves Jungle, I usually start at red buff so that mid lane can leash a little and i get that health back from the Red Brambleback Smite. Bot lane may lose 1 minion, but you're going to gank and make the other team lose xp, so it doesn't matter.

After Red buff, go straight to mid lane for a gank. If their mid lane is aggressive, you should be able to burn a summoner spell or two, and perhaps even get a kill. If not, then it doesn't matter because you applied pressure to the lane and they lost health, compared to your lane who would now have the advantage.

After the lvl 2 mid lane gank, go straight for Blue Sentinel . You should have at least a Health Potion and Smite up by the time you're there. you won't get to level 3 from the blue buff, but you will be able to gain enough gold for the Ranger's Trailblazer. BUT DON'T BACK YET. Check your team's lanes and see which lane needs help. use your health potion and gank a lane. If no lane needs a gank, take another camp and back. Follow the item build guide.

Continue farming like a normal jungle and remember to take the Rift Scuttlers as they give you 2 stacks of Devourer

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There's only one set of Summoner Spells you can take
Smite and Flash

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League of Legends is just a game. Enjoy

JOKES Please this is a guide to win and be the superior individual on your team. You're a god. No one else is. Disrespect them everytime you succeed in a gank or kill someone.

Spam /ALL SEANRIMA after every kill

[04:20] TrollGravesJungler (Graves): SEANRIMA
[04:20] TrollGravesJungler (Graves): SEANRIMA
[04:20] TrollGravesJungler (Graves): SEANRIMA

Remember, when you die it is because of lag. NOT because you're bad.