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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheepyamon

Shaco - Shankin *****es since the Stoneage

Sheepyamon Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Hello everyone!
Im Sheepyamon and this is my second guide here on Mobafire.
During this guide i'll try to explain how i play Shaco, the Demon Jester
What items i get for him and just general control of this mad man with 2 butterknives he uses to shank *****es as the title suggests!

So without any further babbling lets get down to some acronymes i'll be using in this in-depth guide!

EG-Early Game
MG-Mid Game
LG-Late Game

Not to many i can be bothered using here, in all fairness ive read so many guides and people tend to use more times explaining what each acronym means rather than telling YOU, the player how to freaking play this char so i'll stick to those 3.. for now..

Start of with an Elixir +2Health Potions
Then aim to lane with someone who has either a slow, snare, root ability..
NO, i wont name them, you know which classes have them!

When you have found a suitable Laneing Partner, don't get to comfortable with him/her or It! You wont be laning after you hit level 6 in any case so no need to share Tea & Cookies with them.

DO NOT RECALL UNTIL YOU HAVE 1000k Gold for Boots of Mobility
Non-negotiable, with those you will be able to lanehump more than Anna Kournikova moans during 4hrs of tennis sessions!
Because you WILL lanehump running this guide!

Second Recall should be when you have enough for SotO
And then Shank-a-Hoe is on for real.

Now that we have gotten into an understanding you might see what im aiming for right?
It's your team sole duty to give you opportunities to Shank, because THAT is what will get you all your gold.

Mid Game is here, can i hear a woop woop?
If you played ur cards right now you should have the following items:
BoM, SotO, Brutalizer and you are starting to really tear ur *****es to pieces and are generally a pain in the *** towards the other team!

Before i go any further let's just get one thing straight, you do NOT buy Boots of Mobility to go back and fourth in a lane like someone going back and fourth on the concrete listening to The Used and mindlessly trying to sing like ur ballz have been eaten by a rabid bulldog!

So lets get back ontopic; Late Game is closing in rightabout when you should have Malady and nearly completed ur phantom Dancer which makes one thing very clear for YOU!

From here on out you DO NOT Initiate any team fights, cuz it will just end up by you dying ur team moaning and you are generally feeling like you got hit by a train moving at 90mph.. So now its time to play it smart, let your initiatior start the team fight, sneak arround the team and pick the easy target, generally someone with low armor so with ur Armor Pen you can hit them 3times and they will lay on the floor like a bulldozer have been running over them for 3hours, pop ur boy Toy (Hallucinate) Deceive away towards them and pick a new target, repeat until you are standing there with blood on ur hands and jesus calling out to you that you have been a very, very bad boy sir!

So alittle outro with some pointers towards playing Shaco!
He aint supposed to be a Laner, cuz his 2 knifes does f**k all towards ranged champions unless they try to towerdive you with 300hp then you can slap em in the face going
"OH DEAR WHY EVEN BOTHER" while you bluepill back cuz ur adrenaline is thru the roof!

You try to get the Lizard Buff all the time to make shankin easier.

You use Deceive as an initiator and try stabbing em in the back, why you ask?
Read about his passive man(or girl, depending what you have between ur legs)!

Talking about summoner Abilities?
Exhaust and Ignite and thats non-negotiable!
Those two are just to good to pass out on!

I wont bother writing about abilities you can use or can't use as its personal prefference imo, but i run with those two, 100% of the time playing this freak with 2knifes!

You should also check out my other guides:

And for a nice little ending, i know my guide might seem abit harsh to you, but it's a tough world we are living in, and for all names in this guide, i mean no disrespect or anything, and for my tiny bit of foul language, well that just fits this champion very well so i ran with it!

Hope you liked my guide, and constructive critizism is always welcome!