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League of Legends Build Guide Author Red Rain

Shaco-The King of Fools

Red Rain Last updated on January 18, 2011
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Shaco-The King of Fools

I figured I would submit my Shaco build because a couple of people have asked me before how I build and play Shaco well. I have a good amount of experience, I've destroyed teams with him and I've also taken a beating with him to so I've been on both sides of the fence. This guide has a AD shaco build and also recently added hybrid build that I've been playing with and has been working out nicely in my last few games.

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Here are a few guidelines I follow when I play Shaco
1.Play with yourself in mind
Now I'm not stating that you should screw your team and do it by yourself, kill steal and etc. I'm basically stating that with Shaco you need to find when the opportunity is golden(your not as tough as Rammus XD) for you to step in on team fights and on ganks. Don't jump into the line of fire only to die with a teammate who is getting ganked.
Ex: If there are two-three heroes attacking a teammate and there is no real potential kill or method of helping them escape the situation don't jump in the fight only to feed the enemy more. You need to just walk away and cut your loses(As ****ty as that may sound).

2.Always create an escape or setup
The AD Shaco build I always get at least one jitb even if I'm not going to use them to damage the enemy. The reason why is I use the fear of that box to escape or turn the tables on the enemy. So always plant one or maybe 2 in a route you may take to duck out of a fight and let the boxes delay the enemy chasing you. The second and a half the box gives you can mean the difference between life and death. Or if you want to turn the table run your escape route and deceive right at the box but deceive behind the enemy as soon as they trigger the box jump them from behind. For the hybrid build I grab a few more jitb levels then the AD build because they are more potent since I'm grabbing some AP.

3.Patience is key
This refers more to team fights, just wait before making your appearance. If you are up against an Aoe team or you are prime target number one let your team fight a 4v5. Set up your escape then when its safe to jump in or they're carries are weak or they're abilities are on CD strike them hard and fast and leave none standing(always kill the squishes first) remember: if your in bad shape after getting into the team fight run your escape or lead them to your trap.

4.Be as unpredictable as you can be!
I've fought many Shaco's and many of them are real easy to read. They will decieve through a wall or up ahead to make they're escape, try to lead you in the bush where obviously there are a bunch of jitb. When you play Shaco mix it up a bit and do stuff many people may not expect. Deceive backwards, deceive in the same spot you were standing and let the enemy chase ghosts, or my favorite run at a wall and deceive in front of it instead of going over and let them waste flash or ghost. Wanna lead them to a cluster of jitbs then plant them in areas they may not expect it like at crossroads or in front of baron/dragon or even behind you in a lane for stealth enemies. Use your clone not only to kill an enemy but as a decoy. Ex: pretend its farming creeps in enemy territory, control it from the shadows and make it look like its you and then when they go to jump it make it look like your running, then strike when they think they have the upper hand.

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Summoner Spells

I usually choose exhaust and ignite for the following reasons:

Exhaust: Combined with the mastery point low armor plus .5 sec more time. So with a deceive and backstab you can chunk away health quite nicely especially early game. Also can help with an ambush or escape.

Ignite: Insurance for early game kills. Also good to have late game to in case you can't quite finish the job.

Other Good Summoner Skills

Clarity: If you are going AP Shaco or piss through mana and find that pots are not helping you much. With the hybrid build once I get sheen mana never really becomes an issue so clarity is kind of useless for this type of build.

Flash: If you want to deceive in and escape with flash. I used to use this when i first played Shaco but as I got better I replaced it with some thing more useful.

Teleport: If you want to lane hop a lot or if you know you are going to make frequent trips to your well then you can use teleport to make sure you lose very little exp.

Smite: If you are going jungle Shaco.

Ghost: Wanna run fast to catch up or escape this is a solid skill you can also invest in.

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The runes I have chosen are the same for both builds. The reason why I run with Arpen and Crit chance is because it allows deceive combined with backstab to hit hard and gives me a chance to crit frequently. Also early game I love these runes because they make early game kills a lot easier to get and casters can be killed in just a few shots. Also with a good lane partner taking down tanks should be easy early game.

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(AD Build) Items

This item build is the AD build I run with 80% of the time there are certain factors that may change my build style or priority.

I get blade of the occult because I'm a fan of ganking with Shaco and the payoff is nice if your doing great for kills. As a beginner I never picked it up because there was to much risk of it being a pointless item but as my gameplay refined I started using it and it produced some nice results. If the Enemy team is running a meaty team i usually sub it out for Youmuu's Ghostblade and will start of with a Regrowth Pendant or Doran's Shield.

If you don't want to use the blade of occult some items I can suggest in its place are: Youmuu's Ghostblade or last whisper then late game you can sell the one you pick for Madred's Bloodrazors or Bloodthirster (When you complete the rest of the build).

Then I grab boots, if I'm not taking much damage and don't recall much I grab Berserker's Greaves. If I am taking damage I will grab emblem of valor before Berserker's Greaves.

Then I go for Zeal for some more crit, dodge and movement speed, finish Stark's Fervor, then make The Black Cleaver. If money is coming in good and killing the enemy is going well then i will build Phantom Dancer before Infinite Edge. If I'm lacking damage then I grab Infinite Edge first.

Some games depending on how the game is playing out I may drop The Black Cleaver for Madred's Bloodrazors and/or Stark's Fervor for Bloodthirster. It really depends how the game is playing out.

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Gameplay (AD Build)

Level 1-6
In the early game take up a lane with a character that can put out some damage. Also buy a long sword and health pot to start your Blade of the Occult. It will make ganking a bit harder because you will be squishy and don't have much in terms of health regen so play conservative when attacking creeps and or heroes. Basically harass the enemy with your lane partner to wear them down. When they hit half health that's when you want to strike. Exhaust them, then deceive and take them down with the help of your partner it should be easy pickings but try not to attack alone unless you can guaranty a kill and possible escape. Continue this trend till level six.

Level 6-12
Depending on how well your early game has gone you should have some stacks on your Blade of the Occult. At this point in the game you want to run the jungle a bit for more cash but not only that you want to scan the lanes for ganking opportunities. Coordinate with team mates your target and how to take them down. At this point your decieve should be pretty power full so make sure to land a hit when you make an entrance. Don't risk tower diving unless you have the health to get a quick kill and to escape. Maintaining those stacks is crucial.

Level 13-18
If your doing well and picking the right fights you should be fed and power full with your stacks. At this point help your team gank and push lanes also hunt down people on the enemy team who stray to far from the rest of the team. Set up jitb in different areas to create escapes and use the clone as a scout for unsafe areas like baron because you don't want to risk loosing your stacks. Also in team fights wait behind the scenes for your opportunity to clean up the enemy teams carries.

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(Hybrid Build) Items

This hybrid build is something I've just been messing around with for the last week or so. It is still being worked on and improved. This build is some thing I use to make Shaco effective up close but also from a distance. His two-shiv and clone ability pack a solid punch with this build and the last couple games I've played with this build has scored me some nice kills.

I start the game off with Doran's Shield for the purpose of having extra health and armor to make me more durable. Also I buy a health pot with the left over cash.

Then next I buy Sheen for the AP for two-shiv and clone and the unique passive for deceive.

Grab Berserker's Greaves next for the extra attack speed. This is a good item to have especially late game when you get more AD items.

After the boots I purchase Bilgewater Cutlass for the life steal and also adds extra game and gives you a slow for your enemies which can help if two-shiv is on cs.

Then once you have these items complete Trinity Force by buying Phage and Zeal. At this point you should be doing well for kills so money should not really be an issue. If your starved for cash then jungle a bit and farm if ganking isn't working.

After Trinity Force finish your Hextech Gunblade which will again give you an extra slow but not only that you get great AD, AP and life steal.

Once This is complete grab an Infinity Edge and a Bloodthirster. Then replace the Doran's Shield for Zhonya's Hour Glass. Now the reason why I pick this up is because you get some armor which is nice because you are squishy, great AP and the stasis is nice to have if you get caught in the middle of a team fight and the Aoe attacks are about to go off or casters are about to nuke you. By the time the stasis comes off you should hopefully have or just about have deceive up to GTFO of dodge or kill people.

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Gameplay (Hybrid Build)

Level 1-6
In the early game take up a lane with a character that can put out some damage. It will make ganking a lot simpler. Basically harass the enemy with your lane partner to wear them down. When they hit half health that's when you want to strike. Exhaust them and then deceive and take them down. With the help of your partner it should be easy pickings alone you should also be good for the kill but you may have a close call depending on who is in your lane. Continue this trend till level six.

Level 6-12
Depending on how well your early game has gone you should have Sheen and Berserker's Greaves. If you got fed you will probably have or just about completed your Bilgewater Cutlass. At this point in the game you want to run the jungle a bit for more cash but not only that you want to scan the lanes for ganking opportunities. With this build you can use the clone as a decoy to fight with your team mate currently in the lane to wear the enemy out while you wait in the bushes parallel to the lane. If your team mate cannot help finish the kill or the clone is about to die try to explode it near the enemy. If it kills the enemy excellent you don't need to dirty your hands, if it brings him low enough then deceive through the wall and strike as they try to recall or hug the tower. It should be a two shot at most (if you need to throw two-shiv at them to land the kill) then GTFO of dodge before the tower kills you. Doing this should score you some good loot and put fear into your enemy :).

Level 13-18
You will and should probably be fed at this point so help your team gank and push. Set up jitb in different areas to ambush your enemies and use the clone to scout unsafe areas like baron(because they will probably be gunning for you) or to fight the enemy while you wait in the shadows to land the killing blow. With the combination of AD and AP the clone should attack pretty hard and when he explodes cause a significant amount of Aoe damage. It will probably kill or wound the enemy enough for you or your team to clean up.

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Well this is my build and a bit of my strategy its been nice to share my play style with the LoL community. Feel free to comment or ask questions, anything constructive is always welcome.