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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alcardian

Shaco A Sunfire Build (DPS/Tank)

Alcardian Last updated on September 5, 2010
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Just for information: I do not claim to be the first one to make a sunfire shaco build.

This Shaco build is based on that Shacos clone gets the effect of sunfire. The Clone no longer gains the ress effect of Guardian angel.
The sunfire capes will give you lots of AOE damage which will be devastating for your enemies with the clone up that also deals damage from its sunfire. The sunfire capes will also give hp and armor which will give your enemies a hard time killing you and remember, they need to know which is you and which is the clone. Your clone will also ress from guardian angel. This build is a late game build.

The magic penetration runes are for boost his sunfire cloak damage
The Evasion runes are some inceased survival
I do most of the time play with MP5 runes as glyph but cooldown reduction is also good.

Go ahead and experiment and see if you can make it better for your play-style.

Go for golem buff with jack in a box spam at lvl 1 so you can stay on the lane longer before you go oom and you should be lvl 2 if you kill the golem and his two minions.

Enter the bush in the water close to your lane and try to make a jack in a box trap (make sure they don't see you enter). your enemies will know that you have been gone for a while and will sooner or later check the bush and they will get crushed by your jack in a box spam. Sometimes your enemy do not check the bush and if that happends tell your friend to run into it and your enemy will prob follow him(just dont show yourself until the trap is triggerd).

After you have used the jack in a box trap most enemies will be more carefull about following you and jack in a box trap will not work on them agian so you should damage your enemies by using deceive in their backs and run into a bush before they can hit you back.

At lvl 6 so can you kill the golem agian using your clone to tank him, make sure to hit the minions two times each (then the clones death AOE will kill them). after your clone is dead the golem should be at around 50% health, use your jack in a box to take damage from you and use deceive while jack in a box takes beating.

After you got the golem buff agian so should you try to get a kill at either your lane or mid.

Shaco will have a importent role in team battles as he is able to save his friends and destroy for your enemies with a well-placed jack in a box that will fear and your sunfire will do devastating damage to your enemies.
A good tactic to enter a team battle as shaco is to use Deceive to stealth right into the middle of them and then summon the clone to burn them down. If you goes low on health try to use Deceive to jump over a wall to safety.

Do always if you have the mana for it try to place jack in a box in bushes that your enemies can try to gank you from, jack in a box is perfect for early kills but it also a perfect ward that can save you and your friends from getting killed.

If you vote this + or - please leave a comment so I know how to make a better guide