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Last updated on December 21, 2014
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This is how you get to challenger in no time! Rango is very good champion and has high dmg. Follow all these steps and you will get some freelo.

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STEP 1: In which situation you should pick rengar?

If the enemy team has following champion, you should'nt pick rango: none

Rango counters every champion in the game! (Except Teemo). Rango has the strongest early, mid and late game.

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STEP 2 : Runes and masteries.

You can play Rango and dominate with every possible rune-, and mastery page. Just put some AD points there and you will climb ladder faster than professional climber!

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STEP 3: Pros / Cons



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STEP 4 : Items.

Buy any AD item in the market and you'll dominate the lane and the game!

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STEP 5 : Dueling.

Playing against annoying champion like Gnar? No worries! Just go to bush and jump to his neck, then start beating your keyboard like a maniac! Just remember to hit q w e r buttons!.(unless if you have ignite, remember to use it too.)

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STEP 6 : Teamfighting.

Your team is ready to fight? Good! Just wait until someone from your team initiates the fight, then activate your ult and jump the guy in the middle! But what then? Just start smashing your qwer buttons and scream "ALLAAH AKBAAR" and your team is sure to win the fight!

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Ending speech.

Now that your'e challenger player, playing with all the celebrities from the top teams, you look back and ask yourself, how did i get here? Then you remember that one guide from mobafire. It helped you to understand how the game really works. But dont thank me, thank rito geims for making this awesome champion and keeping it balanced. Thank you for reading this guide and good luck climbing!



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