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Shaco ap & atk balanced

Last updated on July 7, 2010
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Shaco Build

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Basically this is an AP & DMG balanced Shaco, which I love to use.

Early-Game (if you're not getting golem buff, level shiv first)

IF you follow the skill build provided, I suggest in the beginning to go for the golem buff, with either life steal, or some item and 2 hp pots and making 4 - 5 JITBs (4 in front one behind where the golem spawns). What I usually do is get the golem buff with life steal, go into a bush on my lane and make a JITB nest very early game. I'll attack the minions to regain health and harrass the heroes with shiv while constantly adding more JITB in the bush. Once I get deceive and at the right moment i'll go invis behind a hero attack with the 25% more damage bonus when attacking behind, shiv, then continue to attack until I'm around 60% health. Sometimes the person doesn't bother attacking and actually runs away which keeps the 25% dmg bonus when attacking from behind and I can save my JITB for the other hero, while I chase them and shiv (maybe use ignite or exhaust if I have) and they die. Next the other hero would probably try to defend their teamate by attacking me, so I would run into the bush with the JITB. I'll lure them and as they get feared, I would deceive behind them and attack again, and use shiv. With 2 hero kills... I'd usually recall heal up and get my next item, which would either be BF sword (to make bloodthirster), sword of occult (if i'm confident in getting more kills), or a blasting wand/needlessly large rod... I'll let you play on from here :P

Late game, I usually rely on deceive, shiv, and hallucinate to kill heroes (alt+ right clicking moves only the clone!) of course if I have mana to spare, i'd usually make JITB nests in areas I can run too during pushing a lane or a gank.


- Once you get to lvl 8 or 9, I'd suggest getting the monster buffs so you can spam your moves knowing with your short cooldowns that you can cast them again. With Shaco, you ALWAYS want to attack them from behind, because of that 25% bonus dmg passive.

- When running away, and you have deceive ready, run away and deceive OPPOSITE of the direction you were running too. Its always funny seeing the enemies continue running. And if you're confident enough, you can attack the hero lagging behind and shiv and get a kill while the others realize that you punk'd them and then run away again. ALSO! if you used hallucinate, don't run away or use deceive, they will know where you are.

- BUT you can use hallucinate and then send your clone in to attack, deceive behind the hero.. when your clone is almost dead, attack them from behind and as the clone explodes and gives dmg, you can end them off.

Why do I balance out DMG and AP?

the JITBs get around 115dmg + 50% of your ap (I think), and your shiv does 200dmg + 100% of your ap. With my build, I think you get around 300 ap and 300 atk dmg.. if you substituted the boots of mobility and lichbane for berserker's grieves and nashor's tooth, that's a shorter cooldown and you get attack speed.. plus 500 dmg shiv, and 600+(?% of ap) from your clone? Not only does that do some good damage, but shiv slows them down and allows you to catch up and attack them as they run.. (did I mention you get 25% bonus dmg when attacking from behind? bwhahahaa) so when your skills are on cooldown, you still do a good 300dmg and you get lifesteal, and with such short cooldowns... your deceive and shiv will be ready in no time!