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Shaco Build Guide by theMysterieZ

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author theMysterieZ

Shaco-The Dominion Way to win

theMysterieZ Last updated on April 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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SO before I am starting i must say this is my first guide on mobafire and thats my way
of playing shaco in dominion. Leave a comment, so i can do better guids.
Please tell me what i can do better thx.

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-very strong skills
-nice cooldown
-nice to go downlane in dominion
-a good way to defense your own tower
-very cheap and good at the starting

-not the best attack after all
-very expensive in the lategame

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Summoner Spells


+Best Summoner spell in the game
+you can escape with this skill very easy :D

-you already have a escapespell Deceive.


+Good for Last hitting
-But not the best damage


+It slows your enemy
-you have already a slowdown spell


+Remove all Disables
+nice choise for Dominion


+Its a good starting heal
-A very less heal in lategame


+you can escape faster
+you can walk faster and thats really nice for dominion

All this summoners spells are good for domion but i prefer Flash and Ghost.
But you can choose the others too.

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Why use this Masteries on an AP-Shaco?


First i set the Points in Summoner's Wrath and Summoner's Insight , because they will make your Summoners spells much better.
I used so much Points in the Offensive Tree, because you want to Deal a lot Damage in Shaco.
BUT Why i used two Points in Butcher ? Because maybe you have to farm in the
starting and you can kill the Vasalls faster.
The other Masteries from the offensive tree like Sorcery , Mental Force , Blast and
Archmage are good to boost your damge in the starting of Dominion.
AND the one point in Archmage is just like a weaker Rabadon's Deathcap.
The One Point in Executioner is good for finishing your enemy when he has low health.

Now we go to the second Tree, the Defensive Tree.

Why no Point? Because you are a strong mage and spend the rest points better in the Utility Tree.

At last, the Utility Tree.
The only Point i have really to explain in this Tree is Swiftness .
Its good to have much more speed in Dominion to set up some Jack in the boxes around the map or to run behind an enemy or run from an enemy away.
The last Points i used in the Utility Tree will make your early game much easier.

A other way to set up the Masteries is like this :


Now we start with the Utility Tree.
Transmutation gives you a little bit spellvamp,not much but it's worth. Sage is just good in teamfight to get extra experience. Awareness : with that you will level up faster in Dominion. Intelligence gives you cooldown and thats good :D. Mastermind : That's an awesome Masterie because, it gives you cooldown on your summoner spells.

After we had this we go to the second Tree, the Defensive Tree.
So for that you can look on the first Masterie-Set Explanation.

The last is the Offensive Tree.

The Points in Mental Force , Sorcery and Arcane Knowledge will boost your starting at Dominion.

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Thats a really good ability.WHY???.
-Because you can escape very good with this skill
-you can jump over walls
-good skill for starting the battle
-its a second Flash, but with invisibility and bonus damage


This is your Mainability.WHY???.
-You can stack the boxes at a tower --- nice tower defense ability
-You can place it around the map and in bushes :D
-it will stun the enemy
-also a great escape skill
-you can use it as wards around the map :D


Knife-Throwing is a nice skill.WHY???
-it can slow the enemy
-nice cooldown ( like all the other skills :D )
-very strong skill


A clone of a Clown is AWESOME. No why, i will just tell the answer.

-In this guide your a Caster and this is a very very strong Ulti.
-nice to run away from the enemy
-nice to confuse the enemy
-douple shaco = double fun :D

skill order:

Hallucinate > Jack In The Box > Two-Shiv Poison > Deceive

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Why to use this runes?

the way i use my runes, you can also use your runes :D.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - this is very good versus tanks
Greater Mark of Mana - Bonus mana is nice for starting


Greater Seal of Armor - you will alive more verus Damage Dealer/nice for starting
Greater Seal of Replenishment - this is good when you play a little bit mana harrasiv

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - you will alive more versus casters/nice for starting
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction - nice cooldown, but you will have more with your items
Greater Glyph of Mana - Good when you a somebody who is mana harrasiv

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - you are a caster and bonus Ability doesn't damage you :D
Greater Quintessence of Health - a lot of health will help you at the starting

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Here are some offensive, defensive strategies and a special strategy for you.

Offensive Strategies

1.Strategy :

1.Place a Jack In The Box in front of your enemy.
2.Then jump over your enemy with Deceive.
3.When your enemy will be attacked by your Jack In The Box, you attack him from behind.
4.When he try to run away when you can slow him with Two-Shiv Poison.When he is still stronger as you when throw your Two-Shiv Poison to slow him and run away.

2.Strategy :

1.Make your clone with Hallucinate and let him run for opponents.
2.Place a Jack In The Box at your position.
3.When your clone died, the enemy will get a lot of damage and after that you run to enemy and throw your Two-Shiv Poison at him.
4.When he chases after you, when run to your box.
5.He will be scared by your box and get damage from this little box. Meanwhile you can jump over a wall with Deceive to escape.

Defensive Strategies


This is the most known defensive-strategy on shaco.
When somebody is much stronger than you, when you just have to jump over a wall with Deceive.


This is a little bit difficulter as the stratetgy before.
1.You have to use your Hallucinate to make your clone.
2.You have to stop moving then you have to move your clone into a bush.
3.The enemy will attack your clone :D.When you can jump over a wall to escape.

Special Tactic

This Tactic is often seen as Noob-Tactic.
I say thats false, because when your low health, the enemy will run after you and so he wont check the bush because he is to interested to kill you :D.
And sometimes you must be a really pro of confussion to lock the enemy into the bush.
So thats my reasons, why this isnt a noob Tactic.

The Video is from Mrc00sterDOTA.
Check his Youtube-Channel for other funny videos about LOL.
The pictures are from me (I am not the Best Drawer, so i picked uped some Pics from the internet and mixed it).

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+Nice health
+ Ability Power
+ Mana Regeneration


+SPEED for dominion must have

: or :

+more cooldown and more skills for you :D or +more Power for you casts

Both are great for dominion,choose your own.


+ its cheap
+ mana regneration
+ ability power


+Very very much ability power a MUST HAVE for every caster
+nothing more to say


+heavily slow (nice with knife throwing :D)
+ ability power
+ health
+you can alive much more


+Its cheap
+ability power
+magic penetration and tanks will cry for their lives :D

Other items you can choose sitional:


+It can block a spell+magic restist and other good stuff
+You should use it versus high casters


+only if you have the money
+you will be alive :D( nice bonus skill )


+Magic resits
+ Cleanse
+nice for a hard CC team


+Its cheap
+good stats for this prize

-bad at lategame


+you can need all the stats
-very expensive you should better take Morellos.


+nice spellvamp but not much enough for shaco :D
+ability power


+good stats
-BUT too expensive and not the best item on Magic-Shaco, so please dont take it on AP-Shaco


+Great stats
+very good bonus ability on AP-Shaco

-but you should only buy it in the Lategame because its to expensive in the Earlygame

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Why Ap-Shaco on Dominion and not AD?

The most people play Shaco on AD.
I must say that i do it to.
On 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 Classic Mod i like it better to play AD Shaco BUT only
as a Jungler. Why i play him as a jungler in classic ?
-Buffs and much more Money from the Jungle-Monsters.

In Dominion there is a AP-Shaco better.
-He has a better tower-defense:-High range cause of the Abilities
- Jack In The Box as a helper to defense Towers
-The Items as AP dont cost so much as AD.

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Money in Dominion

Now after i tell you something about the items, you will ask me why i so often say its good that this item cost not much.
For the most people Dominion is a mode were you can buy the expensive equipment.
I say thats false.
Because you can get awesome items like Quicksilver Sash or Void Staff.

The Point is :

-You spend less money to your equipment and so you are stronger in the start!
-Dominion is not a long gaming-mode, so its good to be good at the starting :D
-you have three items before your enemy has one

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Warding in Dominion

Here is a little help for Warding with your Jack In The Box.

How to Ward right:
1. -Do it at the Speedfields: Because the enemys will not have the speed so long after the Fear of the Boxes.
2. -Do it in Bushes: Because an enemy could be hidden at a bush.
3. -Place them around your towers to defense them against enemys
4. -Do it around the Map to see where the enemy team is walking

AND when someone other is warding when you should say to him that he shall ward the map BUT
you must ward the Speedfields and the Bushes.He can ward the complete Map when he is or .

So you can Ward around the Map (with your Jack In The Box) :

And so you can set your Jack In The Box at an Tower :

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Thanks for reading.
Please write a comment, so i will make better guides at the future :D .