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Shaco needs to stab you

Last updated on April 26, 2010
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This build is a variation on some of the builds listed here and through playing around in games I have come up with this. I’m by no means the master Shaco to put all other Shacos to same and neither is this build but try it out. You may find that it suites your play style but also feel free to comment on it!

Any Shaco should try to solo the blue buff and there are plenty of videos on how to do that look em up on YouTube! Yes getting the sapphire crystal and 2 hp pots is a great idea and you need jack in the box first to do this. Get the hang of it because it’s a great thing to start with. Also I’ve noticed in some of those videos people leave the little lizards alive. KILL THEM, with the exp talent you will be level 2 before the solo lanes are lvl 2. If you’re worried about the amount of health you will lose don't. When you hit lvl 2 you get a nice chunk of hp back (you also have 2 hp pots so if you are low use them). Just make sure to drop an extra box the second it’s up (btwn the small lizards) and when the golem blue buff dies the box will activate and agro the lizards so you can dps them without taking extra damage. I can’t stress enough to be careful while you solo the buff I have been ganked while doing it by 2 - 4 people pay attention and gtfo if you see people.
After you got the blue buff get deceive. Some of you out there may consider getting you shiv for some easier soloing in a tuff lane but don't deceive is just better and learning how to use it in a tuff lane will make you better get it next! When you get to your lane drop boxes in good spots you do have infinite mana so use it! Also feel free to deceive towards people and if it’s safe to harass them do so. If not go to a low creep and get some money. Now on an aside I know you’re supposed to gank mid after getting the blue buff and I have tired but since I play pugs so I generally go back to my lane if I think that the middle lane teammate ******ed. Try it out I generally avoid ganking mid and go to my lane and usually have luck getting at least 1 person there. (People in a lane generally feel safer because they have a friend so push further and until a second ago it was 2 vs your lonely teammate so they pushed in close to tower). I can usually squeeze a kill out or make them back and farm out a bit. I usually stick around and try to gather up around 1500 so that I can finish my sheen and at least buy boots. Also if I used up my pots I buy another hp pot just in case.

So now that you got sheen and boots you are scary depending on how your lane is going and how mid or the other lane is doing, go gank. I usually try to help mid who should be decently lvl'ed and able to help you get a kill or if the other lane is in trouble go down there see if you can’t turn the tide. After I have sheen and a complete set of boots (Shaco needs to move fast so having basic boots gets lame fast). I am a huge fan of mobility boots but berserker’s boots great as well. I tend to get berserker's more often than mobility because moving really fast out of fights is great but the attack speed is something that’s helping you out when you need it (in a fight).
So go ganking or pushing lanes. Your teammates are clumping up and doing hard pushes on towers. Take advantage and do softer but still deadly pushes on the empty lanes. You'll get money and expand also push lanes in while everyone is busy. Feel free to run away at the first sign of danger if you think you would lose the fight. That may sound a bit cowardly but it needs to be done. Mid game you need to beef up and if you have a Mundo or someone beefy you can’t solo from full hp near a tower just go away. Go solo some creeps, or help you team if they need you, or go solo some poor squishy who thinks they are safe in a different lane. Eventually his team will need him and he'll abandon the tower push it back take it out and get out. During this time I like to build my trinity force. I usually get phage after sheen and boots but if you feel like you need running more than slowing get zeal.
As a general rule for Shaco if there's a team standoff that's not going any were just leave. Push a different lane you’re a ganker you'll die to aoe or get focused and insta-gibed. Shaco is a great tower pusher when the enemy team is busy. Don't get me wrong I don't abandon my team but there are some team fights that build and build and no on initiates you don't need to be a part of that and shouldn't be. That said you need to be really careful in team fights you are a part of cause you can’t effectively harass at a range and u will die if you get in the middle of enemy team (even if the fights been initiated. So if you’re going in try to deceive into the back where you’ll find more squishy enemies / enemies trying to run for their lives. That's where you want to be it’s also where you're least likely to get rofled by flying Aoes and the such.
After trinity force I usually buy a Vampiric Scepter and start making my infinities edge. I try to buy the B.F sword first but if I can’t I buy the pickax first for the + damage that goes to my melee swings and to the shiv toss. When you finally make and infinities edge you will be hitting HAAARD. I usually try to turn the scepter into a Bloodthirster and after that I try to get a phantom dancer or a last whisper. It depends on the enemies but by the time you finish infinity’s edge the games wrapping up. Unless it’s a hard game in which you’ll have to decide what you get next.

Shaco is the kind of hero that's not a fan of big team face offs. People like to kill you because your hp is low and your damage is high. Get used to knowing when to stick around during a team fight and when to push a different lane in. I have won a fair share of games because my team held off on 5v4 and I got a tower in said time. Also sometimes people will see you pushing a lane and a few of the enemies come down to you and your team takes advantage pushes or chases getting kills. Shaco needs to pay a lot of attention to his mini map because it’s your job to mop up people who stray too far, push lanes, help mop up team fights or sneak into team fights and take out a soft hero that is dangerous. Shaco is listed as a very high skill cap hero and that is no joke because he is among the hardest to use effectively. That said I find him very rewarding to play and a good Shaco can really turn the tide.