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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Shaco quick death

Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Jitb/Boxes = Jack in the Box, your W ability
FB = First blood
AD = Attack Damage
Shiv = Two-Shive activate
Clone = Hallucinate
Port/TP = Teleport
LoL = League of Legends

-Insane pusher
-Even dying gives benefits
-Annoying as hell
-Great champ killer
-Super sexy
-Effectivly reduce the number of players on the enemy team throughout the game, giving great possibilities for your team to push through.

-Hard to master
-Oracle kills some of the fun

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells:

Reasoning for my choice.

Well i chose smite because i mean what jungler does not need smite. Second the biggest issue among allot of Shaco players is the second summoner spell some love exhaust some love flash (why flash?) and some love ghost. I for one Love ghost. Ghost get you too them quicker so you can travel further in stealth mode encase your target is a ways away. second lets you stay on top of them even after they flash so there flash is almost useless. third if you want to force them to go one way run in front of there path place a jack in the box make them go were you want them too. Finally the escape i am a risky person with Shaco if i see some one one hit from death if i deceive i will i repeat will tower dive them. so ghost is a quick in and out so i don't die.

What you SHOULD have:

Smite - a spell you should never go without if you dont want it then go find a lanning guide.

Ghost - Great for escaping, great for getting quicker into lanes if they need help quick, great for chasing down enemies, take this if you are more fixated at getting kills!!! A fed shaco is an instance win. 20 minute surrender say what?

Exhaust - This spell is such a huge make or break early game that it aint even funny, with both a blind and specced armor reduce this gives you great gank opportunities early game, a spell that i love but just not enough.

Ignite - This is the spell I love to hate, 50% healing reduce, annoying puny dot, if you REALLY like ******* with your enemies mind, then choose this

What you CAN have, but not such a big deal early/late game:[/i]

Flash - A spell used by many, almost everyone has it, but when you have it built into your character it get's pretty useless compared to things you can have instead

Heal - A spell you might want to use in your first few matches as a Shaco, but its effect will diminish after a while and you will see that there are better things to go for, the heal is great, but with pots early game and lifesteal mid/late this will pretty much be useless.

Clairvoyance - A big deal for any premade, and also a big deal for you as a player, if you are one of those more defensive, layed back types that does not like ganking, choose this to keep ur jungle safe and you from enemy junglers.

Ignite - This is the spell I love to hate, 50% healing reduce, annoying puny dot, if you REALLY like ******* with your enemies mind, then choose this, in my opinion tho, if you can't get those last HP off him or he has something to counter that ignite well then it is wasted

Cleanse - Something to consider aswell if you really are having a hard time vs any stun heroes

What you should NOT have:

Teleport - umm ur jungleing enough said.
Revive - Just no.

Clarity - If you need this during your battle, then you are doing something wrong, consider picking up golem mid/late.

Fortify - Leave this spell to the support/tank.

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Chapter 3


Early game:
Buy BOOTS and 2 HP pots and run to get the golem buff along with killing the 2 lizards that are with him, by taking the 2 lizards you will level and get a good start, then head to wolfs, then to wraiths then red, and finally golems. if you have done this right then you can gank bot or top depending on were they were. if you dont have enough hp to gank then grab wraiths then wolves one more time. then go back to buy your boots of mobility with a mana potion and GANK A LANE!!!!! After ganking and maybe a FB if not gotten already. you will have extra gold so go jungle a little but allways watch lanes for help. and gank often dont jungle wolves wraiths and golems without ganking again thats bad. and grab your madreds quickly so you can farm faster. and get in lanes quicker.

Mid game:
By this time the game is starting to turn into a proper warzone, people group up, trying to get easy kills on unsuspecting enemies. excelent strategy for a shaco with ghost if there is and ashe no reason she should not die from you every time you see her in a lane. its free farm.

Late game:
this time in the game you should have won by now to a concede if not. then wow what a great game then. btu for your team fights because its allways about team fights. and getting towers you might not want to initiate or you will die. i recomend waiting for the fight to start then mid ways into the fight jump in with deceive hit some one then use hallucinate then start hitting some one if your about to die dont run with your character after you hallucinate run with your clone then deceive the other way as they will think your clone is you. if your not close to death then get those kills and push for game.

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more info

if you have anyquestions feel free to comment i will add more info as i feel up to it. im bored its shaco time.