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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aionthesinner1

Second Solo Sion

Aionthesinner1 Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Sion one of the few champs who could go AD and or AP his two abilities that stack AP have a 1:1 ratio so this is why i use their already high damage (300 for stun 320 for shield at level 5) and make it so both his skills can do over 800 damage each with a pure AP build, and yes this build is expensive that is why i call my build the Second Solo Build, its hard to get this much gold unless you don't have a lane mate that steals gold from you (Of course you steal gold from him too)

Skills and Skill order

Your main source of gold farming comes from your shield that is why i get it first at level 5 i easily kill a full minion wave with just my shield, and then his stun use his stun after activating his shield and you will get a guaranteed hit with your shield, and you may ask why i get Enrage so early in an AP build, well here is the deal, every kill you get you get 1 HP which is nice because then when you last hit that minion for a kill you get 1 more hp that is why a lot of people up that first because you can get it up to 5 HP per kill, well its also very costly and on a non-tank build getting that first is a bad idea but level 1 its cheap per hit and then your attack is even scary in a full AP build, as you can see its 111 at level 18 with the extra 55 damage from Enrage you are getting you will be dishing out decent amounts from your attacks as well as a whole lot of Magic damage. And last but not least you have got his ulti, Great for taking down turrets, great for when your low and you need a little extra help, just melee some minions while its active you will be back to full in no time :D so keep that in mind, don;t bomb the minion waves while your ulti is up, only use your melee attacks to get back the health, then after your ulti is up, go back to bombing creep waves with your shield.

Summoner Spells

I get Teleport and Clarity why? well early game your going to run out of mana pretty quick so you want this to help you, and late game you want it so in team fights you can keep up your mana and the mana of your team mates.

Teleport is for the simple fact that, Your slow, Your second solo, You cant rely on anybody else covering that lane, so when you need to buy you need to buy quick! and then teleport back, you honestly, until your boots, shouldn't be going back unless teleport is up.

Item time
Blue = Mana Item
Violet = AP Item
Yellow = Movement Speed

The item build i start off first with a Mana Crystal because your mana pool is pretty stale at the beginning of the game, and most people would ask me "Why not get mana runes then" well because just with a Tear of the Goddess and an Archangels Staff you can pretty much remove the mana problem you have early game. As for our boots we get the mage favorite Sorc shoes The whole reason behind this, is with the movement speed masteries plus the boots you should be as quick as if you got the boots of swiftness (not 100% sure but it sure seems like you are) and the 20 magic pen is amazing. Now then onto the Hextech Revolver and the Will of the Ancients you get this for the spell vamp, i wont lie to you, when your doing over 800 per spell even 20% is enough to keep you going, and going, and going, and going... and well you get the point, plus its an aura so you give it to all your mage friends, and it does stack so tell everybody to get one and even with 1 other mage that is 40% spell vamp with both abilities you will be getting (with the 40%) around 354hp and for your AoE shield that is from each thing you hit, so you hit a full creep wave of 7 creeps (including the cannon minion) and that is 2478 just from one minion wave! (with only 20% its 1239 but that is still pretty amazing) next on the list is the Void Staff I get it for the magic pen again, because the more true damage you are doing to them, the better. Next is the Abyssal Scepter You get this item because your shields range is still inside of the auras range, so any champion that isn't a tank will be ripped to shreds because of the fact that, you have 68 straight up pen, meaning if someone has less then 68 MR you will bypass it all with your runes and the Abyssal Scepter as well as your Sorc shoes on top of that by reducing it that much with more with your 40% spell pen from your Void Staff you are set damage wise, you should be ripping through all squishies and even tanks most of the time. Last but not least you get the Zhonya's Ring only for the AP.

This is the build i use for my second solo sion, i wanted to share it with all you guys out there, i know there is a heated debate between AP and AD sion and which is better, well i will give it to you i have seen some scary AD sions, but non as scary as the Sion that i use. Good luck with this build, sometimes the timing on your stun into shield is hard, but that's something that you learn with time comments are always welcome, and i would love to know peoples scores with this build :3 have a great day all you summoners out there!