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Last updated on April 9, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Everyone,
My summoner name is Halbblut i play on the EU Servers. This is my Shaco Build/Guide. I really like to play Shaco, and would like to share my experience with you.

FB - Firstblood
MS - Movement Speed
AP - Ability Power
Dmg - Damage
JiTB - Jack in The Box
Shiv - Two-Shiv Poison (Active)
Ulti - Hallucinate
Crit - Critical
Creeps - KI-controlled units

Shaco's Abilities:
Backstab (Passiv) - Shaco deals 25% bonus damage when striking a unit from behind.

Deceive - Shaco stealths himself instantly and teleports to target location, his next attack auto crits for bonus damage.
Shaco instantly stealths for 4 seconds, and teleports to target nearby location. If he attacks while stealthed, the attack is guaranteed to crit for a bonus 40/60/80/100/120% damage.

9 seconds
90/80/70/60/50 Mana

Jack In The Box - Shaco creates an animated Jack-in-the-Box at target location, which will wait, stealthed, to Fear nearby units and attack them when some come nearby. Casting Jack In The Box does not break stealth.
Shaco creates a Jack in the Box at the target location. It will Stealth after 2 seconds, and pop out when an enemy comes near, fearing nearby enemies for 0.5/0.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds and attacking them.

It deals 35/55/75/95/115 (+0.25) damage, and lasts 90 seconds while stealthed or 5 seconds while firing. Casting Jack In The Box does not break stealth.

16 seconds
50/55/60/65/70 Mana

Two-Shiv Poison - Shaco's Shivs passively poison targets on hit, giving them a miss chance and slowing them. He can throw his Shivs to deal damage and poison the target.
Passive: While Two-Shiv Poison is ready to cast: Shaco's attacks poison his target, reducing their movement speed and chance to hit by 20/22.5/25/27.5/30% for 2 seconds.

Active: Deals half weapon damage + 40/80/120/160/200 (+1) Damage to target enemy, and poisons them for 3 seconds.

8 seconds
50/55/60/65/70 Mana

Hallucinate - Shaco creates an illusion of himself near him, which can attack nearby enemies. Upon death, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Shaco creates an illusion of himself nearby, which deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 135/135/135% increased damage. On death, the illusion deals 300/450/600 (+1) magic damage to nearby enemies.

Lasts up to 30 seconds.

105/90/75 seconds
100 Mana

To start off you should buy the Elixir of Fortitude, the Bonus Health and Dmg. is Fantastic. If you like you can get 2 Health Pots and 2 Mana Pots. These help you Jungle and/or stay longer on Lanes.
You have to be very aware of what you enemies have, or where they are. For example: if you go mid for FB, you should know your enemies Summonerskills. With the Elixir you can Kill a Ashe mid with 2 Hits, but if she has Heal and Flash, you shouldnt try it.
I like to maximize Shiv, cause every Skill Level grants you an additional 40 Damage. Others like to Max out Decieve first, cause of the high mana cost @ Lvl 1. It costs 90 Mana to use it once.

Summoner Skills:
Why Exhaust and Ignite.
Exhaust: When Shaco uses Decieve he becomes invisible and his next attack will be an auto-crit. But when you use Shiv you will become visible and your next attack wont be an auto-crit. This doesnt happen when you use Exhaust. Plus when you Exhaust an enemy right before you attack he normally turns around. Jippi 25% bonus Dmg, thanks to your Passiv.

Diffenent Ways to start:
1) Jungle @ Lvl 1:
Here i recomment to get first skill rank in JiTB, because now you can get the Golems Buffs. Depending on how you want to play Shaco, you Should get either the Red Buff or the Blue Buff.
If you want to be a Lane Pusher you should get the Blue buff, now you can use alot of your skills. If you want to kill heros you should get the Red Buff. It slows and has a Dmg over time effect.
If you get the Red buff you can easily kill the 3 Wolves or the 2 Golems. But you have to use your pots and maby even the Elexir.
If you need further explanation pls check a Vid on

2) FB:
Here you should get Decieve first. It is rather easy to get FB with Shaco, with this Build your first Crit. does over 290 Dmg. @ Lvl 1. Now you wont get the full 290 Dmg, because you enemy has Armor. But with these Masteries you have 6 Armor penetration and Exaust gives your Enemy -10 Armor. Heros like Ashe have 12 Armor @ Lvl 1, so now she has -4 Armor and you do even more Bonus Dmg.
I will explane the Crit Dmg: A normal Crit does 200% of your base Dmg Deceive grants you 40% Bonus Crit Dmg, Your Masteries and Runes grant you another 55%. Meaning that your Crits now do 295% Dmg. (Only if you use Deceive).
Thanks to your Offencive Masteries you have 5% Bonus for Dmg in general and Shacos Passiv grants you another 25% Bonus Dmg if you attack from behind. This gives you an addtioional 30% Dmg.
Now to your Dmg. Shaco Starting dmg is 53, he gets 3 Bonus from Masteries and 20 Bonus from Elexir. Now we have 76 Dmg.
Now to the end. You have 76 Dmg. and your Crits. do 295% dmg., and you get 30% Bonus Dmg. from behind. (76*2.95)*1,30=291,46
Now i dont exactly now how much Bonus Dmg. you get if your enemy has negativ Armor. So i cant add it to the Final Damage.

Alternative Items:
Now no Build is Perfect, you will have to modify it depending on your ememies. If your fighting alot of Tanks, you will need a Madred's Bloodrazor and Attack Speed Phanton Dancer.
If you got alot of mages or enemies with stun or slow effects, you should go with Mercury's Treads and Banshee's Veil.
If the enemies are faster that you or you have problems with Hit-and-runners or you die alot go for the Frozen Mallet. The Bonus Health is amazing, and you slow your enemy with every hit. Guardian Angel is cool too, because it works for your Ulti as well.
But with Shaco you have to go for Dmg or Attack Speed. I consider Armor penetration a form of Dmg too.
If you have a really hard time, get a Madred's Razors and a Vampiric Scepter, and got through the Jungle once. There items are not only good for the Jungle, you can be a cool lane pusher too.

Playing Options/Tips:
The Boots of Mobility give you 447 MS, if you dont attack for 5 Seconds. This is really cool if you move between lanes and frighten the enemy. If you spot a enemy with 50% life, go for it.
If is also cool to escape, if you use your decieve your are invisible for 4 seconds, 1 more and you can run like hell.
If you dont move alot around you dont need the Boots of Mobility, in that case i would recommend Berserker's Greaves.

You dont need more that a MS Bonus of 2 since you can slow your enemy with Shiv or Port closer with Decieve. If you have to chase an enemy use decieve first to get closer, that Exaust him to get closer. Now you can Crit him in the back. Place a JiTB in his path and slow him again after Exaust is over with Shiv(Active). But only do this if their is no Tower in your way, you will kill them mostly but you die right after. that isnt wort it. Plus right after you damage a enemy hero near a Tower it will glow Yellow and target you.

Initiating a group fight:
Now ths is really tricky, some ppl say Shaco isnt a group fight initiator. But i say hes one of the best. Use Decieve to jump into a group of enemiey set a JiTB and that use your Ulti and move out. If you attack an enemy or become Visible your dead.
Normally your Ulti will be killed in 1 sec, damaging all Oponents. Than your JiTB will trigger and frighten your enemies. If you got a good team they will know that they can/have to attack now.

Teasing the Enemy:
After you killed the enemy on your lane and are a Level or two higher you can get really dirty. When the creeps are fighting you can move behind the enemy creeps and place a JiTB between you and the enemy Champion. When he comes he will get frightened and move back. When he comes closer hit him with Shiv. Try to build up alot of distance between him and the creeps. This way he wont level good.
If you can hold back killing creeps this will work alot longer. If not this will do almost nothing, you push the lane to his tower and the tower kills all the creeps giving him all the xp, but not a lot of gold.