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Build Guide by Auntie Po

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Auntie Po

shaco, baron? more like barOFF!

Auntie Po Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jungle shaco, baron? more like barOFF.

always have at least 1 red potion untill midgame, it makes you much more helpful when someone ina lane dies and you need to stop jungling to help towers survive, pop a re dpotion and you will be back to 50% and alot scarier than a shaco with 200 health standing behind a tower

this is my shaco jungle guide designed and tested to clear baron by level 16. i start by rushing golem abd placing three traps at golems spawn point, i then move to wolfs and place 2 traps on the wall facing wolfes, i then move back to golem, with a trap off CD and let the golem agro to traps, after first fear is done i place another trap so golem is feared for the duration that traps are able to deal damage, i wait behind golem meleeing him utill his health reaches roughly 600, then i smite him, if you wish to do it faster you can also ignite golem.

i then move onto wolfs with me preset traps and melee big wolf and run to traps so they get feared, i again, trap after first fear to get maximum trap damage out of both sets along with a long fear.

after this i move to wraiths (level 2 now) and place one trap on big wraith, i kill big wraith as fast as possible and then slowly kill small wraiths, at this point i use my first red potion and move onto lizard. i place 2 traps just outside grass next to lizard and wait for trap cooldown to end, i then throw a dagger at the lizard being careful to stand behind my preset traps and lizard is feared, i then, as usual, place another trap to fear lizard again, use another red potion and melee untill lizard is roughly 700 or less health and smite him.

i then move onto small golems, place one trap at their feet and melee them down.


after this, you should be level 4 and have level 1 stealth, 1 trap and 2 dagger
check all lanes, look for anyone below 60% health with a partner who doesnt have a stun or just look for the weakest lane, move to the grass next to this lane, wait for the gankees to move past your grass, move behind them MAKING SURE YOU ARE IN FOG and place one trap in the grass behind them, once this is done, make sure the lane youa re ganking knows you are about tog ank, make them rush the gankees and you stealth in, melee, throw a dagger, ignite and melee till death, their partner will either stay and die 2v1 or 3v1 or run, this is where the trap you placed comes in handy, they will MSOT LIKLY use grass to escape and run into your trap, getting feared, by this point your daggger and stealth should be off cd, stealth toi them once feared and slow them with dagger, your team should catch up and you just got a double kill.

after this, go to base and buy your boots and madreds razor, go back for some easy jungling
sneak aroudn to their lizard buff and golem and steal their buffs so the other team cannot get them, this is super risky if they have any MIA, stealth or capible junglers and should not even be attempted if they have a set jungler.

once you reach 6 you should have enough gold to buy a lantern, once you have alantern, go to dragon, place one trap at dragons feet and pop your ulti, make sure your image hits dragon 1st so eh gets agro, your lantern heals you 80 dmg every proc and your image also gets a proc from this making dragon drop super super fast, as soona s this is done stealth over the wall incase they see you.

continue jungling/ganking but MAKE SURE YOU PROTECT TOWERS IF PEOPLE DIE, this is crutial part of being a jungler, junglers who dont help lanes should **** off and die.

once you get trinity force and madreds bloodrazor, its baron time, level 16, noone is even thinking about baron, hello shaco.
start fighting baron EXACTLY the same as you do as fighting dragon, exept this time, because of trinity force, use stealth and dagger every 3 seconds in interfvals so you get a trinity force proc every 3 seconds during the fight, keep placing traps every cooldown so they get baron agro and make sure you ward outside entrence incase some ****** stumbles upon your baron fight and decides to kill you, wait till baron is roughly 10% health this is when it gets hard, make sure you havea red potion and use that, dropa trap and melee non stop, this solo baron relies on you never stoping dealing damage, because when baron dies you will be on 20% or less health, also, while fighting baron you will see green pools rippling aroudn your feet. MOVE THE **** out of these, its like standing in fire in wow raiding, just dont do it and if you dont understand why dont question it, just move. and this is how you solo baron, smite at 10% as to make your life easier. continue doing this eveyr baron spawn and kill dragon every spawn. a baron/dragon fed team is a happy team. 490 gold to everyone on team every 10 minutes??? thats the equivlent of evryone on team geting a rampage kill .