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Shaco Build Guide by Broham

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Broham

Shaco, Ganks for everyone!

Broham Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Jungle Pattern

Pretty much when you start out u want to buy lvl 1 boots or you wont make it to blue in time. Buy and run to red as fast as you can and place 5 boxes directly behind where red buff will spawn. Once that is done rush to blue buff and place another box behind blue and let it pull aggro and attack blue buff in its *** XD. After that I normally run to top or mid lane to do a really early gank.

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Ganking Sequence

You can either get lvl shiv or deceive which ever you feel more comfortable ganking with. I always get Q because it dose more dmg and makes the gank quite a surprise and just makes it easier for me.Q in stab them in the *** and ignite them and this will normally land you FB or make them go back. After ganking top i roam for more ganks mid/bot and then go back to buy.

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For runes i take 3 armor pen reds, 6 attack dmg reds the reason I do this is because the extra attack damage will help you in the jungle and make you do alot more dmg early game. Since you wont have much armor pen for mid/late game thats why black cleaver is thrown into the build If you dont want a black clever you can build a list whisper if you want. Armor yellows to help in the jungle and against any ad heroes. Attack speed glyphs for pretty much teh same thing as seals but for more dmg when ganking.

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Pretty much just basic AD jungle masteries I'm only going to go over the Utility tree with you guys, everything in offence is pretty much self explanitory. Expanded mind and Good hands are pretty much fillers to get to Swiftness and Runes affinity but they do help a bit. Swiftness for ganking easier and getting to blue buff intime and rune affinity is self explanitory.

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Item Sequence

Lvl 1 boots are needed for doing the jungle route. You need the movement to get to blue after you stack 5 boxes at red. After getting red and blue and ganking top i normally would go back to buy a Vamp Scepter for more sustain in the jungle/lane. After ganking a couple times you should have enough for a Wriggles lantern. The Next back I normally go for a Trinity force or a black cleaver depending on if they by armor or not both items are great but trinity force provides a bit more of a nuke. If you feel you are to squishy then pick up a Banshee's veil but if your doing great go for an infinity Edge which works amazingly with your deceive making you nuke like crazy. Pretty much after the core build listed above you can buy almost anything and still do a **** ton of damage but you should build accordingly to the enemy team.

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Team Fights

Being an assasin means you are sort of a carry and being a jungler assasin means you can make a giant differance in teamfights if you play correctly. In almost all teamfights you must have correct possitioning. When the enemy team uses their ults right off the bat(whitch almost always happens in solo que normals)if one of them has a devistating ult or something that dose mass cc or dmg use your ult to negate the dmg. Only do this when you know it will most likely **** you over. You must time your ult correctly or it wont work morgana's ult and nunu's ult are good examples of when you need to ult other ults are hard to predict. But once everyone has done their ults in that giant confusing jumble of a teamfight you need to get on carries and or anyone who is squishy and dose massive dmg this is your job as an assasin if you cant complete this than your not doing your job correctly and you need to work on your teamfighting skills/possitioning. In my opionion everyone should play a range carry or assasin to learn possitioning because it is a vary important part of teamfights.

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Summoner spells

You can take ignite or exhaust either one works great for ganking but I always use ignite to finish off kills that get away. The reason I dont take flash or ghost because shaco has really good escape ability skills already and is pretty much the master of jukes in the game. But if your knew to shaco and feel you need practice or just arent vary skilled in moba games in general you can take flash/ghost to help you escape and get ganks but I dont really see the need for them if your good at juking.

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Future of this guide

If this guide dose get some sort of publicity or whatever I will most likely add videos to this as far as the jungle patter for this guide gose if you need help with it because i dont think i explained it to well its kind of hard to without a video imo. Please leave comments and or constructive criticism in the comments or just want to state your opinion on this guide it would be much appreciated. Also if I made any silly grammer or spelling mistakes please let me know. :D hope this guide helps!