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League of Legends Build Guide Author SEQFTW


SEQFTW Last updated on October 23, 2012
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This guide was made for my friends mostly, but also anyone who knows what items do, how to jungle and lane in general, and just need to know basic item sequence and minor tips for these specific champions. For complete in-depth breakdown of every single detail of every single champ look at top rated other guides. For builds that are considerably OP look here. Other guides might show builds that are the same or similar, but these builds are currently the best of the best.

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Pros / Cons

All these champions are different, but here is how they are similar:

-Powerful AoE abilities : Make the enemy sad when you team up end game.
-Gap closers / Escapes / Movement speed Increase : Don't get ganked; get ganks.
-CC / movement speed reduction : Stun them, and never let them escape.
-Very Tanky considering their role : VERY VERY Difficult to be killed if playing properly.
-OP Damage : Often you'll be 50% of your team's damage. (Not including Sona)
-Fast minion clearing : Needed if your inhibitors are down. (except Sona, who shouldn't get CS anyway)
-Carry your team solo during mid game : Good for solo Q (Not including Sona)

-Difficult to play well during early game.
-Banned Constantly
-High skill cap required to become OP
-Stops being able to carry solo at end game.

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Sona Stats

215 AP
2650 Health
190 Armor
160 MR
2700 Mana
40% CDR

AURA - Armor and MR
AURA - 12% Lifesteal and 20% Attack Speed
ON USE AURA - Reduce Enemy Movement and Attack Speed by 35% for 3.5 Seconds

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Sona Tips

-Only Choose SONA if you have 2 or more tanky champions on your team.

-This build makes Sona Tanky, Don't be scared to stay and help.

-Spam cheapest mana costing spell Once you get Tear of the Goddess, but don't go less than 60% mana doing it.

-Leave Blue Aura (Q spell) up to when your carry is trying to last hit.
-Leave Green Aura (W spell) up when you're being harassed.
-Leave Purple Aura (E spell) up when you're running away.

-Every 3'rd spell gives you power cord on next auto attack. After 2 spells (there is a counter above spells on HUD (where you see your spells at bottom of screen)) ...after 2 spells be mindful of what you choose for the 3'rd spell.
>If you're going for a kill, use Purple Spell and then auto attack target to SLOW them.
>If you're going to poke, use Blue Spell on them and then auto attack them for more dmg.
>If you're being harassed, use Green Spell and then auto attack them to reduce their dmg

-In Team Fights, spam all 3 spells, but try to auto attack their highest damage dealer with green aura up. Use your Ultimate once you get 2-3 squishy targets bunched up, or shortly after initiation of your tank.

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Amumu Stats

3200 HP
250 Armor
240 MR
150 AP
1700 Mana
30% CDR
430 Movement Speed

AURA Movement Slow with Despair (W spell)
AURA 40 Magic Damage per second
AURA Reduces enemy attack speed by 20%
AURA Reduces enemy magic resistance by 20

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Amumu Tips

-Only Jungle with Amumu (aka MUMU)
-Blue buff is only needed the first time. After that try to give it to top or mid. If they use Energy or don't need mana, then get it for yourself.
-If the enemy jungle invades and steals your blue, just go top lane until level 4.
-Don't waste mana using bandage toss to get to or kill jungle creeps. Save it for ganks.
-As Amumu, you do a lot of damage, can take a lot of damage, and MUST initiate and tank towers for your team. If someone has to die in your team, make it be your team's support, and then you, and then your top, and then your mid, and lastly your AD carry.
-Time spent ganking = loss of money and experience = weak tank mid game = loss during team fights. If you see the enemy where you are near camping your tower, then gank, if the enemy is not pushing then don't gank-- jungle instead.
-Don't jungle invade without team with you.

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Kassadin Stats

750 AP!
2800 Health
125 Armor
120 MR
20% CDR
2100 Mana
30 FLAT Magic Pen
10 PERCENT Magic Pen (Applied after FLAT Magic Pen)
After spell, auto attack does bonus damage equal to AP

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Kassadin Tips

-Use hourglass for 2 sec invincible
-Try to get Blue Buff as much as possible.
-Maximize CS (Creeps Slain) (aka last hit minions) by using Spells

-Force Pulse (E spell) can one shot minions mid game. Be sure to use (W)(Q)(R) off cooldown to get 6 stacks (Needed to use Force Pulse (E Spell))

-Riftwalk (R spell) will increase in mana cost if used within 10 seconds of eachother. There is an icon above your spells that shows a timer. Only Spam Riftwalk (R) if you have blue buff, and even then not within 10 seconds of eachother... unless killing someone of course.

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Shyvana Stats

3400 HP
220 Armor
220 MR
1.5 Attack Speed
235 Attack Damage (Slowly increasing by another 40 the lower health you have)
400 Magic Shield if you hit 30% health.
6% lifesteal

20% Chance to slow the enemy's attack speed by 35% when they hit you
On-Use AURA 35% movement speed and attack speed reduction for 4 seconds to enemies around you
40% movement speed Reduction on Hit (Q spell is a double hit, and applies on-hit effects)
40 Magic Damage on Hit
4% of Enemy's Max Health On Hit.

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Shyvana Tips

Shyvana can Jungle or Solo top, but this is a jungle build.
-Damage is extremely high all game long.
-Turns extremely tanky, but is not a tank.
-Can 1 vs 2 people rather easily if fed.
-Hardcore snowballer.
-Probably is both highest dps and most tanky person on the team mid game.

-Get Red buff with leash or not which will make you lvl 2, and then look for ganks.
-Always give blue buff to mid or top unless they use energy or can't use blue buff.
-Clear times are one of fastest in game. Spend time ganking their jungler in their jungle or ganking lanes if you run out of creeps and are full health. Ward and watch for enemy at lanes if you counter jungle. If they disappear, assume they are coming for you and get ready to fight or signal to your team to help or get out.
-Don't be scared to use Ult to escape death.
-Get Oracles and destroy enemy wards if they are pushing lanes often.
-Getting the enemy to flash should be considered an acceptable gank. If they used flash then push again within' the next few minutes, be sure to come back and get the kill.
-Once you get phage, try to give red buff to your ADC, and blue (starting from the start) to mid.
-Once you get Wit's End, you should be able to solo dragon.
-If enemy jungle is at bottom and you are at top, steal their wraiths and check their red buff. If enemy jungle is at top and you're near bottom, check blue buff and consider wolfs.
-Only counter jungle when your jungle is empty and there are no lanes being pushed.
-If your team is pushing all 3 lanes, just jungle, don't bother trying to gank. Never bother to gank unless the enemy is pushing/over-extending.

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Graves Stats

370 Attack Damage
2000 HP
190 Armor!
125 MR
23% Lifesteal
420 Movement Speed
1.477 Attack Speed

16 Flat Armor Pen
50 PERCENT Armor Pen

-Revive with 40% health instead of dieing once every 5 minutes. (Prevents losing stacks on BT)

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Graves Tips

-Very Tanky for an ADC due to Passive
-Strong Steroid with Quickdraw, makes attack speed less important than Attack Damage.
-OP Burst potential with (E)>(Q)>(Ignite)>(R)
-All ADC should be built specifically to enemy team composition.
-Justice Lantern is suggested if you're laning with an atypical support.
-Try to lane with a healer, as you have short range and need to last hit.
-Auto attack different minions to lower all their health while you wait for one to get low if the minions are starting to get near your tower.
-Only last hit to keep minions in middle.
-If your minions are pushed to their tower, don't follow them unless you have a ward and are trying to push. It would be better to go back to base and buy an upgrade if you have money, and then return to the lane, where enemy minions should be back in mid or starting to push your tower.
-If you are running with a tanky support like Alistar, Blitz, Leona, etc, you should probably buy Justice Lantern for ward.
-If you are running with a tradition support like Soraka, Taric, Sona, Janna, or Lulu, don't build a lantern.
-Last hitting is mandatory.
-Try to get Red buff once jungle gets a phage or around level 12, whichever comes first.
-Don't steal your jungler's jungle unless they are dead, or on opposite side of the map trying to gank. If they are going to spawn soon then don't take it. Once laning phase ends, jungle is a free for all... around level 13.
-If a teammate is going towards or already attacking a jungle mob, don't steal it from them.
-Wait for tank to initiate, try to stay safe, attack the squishiest target that is safe to attack. Don't run into the middle of a fight in order to attack their ADC, instead shoot down their bruiser or AP carry if they are in range. Try to avoid shooting the tank, unless they are absolutely the only target you can attack without killing yourself.
-You have insane AOE, use it early and often.
-Quickdraw is your steroid (On use increase damage for short time) but it is also your escape. Don't use it to get into slaughter range, rather, use it to move to a safer spot.
-Smoke screen whomever you are not trying to kill.
-Don't build tanky items that aren't on this list. Your role as ADC is to kill quickly. If you're dieing a lot, than either you need a tank, need to play safer, need to retreat sooner, need to help out sooner, or someone on the enemy team is fed and there isn't really anything you can do except farm to catch up in gear.

-Maw, Mallet, Witz, Madreds, Tri-Force, etc. are all unacceptable items. You need boots for movement speed. You need Infinity for damage. You need Phantom for Movement Speed + damage. You need Either Black Cleaver or Last Whisper to kill tanky champs. You need BT (Blood Thirster) for lifesteal and damage. You need GA (Guardian Angel) to protect losing your BT stacks and because you'll get focused as ADC, and instead of dieing you just respawn. Plus it has Armor and Magic Resistance to prevent you from getting killed too quickly. Replace any of those items, and your DPS or Survivability tanks.


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