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Shaco Build Guide by El_barto

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author El_barto

Shaco : You can't fight what you can't see! (3v3 AD build)

El_barto Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Some tips that I've experienced...

Ok first, it's important to gadge your game. If the ennemi is agressive in early game, deceive is you'r best friend... Step out of the battle and hug the tower until you can get some levels. Don't feed him, it's the worst thing you can do! Don't be the hero, Shaco is a stealthy backstaber, so if you'r ennemi is bright, he won't let you harrass him.

Next would be to stack your JIB (Jack in the box) in the same bush. In early game, there is not a lot of heroes who can thank 3 or 4 Jacks. If you can be with your boxes, you'll probably get the kill easy. Sometime, it grant the First blood witch is always good in itself. And if you plan to run out from battle, JIB is a good decoy and it provides you some precious seconds to run away. And if you're lucky, you'll get an easy kill with it.In mid game, use your boxes to prevent ganks. Put them in the bushes where you'r ennemi usually come out from to gank you. Everyone have his favorite way to gank so try to block them and put your boxes/wards in their favorite bushes. Even if it don't kill them or damage them a lot, it gives you a second to react. They are like free wards all game long!

Then I suggest you to really use you'r deceive to jump walls. It's a super way to gank or surprise your ennemies. On the top line, you can jump trough the wall directely on the bush so they have no idea you are there good way to gank... Or escape! Shaco can be really hard to run after with his boxes everywhere, his throwing knife that slows, his deceive that get him invisible and make him jump trought walls and his ult that create a good decoy.

By lvl 9-10 with one or two boxes, you can easily take out the dragon, giving you an advantage. you can get it even earlyer with a teemate and your ult. When it happend, I like to leave a JIB where was the dragon so when the ennemies come to get it, they have a little surpirse! Lol!

One of the best way to use your ult is by deceiving, while you're invisible, ult so 2 shacos appears in your ennemi face, they are always confused when it happends. What gives you away, most of the time it's when you start to run after them and uses your spells. After that they know witch one is the real but still, it's some extra damage that you deal to them with your clone. Your clone is usefull to take on towers too.

Now the Two-shives, I suggest you to use it to harras your opponent in early game, and in end-game use them to get the kill. You crits will lower him like hells and when he starts to run away, throw your knife. If it don't kills it, it'll slow it and you will be able to finish the kill.

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Now the Items...
The first item I pick is my boots, things that you sell out later on is not worth it I think and speed is alway good for ganks or to get out of a fight. With all the items that boost your speed, at the end of the game, you'll be a really fast clown! Upgrade it ASAP in Berserker's.

With the little attack speed you got with your Berserker, and if you want to stay longer in the lane without having to run at your base every second, life steal is a good idea and the lantern gives you a free ward every 3 min so it's good to control the map. Plus, the lantern gives defence and a lot of other usefull things. It's a really good item for its low price.

Now we want to attack REAL FAST and to Land crit on our attacks... Start de build of your Triniti Force with the zeal, witch is pretty much only attack speed and crit. Then the Phage and at the end, the Sheen and now you have you're bad *** Trinity Force!

Next, Life steal again just to ensure your livability and the Executioner gives crit, always nice!

Infinite Edge is a must if you're a Crit dealer, but it's hard to get it because of his price. It's rare to have enough time to buy it but if you do, enjoy it!

If, by miracle, you can get the Infinite Edge, Phantom Dancer is just good for Attack speed, Movement ant Crit so, a good conclusion for this build!

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In conlcusion, be stealthy, gank your opponents, DON'T FEED! In early game, shaco is really killable with his low health and def so don't be a hero, be a backstabber. Remember, you can't fight what you can't see so hide, put your boxes everywhere to get an advantage on the bushes, harras with your knives and Whenever you have the chance, use your clone to confuse your ennemi.

With this build, I've won a lot of games and it's not rare that I finish with 13-14-15 kills out of 20-25... With your easy escapes, you don't get killed a lot so you have pretty decent stats at the end.

One last thing, Shaco is a killing clown, it's pretty funny I think so be a good funny player. A good player is a good winner (don't be a total douch with your ennemies) because loosing is not funny and don't make it worst. And be a good looser too. Nobody can win 100% of his fights and don't rage on your parteners if they got killed, try to give him advices instead and don't insult the ennemi just because he's winning. It's only a game and raging or hating ruins the experience.

Vote up or down, but if you vote down, please tell me why, it can only be constructive.