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Shaco Build Guide by Ashaman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ashaman

Shaco, The Jester of Madness

Ashaman Last updated on February 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 22

Honor Guard

Defense: 8

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hey everyone, first build I'll be posting on MobaFire. I notice most people ask to be nice about their comments but if there is an issue then hell, pick at me. That's how the guide gets better. But understand I will defend certain aspects until you request a 1700's duel capeesh!?

First I would very much like for people to understand this is JUNGLING guide, geared towards ruining the life of the enemy early in the game, thus giving you BLISSFUL joy in slaughtering your enemies in the lanes late game.

This is not a jungling guide geared towards assisting team carries, this is a guide to help you BECOME the carry. That means YOU take the kills, idc how much damage the other guy did, a carry shaco is most likely far scarier than them.

With that said,


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Runes, Runes, RUNES!!!

Personally how I like to build runes for this particular champion is Armor Pen Reds, MP/5 yellows, flat cd reduction blues and armor pen quints.

Why? Well considering the obvious fact that this is and AD guide, shaco is mana hungry ***** when not supplied with blue buff and his cd's are relatively long for and AD champion, I couldn't imagine why.

But seriously, with about 25 armor pen from the very get go of the game that means your shiv and deceive damage will tear apart your squishes added with your havoc's 1.5%, your passive's 20% increased dmg from behind, that sounds like easy ganking to me doesn't it?

Not to mention (again) after blue buff wears off you'll not have to worry about mana so much with the increased mana regeneration.

If you can manage your mana unlike me, you can drop my yellows for flat armor to make early ganking and jungling a bit easier, but I find a wriggles solves all early problems quite soundly.

Blues can be replaced by MR too if if you find AP to be a consistent problem, but you will be have to suffer the wrath of dying because deceive or your JITB(jack in the box) wasn't ready on time.

I don't know why you'd bother to change the reds. Attack speed maybe but I find there to be much more effective damage output from the additional armor pen.

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Masteries..... xD

The masteries seem pretty self explanatory, but I'll go through them just so you nitpickers can lay the F*** off.

Why 22/8/0 instead of something more appropriate like 21/0/9?

Its pretty simple really, as I said earlier, this guide is meant to make you a carry. What do carries do?
You grab your standard Brute Force, Alacrity and Weapon Expertise for the obvious reasons. But why the Sorcery if not Arcane Knowledge?
This is easy to explain, or reexplain.. whatever.
Short Version:
Shaco has long cd's, lots of flat cds from the start are good. Story over.

Now lets move on.

Next I like to drop 8 points into Deadliness, Havoc and Lethality. That extra damage in both auto attacks and crits will play a nice role in your game when stacked with the burst of a deceive and shiv working together.

Lastly you put your point in Executioner. Even though that 6% might not seem like a whole lot but think about it in the sense that your in a 1v1, you beat each other's hp's down to only a couple bars, that 6% might make or break your chances of survival.

Now for the controversial part, why 8 points into the Defense tree instead of Utility?
Well I already dropped 22 into Offense for all that extra damage output, what could I possibly get out of the Utility tree with only 8 points? Extra mana and regen? I already have my yellows for that.

I like having those 6 points of Defense in armor and MR for the added early tankiness without sacrificing my yellows and the health regen from Vigor is just a nice top off for the damage dealt by early game jungle.

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Items Dx

I always feel like this is a pointless part of the guide, the pictures of above I feel are rather self-explanatory, but I digress... I will entertain you, my monkeys, if only to appease your cymbal crashes.

Early Game:
Start with boots and 3 pots, makes maneuvering in the jungle easy and keeps you alive.

Grab a Madred's Razor as early as possible, gives some much needed armor and attack as well as a nice passive to make jungling a breeze.

After that grab boots of mobility and make yourself on the constant move to gank.

After this I personally suggest finishing your madreds to a wriggle's lantern, this will give some nice life steal, make dragon cake and give you a ward to start your domination of the enemy jungler.

Grab the triforce reagents in this order preferably
Sheen -->
Phage --> TRIFORCE:
Zeal -->

Triforce is a wonderful item on Shaco, gives him burst-like feel while still being able to easily sustain constant damage. All-round a key item to any Shaco's success.

At this point in the game you won't really by jungling, save to grab that red buff here and there and the occasional camp between lanes.

Thats when you bring out the big guns.

This is where I feel like you can where ever it is necessary.

All these items I believe are fine to add to the build.

Infinity Edge
Bloodthirster/Mardred's Bloodrazor (replace with Wriggle's)
Black Cleaver
Guardian Angel
Banshee's Veil
Atmog's Impaler (both warmogs and atma's impaler)
THE ATMAMMER (frozen mallet and atma's impaler) ;)

All these items are a great addition to shaco and it really depends on how you like it done or what kind of team your up against.

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Skill Sequence and Summoner Spells <|>__<|>

The Skill Sequence is at the top, if you need me to explain why then watch a video on jungle shaco, it'll be pretty simple to understand, and perhaps the audio will ease the transparency of the WHY.

Summoner Spells are, as always, maliable, but I like to have Exhaust over anything else, it makes those fellow AD carries nothing but putty and makes early ganks that much easier.

If you even bother asking about smite... *sigh* I'm afraid a contract will soon be out for your head my friend.

If you'd like you can substitute Exhaust with Flash in case you like using it for that double flash escape and/or kill secure, though I find it is a bit excessive.
I feel the same about Ghost.
Ignite is always a viable spell for the kill secure, but I feel it would only be useful against a champion capable of high life steal (i.e. sion, fed tryndamere) or high heals (i.e. ap soraka/taric).
Cleanse is completely useful incase you share a rage with everyone in the game about CC locks and are looking for a reprieve from them.

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Jungling/Counter Jungling

Now we're to the point I want to talk about. There are, of course, two ways to play shaco in the jungle. Either as a straight jungle. Do your runs, grab your buffs, gank some lanes. Wash and repeat, yeah we get it. Same old same old. But, it works very well so I'm not gonna knock it. If you feel like doing that then by all means do it. You'll probably do fine.

Regular Jungle Routes:

<-:Red Route:->
Start at Red and wait till the 1:30 mark on the timer. Drop 3 boxes behind where the Red Lizard spawn and wait.
Engage and smite the Lizard at 430, kill the little ones. (remember to grab deceive).
Make your way to the wraiths but not until you check either Top or middle for gank opportunities. If you can gank, do it, check your hp's after the gank and weigh the chances of surviving wraiths, either way do them.
Move on to wolves, then start setting up boxes in the blue bush if your under 300 hps, but if above, go ahead and drop a box on him and deceive strike him, ending with a smite.
Recall, buy madreds and boots of mobility if you got the gold.
By this time you should have a gank and level 4-5 in your hands and its not even 7 minutes.

<-:Blue Route:->
Not to different from the Red Route, but better at keeping mana up for ganks and/or time in the jungle.

Same thing, drop 3 boxes on the golem and smite him at 430 to finish him. (grab deceive)
Move on to wolves and finish them.
Check Top, then mid, then bot for gank chances, gank if you can and move on to wraiths.
Back if your too low, but if not, drop 3 boxes in the bushes near red buff and proceed to claim your prize.
Recall, buy madreds and/or boots of mobility if you got the gold.
Same as Red, you should be at level 4-5.


This is what I consider to be the fun part about playing jungle shaco, ruining the other jungle's life. Wanna know why its so awesome? Because you get a free buff, early kill exp and easy gold.

Run to the opposing jungle and lay in wait in the bushes just next to their wraith camp. at exactly 1:45 begin laying boxes in the bush. By about 2:30-2:45 the jungle will be passing through the bushes, you'll want to hit them with your exhaust and try and keep them within your boxes' range for as long as possible.
*hint: this is more viable with AP shaco, but I've had equal success with AD shacs*

At this point your return to your jungle, grab blue buff by stacking boxes in the bush nearby and recall, buy cloth armor.

Do a Red Route and gank between either double golems or wraiths.

Go home, grab madreds and boots of mobility if you got a couple successful ganks.

Go back into the opposing jungle, steal what camps.
*if its a strong ganking jungler, you might even want to box Red Buff and gank again their*

Recall, grab a sapphire crystal (or boots of mobility if you didn't before).