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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Shaco-is op jungl игшдв

Last updated on December 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen.

This guide has been made so that I can give something back to the lovely community that has given me so much, I really do hope that this guide will teach you new shaco players how to play shaco, and for the veteran shaco players I hope the guide polishes and gives you a wider view of the different ways you can play shaco.

For people who will Troll vote the guide down, “**** you”. For people who will give constructive criticism, “Thank you and I will look into it”, and for the lovely people who +1 the guide because it is working for them “I Luff You”.

23/12/2011 Changed jungle time of wraiths and wolves. Edited intro, dont need that pointless ****
21/12/2011 Removed some unwanted text, cleaning the clutter from the guide.
20/12/2011 Removed Section on "Why play shaco in the jungle", updated masteries, updated jungle route, updated items.
16/10/2011 Changed Masteries, summoner spells and runes (and the description for those sections)
13/10/2011 Changed the item builds. Made something much better than the old builds.
07/07/2011 Changed the introduction, bit more welcoming and less rage.
Added a new section to the guide: Jungle Respawn Times
Added Searz Rune Guru runes
Added Abilities Section
Changed Trinity build, Zeal before Sheen

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Jungle Respawn Times

If you are planning to improve and properly control the jungle, the times for when the buffs, dragons and creeps respawn is very important. I am placing this near the top of the guide, so that everyone looks at this before anything else, it is pretty much the most important part of the guide!

Top Priority

Dragon respawns in 6 minutes

Baron respawns in 7 minutes


Blue Buff respawns in 5 minutes

Red Buff respawns in 5 minutes

Low Priority

Wraiths respawn in 1 minute

Wolves respawn in 1 minute

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Most of Shaco's damage is based on his auto-attacks, thus having more attack speed will not only increase your PvP perspective but also your jungle speed. Faster attack speed also means that you will be able to apply the Red Buff slow and Two-shiv slow effect more often which results in a sort-of permanent slow.

The biggest argument I assume will be why I choose 2 Points in Utility Mastery instead of 1 point in Havoc+ Utility Mastery. Well longer buffs will equal in more ganking, which a fundamental part of playing Shaco, I have mentioned earlier that his damage base stat is good and he can still have successful ganks without Havoc. The new Havoc however does make a big difference in damage, and can allow more successful ganks. But what must be understood is the fact that Shaco is based on roaming and ganking so longer buff durations are more beneficial in the sense that you can roam around the map more, which is quite vital as a Shaco player.

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So, I have been looking at other Shaco guides quite alot, for mainly inspiration and I have to admit I am quite shocked to see that the guides have left out a section about his abilities. Understanding Shaco's abilities are very important since they have many uses and due to the painful cooldown's it also must be conducted with utmost precision.

Backstab - 25% more damage... if you attack the enemy from the back. This can make a massive difference in your DPS and also will make the enemies dig their own grave when running away from you. When playing Shaco it is very important to install a psychological advantage to your enemies, make them fear you. Make them scared. Shaco feeds off this fear and it only will make him stronger, consider this idea: if you scare the enemy, his natural instincts will be to run away from you, an attempt which is quite foolish when you think about all the abilities you have to catch up to them, whilst the enemy is running away his back is turned to you... this means when auto-attacking you will deal 25% more damage so you kill them faster.

Also, I hear rumors that Deceive damage gets increased when attacking from the back, I personally am not too sure about this, so feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Deceive - A very misunderstood and confusing ability, this does not deal Critical damage.. It deals Bonus damage. What this means is that Critical damage runes, infinity edge, sheen proc's will NOT affect the bonus damage this skill does. Counting on this skill to deal heavy damage is a very bad move many Shaco players make (because the old Shaco's Deceive worked like a critical).

The real use of this skill is for trickery, escapes and initiates. This skill in short is a spammable flash with motherf***ing stealth. Many Shaco's panic a little and think their stealth will not last long so they just Deceive and attack instantly, this is a decent move but you should understand that the stealth is 3.5 seconds long, you can deceive in and like the mad twisted clown you are stalk the enemy for a good 2 seconds before you make your move, always remember to attack from the back.

Jack In The Box - Right about now this section is looking like a motherf***ing rainbow with all these colors, but I can't help it, I want you to understand the proper uses and understand how to play Shaco. This now comes to his hardest skill to master, the dreaded JiTB.

These boxes are very fragile and have a terribly long and boring cooldown, the damage they deal is pretty good early game but just slack off mid-late game without ability power. The best feature of these boxes are the AOE fears, which is basically an AOE stun. When ganking, after you deceive attack the enemy place a box right infront of the enemy or behind the enemy, basically try and interpret the path he will be taking as an escape and place the box there for hopefully a fear which will secure the kill for you. Use these boxes as a map ward also 90 seconds of stealth is a great way to ward the map and control your surroundings! The sheer number of uses this ability has is limitless!

Two-Shiv Poison - The best part of this skill is the inbuilt phage effect that stacks with phage (trinity force) and Red Buff. Your auto-attacks will slow the enemy so you will be able to land more auto-attacks and reduce the chances of an enemy running away. The active however is difficult to use because once you throw the dagger you have 3 seconds of a strong slow to finish the enemy off, if you fail you cannot slow with auto attacks for 8 seconds (or how long it takes for the two-shiv poison to get back up).

Use the active when the enemy flash's away, ghost's or uses some escape mechanism. You can also use it to finish off a kill since it does Magic Damage: 40 / 80 / 120 / 160 / 200 (+1 per ability power) + (+0.5 per attack damage). As you can see the sheen will greatly help since it gives ability power.

Hallucinate - *Sigh* I honestly don't know how good this skill is. I mean once you think about it the clone deals 25% less damage, receives 50% extra damage and deals half damage to towers. All that **** for a long *** cooldown. Even the animations are messed up! It doesn't show the Buffs or sheen proc's, so you stand out really hard, no point using this skill for trickery since you will just make a fool of yourself.

The only practical and good use of this skill (WHICH EVEN THEN IS EFFING HARD TO TIME) is he immunity it will grant you. Hallucinate has a slight delay before the illusion spawns, allowing Shaco to evade damage and projectiles, including things such as Karthus's Requiem or 1 tick of Ignite.

Another use is when tower-diving, using Hallucinate will reset tower aggro from you to the clone, so if your planning on a dive, try and plan when to use his ultimate, I think the best time to use it is for escape purposes. This ultimate can also be used to tank towers when backdooring but considering how fast it dies off I question how useful it really is.

Depending on your skill level if you are able to control yourself and the clone you can also use the clone as a projectile blocker - a.k.a "Human Shield". However becareful about this, since it can be a problem when you are low on health and running away since some champions like the ever so popular Akali can "R" to your clone in order to catch up to you.

Controlling the clone is simple, HOLD ALT+RIGHT CLICK

Reminder: I will keep updating this section, adding pictures.. basically polishing it off later on, it can be quite boring to update guides.

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ArP runes, will greatly increase the DPS you deal, it is more efficient for Jungling too.

Attack speed yellows, for a faster jungle and also to deal more DPS when ganking.

MP5/s, Shaco is VERY mana hungry pretty much all game.. thus it has become a requirement that Shaco maintains his blue buff, however if you do not get the blue buff you don't want to be completely shut down. These runes will help you out in those situations, you can also place more boxes.

I choose to take 2 Health Quints to survive better and it also allows me to play a bit more aggressively. 1 ArP Quints to boost my already strong damage.

These runes are based more on the risky side, Seals and Glyphs being attack speed will speed up your jungle to ridiculous levels, not to mention boost your general DPS against enemies. Sadly you will have to be more careful with these runes.

Generally a great selection of runes for a jungler, its very safe and allows most junglers to jungle relatively fast, purchase these runes if you cannot afford the best and most optimum runes for Shaco.

Searz's Rune Page For Shaco

We all know who Searz is, and what runes mean to him... but for those of you who don't, Searz is a veteran on Mobafire who seeks to find the optimum runes and items for champions, he is never satisfied until he finds the right statistics, charts and evidence to prove that his rune selection is the best. It would be silly of me to ignore his recommendations which he proved are very powerful runes for Shaco.

10 ArP, 5% AS, 6.75 AD and 12.69 armor

x 6 x 3

Searz also states that you don't need the CDR, you can replace the blue glyphs with attack speed.

The Searz Has Spoken!

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Jungle Route

Now we get to the stuff that actually matters.

This Jungle route is probably the fastest and also the safest, allowing you to get both buffs at level 2. Due to the rapid rate you get the buffs you have more time to do what you do best - Ganking. Thank you C4k3CooKieZ for the route!

Early Notice: Use pots where you feel is the best time, Usually shaco can jungle with just 3 pots fine. Just try and stay over half life, and always use a pot when attacking Golem (blue) or Lizard (red).

I start by grabbing boots and 3 health potions and rush to red. You have to reach red before the announcer says "Welcome to Summoners rift". Once at red you should place 5 JiTB's in this position:

The reason why the boxes are placed there is due to the unfortunate random focus the boxes have, at times it could target the small lizards instead of the big one (which is our primary target). Placing the boxes there will allow the boxes to focus the big lizard. Smite should not be used here, neither are the health potions.

Once you have the 5 boxes at red in that position you can either play safe or take a risk in order to speed your jungle.

Playing Safe: Wait until the Big lizard spawns and kill the big lizard to obtain the red buff, then put a point in Deceive and rush to the blue buff.

Risk: As soon as the 5 JitB's are at red, rush to the blue buff and start it. What should happen is the you get the Red Buff when the Blue buff Golem is at 3/4 Health.


Once at the blue buff place 2 JiTB's in the bush near the Golem, then aggro the Golem towards your boxes. If the boxes aggro the little lizards, place another box behind the big Golem and smite it once it reaches 445 health.

Ignore the items, since this is before the jungle remake. However the box position is still the same.

Remember that ganking should be consistent during Early and Mid game. If shaco has a **** early game, he's gonna be **** all game. When ganking look for easy targets first. Your aim is to get a kill, support or make them waste a summoner's. After you make the easy gank, ALWAYS HELP THE SOLO LANER AT TOP. I cannot stress how important this is, and even at times, I get so greedy for easy ganks that I completely ignore the top lane, what then usually happens is we lose an early tower or the top solo laner dies/fears recalling.

If you feel like the ganks are going bad and you are not making enough gold income start jungling at random camps, I prefer to go from Wolves - Wraiths - Mini Golems. This will help me still get some cash flow whilst I go gank other lanes.

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The Brave Clone vs. Dragon

After finishing off your initial jungle route, you will want to constantly monitor and set a huge priority to grabbing Dragon when ever you can!

Sometimes it will be just impossible since the enemy team has better team co-operation, but usually you can finish dragon very fast, as early as level 6!

Attempt to do dragon only when you have a Wriggles Lantern (people who run Bloodrazors.. Meh, get a Wriggles, then a Bloodrazor)

Get your clone to attack dragon first, (Holding Alt and right clicking will send your clone to where you click). Whilst your clone is tanking dragon, attack from behind (this will allow you to deal more damage!), place a JiTB where you are positioned also, it helps in increasing DPS. Finally Smite the dragon when he is low on health and a Smite will insta-kill him, this prevents people from stealing your dragon.

Reminder: Always ask your team for help when you are doing dragon! I understand that you will want to be sneaky, but if anyone catches you... your pretty much screwed. GET YOUR TEAM TO DEFEND YOU/HELP YOU, the enemy will most likely want to dodge a teamfight and let you take dragon!

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Warding and Oracle

Warding is very important through-out the game. Shaco is very lucky to be gifted with a free ward his JiTB! The obvious downside however is that it attacks and eventually dies off. "Permanent" (time-based) wards such as the Wriggles Lantern ward are also key to control the jungle and provide more map awareness.

Warding the map for your team can save them from getting ganked (even though a few might be blind and not see the ganker, etc.) It gives them a better chance to react to the situation.
There is a guide on Mobafire which gives an excellent in-depth look at warding:


For quick reference, check out the little awesome mini-map picture below


Oracles on Shaco, IS A MUST. I am very very tempted to add it to the item builds, however I feel that when you get it can be situational. In a good game, I rush it after I get my Wriggle's Lantern whilst in a bad game I get it when I notice I am dying less often.

You see there are Vision Wards that can SHUT YOU DOWN, they will cause you to be exposed and reveal you whilst stealth, this destroys your element of surprise and can ruin a gank/escape for you. Oracles also counter wards being placed by the enemy team, there is nothing more satisfying that making the enemy team WASTE 75 gold for wards.

Grabing an Oracle can also counter other stealthers.. and an interesting fact about stealthers is that they are REALLY SQUISHY, so if you reveal a stealther.. they are pretty much D.E.A.D. Stealthers include: eve, akali, twitch and shaco.