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Shaco Build Guide by snagari

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author snagari

Shaco, the NUTS AD

snagari Last updated on October 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi you, who ever is reading this. This is my first guide, so please tell me something i need to know.

So everything started from one day, when i just decided to buy Shaco. After that i came here to check if here would be any good guides for Shaco. I tried some AP out, but they just didn't seem to work properly. At least, not with my playing style :P. So I decided to try my own, and it has been success. So lady's and gentleman i present to you: Mr. Shaco!

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About the runes...
Greater Quint of Desolation: chose to play 3 of these, well of course. Armor penetration is quite important thing to Shaco after all
: more crit = more dmg = more kills
: dodging is fun and pretty useful also to get away

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I think that i don't have to explain this too much. So 21 points in offense. Wanted some more damage and attack speed but also wanted to spam my spells with sorcery. And of course the magic penetration is good when you have that Two-Shiv Poison.

Also i wanted that 9 points defense, cause Shaco is easily killed, so i wanted to make him dodge more and take a little less damage from spells.

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Ah, my favorite part of guides :P
Ok, so 1st thing to do is to get the . Its good for the beginning, cause you have enough damage at the start of the game.
2nd thing to buy is usually the boots. If you think you are fast enough without , just buy normal boots and go straight to Sheen. is still the best boots you can get for Shaco, so get them at least after Shen.
3rd thing is (surprise surprise). Sheen is THE item for Shaco. Well of course, when you have high damage, you just use your Deceive to get behind your opponent and after that DOUBLE DAMAGE! Get's you more kills than anything i have seen.

Okay, so next one is bigger deal. To get , first buy . After that the other two in any order. This item is really good against tanks and also gives you attack speed and damage.

So, the next one will be . Before this, i was little bit confused, cause it had 2 unique passive abilities, but now that i have put some mind to it, this item is awesome. I still prefer getting Madred's Bloodrazor before this.

Next is . I would like to say it's also last one, but sometimes you have to buy something else. Anyway, when you are starting to buy Hextech, the game has already been like 45 minutes long. And allways, ALLWAYS, buy that Bilgewater Blade before Revolver. It's awesome to slow more, gives some extra damage, and what on earth would you do with your spellwamp anyway?

If the game still continues, you can sell your shield to buy something more relevant, like . I have never had to end that build thou :)

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Skill Sequence

1st take . You will need it to get away, but also if you gank someone, its easy to just jump to them with that. After that you don't need to level that skill before level 8. Just reducing the cost and giving you puny dmg bonus ain't relevant.
2nd is also easy call, cause you will need that . It deals HUGE amounts of damage and also slows opponent. Just level it up from 4 level till its maxed. (exception at level 6)
3rd take . I think its weakest spells of his spells, but its necessary for creeping, but even more, to prevent someone ganking you. Just place in some nearby bush and wait. If someone shows up, you will be alerted. Also using it to farm is useful. But i really wouldn't level it up.
And of course, 6th, 11th, and 16th level, . It's awesome to kill someone behind their own tower, and it can also be used to get away. Opponents will be confused at first, which gives you time to escape.

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Summoner Spells

: When Deceive just ain't enough :P
: I use it to prevent some nasty healing and dealing the lethal blow.

: Gives you good movement bonus. Works quite well, but i like to trick with flash :D

Things i dislike:
Everything else.

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Team Work

Shaco is known as a "not-so-good-teamworker", but that ain't quite correct. Shaco can be also played pretty supportive especially in helping people to gank someone. He can also defend the towers pretty well with Jack In The Box and Hallucinate.

Oh yeah, and if you get your team to give you a mana or dmg buff, you automatically evolve to killing machine. I prefer the mana build, cause spamming your box is exhausting mana quite fast.

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So it has came down to summary, eh? Well i have never played ranked, so hard to say anything about it. I hope this will help you, guys. Also, if you want to ask something, suggest something, please do so.

I wish you good games and good (s)laugthers with Shaco.
Over and out.