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League of Legends Build Guide Author dunnerski

Shaco DPS

dunnerski Last updated on September 25, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Improved Rally

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Defense: 0

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Utility: 9

Blink= Decieve (Your Q)
JITB= Jack in the Box (Your W)
Shiv= Two Shiv (Your E)
Fake Shaco/Clone= Hallucinate (Your ultimate)

If theres more squishies than there are tanks, I'd replace Razers with Manamune, not sure with the nerf on it though.

If they have alot of CC, go with Merc Treads instead of Swiftness Boots.

Early Game:
You have two ways you can start your game off, ill list those steps in separate trees.

Blue Buff:
Teleport to your turret closest to golem after you buy your sword+hp pot. You should skill up JITB as your teleporting. Drop JITBs right as they come of cooldown right where golem would spawn. Golem will spawn at 1:55 so if you have enough time for another box but it will be on cooldown after he spawns, dont do it. Pop the JITB after he spawns so you have a few more seconds of tank. If you end up tanking for some reason pop a pot and finish off blue buff, hit level 2, get to your lane and harass with shiv.

WARNING: YOU MAY GET GANKED!! I advise asking your lane partner to scout for you and have mid watch the patch below/above for there aswell.

JITB Farm:
After you buy your sword+hp pot teleport to your lanes last turret, and rush for enemy's bushes. Start laying down JITBs in the bush so they wont get feared before the edge of the bush, this may take some practice. Stack them ontop of eachother so they all trigger at once. When your target gets into bush or fear range pop exhaust on him if you're not laning with someone that has a snare/stun/toss up. My advice for this is having a minimum of 3 JITBs up for squishys, 4 for tanks.
Ideal lane partners for this: Singed, Morgana, Taric, Cho'gath, etc.

After you get first blood back off. NEVER TOWER DIVE. Unless you can 1-shot kill someone with a shiv and decieve away from tower (which you cant do at this point, your only level 1) Dont even try.

If your getting harassed dont be afraid to turret hug. pop JITBs behind your turret incase you or your teammate get low and tower dove, this has saved me before and gotten me an assist at least, and with the buff to fear=assist it'll help alot.

Keep laning until about level four or five. you should have deceive and shiv. If you have a good mid you can gank them. Wait until their on your side of mid and blink in, open with a regular hit, procing your crit, and have your mid already ontop of them. If they get stunned or extremely slowed, pop a jitb infront of them so they cant run, if they have low health and your unsure if they'll make it back to tower to live, shiv them. ONLY SHIV TO HARASS OR FINAL BLOW! Do not use it in a chase if you can melee them, you're AD not AP, if you toss it, it will remove the passive slow poison.

Mid Game:
Lane or gank. You just need to keep leveling, get gold, not die, buy items.

Late Game:
Once you hit about 16, unless your trailing in levels compared to your team. You should be putting jitb's EVERYWHERE you go. You especially want to have some in the bushes outside your enemy's base/tower, you can use your teleport to get behind creeps and kill turrets. Through this build you can solo towers if you pop clone, then a jitb just inside tower range and let fake shaco tank. The combined damage should take that turret down to mid health quick.

Comments welcome, this is my first guide.

Loosely based off of Remain's Shaco the Insane.