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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Shaco the splitpush jester!

Last updated on February 18, 2014
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So I see that shaco is free this week, and I have had so many bad shacos on my team, so im doing this quick guide on how to play him, and even some mechanics. I have mained Shaco for 1 year, level 10-Gold 2 and i know im not the best, but i am pretty good with this champion so feel free to tell me if this build is good or not, and also, this is my very first guide.

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Pros / Cons

Has a great clear time
Best counter jungler in the game
Best escape in the game
Best splitpusher in the game
Best early game in the game
Easy to juke

Falls of late game
Not strong teamfighting
VERY hard to master
Rely on red/blue

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Some jungle matchups

Maokai 1/10
This is really easy, just counter jungle and make use of his slow clear time.

Dr.Mundo 5/10
This can be hard because mundo is so tanky in the early jungle phase and he starts red, which make it harder to counter jungle.

Lee Sin VERY HARD/10
You really shiould not pick Shaco vs Lee Sin Just because if you get cought by his Q you are as good as dead (if you dont have red buff). Also he can make you visible by using his E and Q.

Shyvana 3/10
Not so hard, she has a great clear time but is very weak early.

Elise ½/10
You really should not lose vs this matchup, just bait her in one of your boxes and she is dead.

Amumu 1/10
Very easy, he is weak pre 6 so make use of his low damage.

Vi 8/10
Very hard jungle match up, she is really strong, and has more cc so you should really be carefull when you play against Vi.

Jax 4/10
He needs farm to be usefull, so who the hell jungle jax?

Master Yi 3/10
Weaker version of you, except for late game, then he takes a **** on you.

Tryndamere 5/10
No ulty=he is dead
With ulty=you are dead

Kha'Zix 7/10
Very strong assasin, you should be carefull vs him, you out damage him till level 6

Rengar 8/10
Same as Kha'Zix but he can see you while you are invisible.

Nasus 2/10
No q stacks, no damage.

Rammus 7/10
Too tanky, you just cant 1v1 him.

Jarvan 4/10
Not that easy, but not that hard, he wont be able to do much to you unless Q is on cooldown for you.

Xin Zhao 3/10
Shaco is one of the few who can 1v1 Xin Zhao early.

Pantheon 7/10
Hard Match up, but still, wait for him to do a misstake so he has no passive, and you will win.

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Tips and Tricks

*Whenever you wanna start a fight Q and ulty because it will look like you appeared again while you are stealth.


*Don't go Shaco ranked unless you have played him for a long time.

*Don't go ap Shaco

*Always try to strike from behind on the enemy apc or adc.

*Always get the dragon when you hit level 7.

*If you are far behind, just go tank because you are not gonna be usefull anymore if not.

*Always Q at the direction that is unexpected.

*Whenever you kill a target, get out till your Q is back of cooldown, and go in on the next target.

*Shaco aint good at teamfighting so you should really splitpush as much as possible.

*Always start the same buff as your opponent.

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Social Media

I do Livestream when i play shaco sometimes, but that doesnt happen very often, but here is the link.

Here is my twitter

If you would like to watch someone play shaco you should really follow me on twitter and twitch, just so you know when i do stream.

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Why you should play shaco

If you wanna be that guy who keeps killing people after people and escape no problem or if you just simply want to troll you opponents jungler, then Shaco is the champ for you.
I can't guarentee that you will be fed every game, but with practice, you will be a good shaco.

If you like to teamfight alot, then Shaco isn't you type of champion, you should go with Vi or something I really don't know.
Well thats all for this guide, please leave a like and good luck! :D

~Coolkidd EuW