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Shaco Build Guide by LordVissie

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordVissie

Shaco Guide - Boom Goes The Carry! (S5) (Not In-Dept)

LordVissie Last updated on February 18, 2015
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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Master Yi He isn't really a counter but, He's op and if you see him. It's better to Deceive (Q) away.
Amumu If he goes AP you can better not fight him.
Vi Vi is a good jungler. (I played her also a lot) A 1v1 Fight would be difficult against her. Try to dodge her Q maybe with Deceive or your ulti and your should win the fight.
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I'm LordVissie, I live in The Netherlands and I maked a guide about:

The Demon Jester
This is my first guide ever made so don't expect the most of it. btw. my english isn't very good. Sorry for that.

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Farming (In the jungle ofc.)

Farming with Shaco is really easy when you got some tips and tricks and I'm going to tell you them right now.

Start Blue buff --> Stack your Boxes at 0:56 on the blue buff where the > Acient Golem < spawns. (Your Boxes "stay alive" for 1 minute and the Blue buff Spawns at 1:55) Don't put the Boxes by the Blue buff mini creeps.
(I don't use smite on the blue buff golem)

Wolfs --> If u done the Blue buff you walk to the wolfs and attack the Big wolf. Then Put a box right behind it. If u have done that the Big wolf should attack the box and the 2 smaller wolfs attack you. Use your E on the Big wolf for the miss chance. Now you get Backstab bonuses on the Big wolf and then you can smite him to death. :)

You can use the same technique on the Wraiths and the Golems.

Red buff --> Don't let your box tank the Red buff. You must tank it. You can put your box near the red buff and then you start to tank it. The Box deals much damage so that's why you have to tank it.

My Jungle Route

Blue buff --> Wolfs --> Wraiths --> Red Buff --> Golems. Then I do one or two ganks and then I B.

(This is not my picture it's from wikipro's j0ker MECHANICS)

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The are 2 reasons I love to play shaco. His farming and Ganking. Deceive (Q) makes ganking easy.

When you gank: Deceive in, if you are behind your target then put immediately a box behind your target. So he can't escape without using flash or with another kind of Dash. This is the best way to gank.

If you have Red + E = Insane Slow. and that makes it nice to finish your target off.

I like it when the mid or top has a stun (Bot also but the supp has most at the time a stun or snare) because I have more time to put a box on the right position. It's nice to put your box on flash range because If they flash they flash right into the box.

Don't go to far in enemy's tower. Shaco is really squishy early game for example at lvl 5/6. He can easily die from 3/4 tower shots with couple attacks from the enemy.

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How can you survive?

Try to juke people with your Q or when that is on cooldown use your ulti. Use your ulti and let your Clone walk the other way.

A nice way to juke is standing to a wall and Deceive (Q) not over the wall but the other way. where the enemy is walking. It's really funny to see people flashing over walls and screaming because they don't know wich way you walked to ;')

If you are running away from people. Put boxes in front of you Not Behind You
because The boxes has a little cooldown before they start working. Otherwise the enemys can just walk over the boxes.

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Summoner Spells

I always use: Ignite Smite

Other viable Summoners Spells are:

- Flash

- Exhaust (This is very nice if against an udyr, It's also really effective against a Zed)

- Teleport (I actually never did this) I won't say it's bad but if you have this your earlier game potential is bad. But It's still nice for split pushing. (but I will still not take it)

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You can see the hardest counters (In my opion) under the masteries at the top of the guide.
If you want to see why and how to not get killed by these counters. you can put your mouse on the counter and a little note will popup :)

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Jungler Item?

Maybe you asked your self: Hey why doesn't he buy a jungler item?

I know it's sounds weird. but actually it's quite obvious. I don't farm much with Shaco. When I play Shaco, I'm mostly more focusing on ganking than farming. So then I don't really need a jungler item. And if the enemy jungler has farmed much and bought a jungler item. But I got 2 kills and finished my Hydra or Tiamat. Then I'm ahead.

When I do farm:

If I do farm much, Then I build Wriggle's Lantern and farm it up to Feral Flare.

If I've bought Wriggle's Latern I just going to continue my build and buy Hydra --> Finish boots or just buy boots --> Statikk Shiv --> Infinity Edge and a defensive item .

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This is the end of the guide.

I hope you guys learned a lot of it. And now even more enjoy playing Shaco! If you want to give me some feedback/suggestions It's always welcome.

Can you 1+ my guide? I hope so!

Another good guide witch you should definitely check out.

Jungle Shaco - The Clown Carry.

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