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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gemotrical

Shadow Jungler *UPDATED*

Gemotrical Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Shadow Jungler

Alright, so this is my first build allow me to be quick.
I just figured people would want a decent build for Jungle Nocturne.
I've been playing him nonstop & have had very successful games using this build, so I thought I would share it all with you guys.

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Pretty straight forward.
Armor Pen Reds : Great attack bonus
Defense Yellows : Helps with the jungling at a low level.
Cooldown blues : helps with your long ult cooldowns & allows you to have more success ganking people.

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Skills & why

Passive - hits enemies around you for 120% damage & heals you. ( Happens every 10 seconds. )
Q - A straight throw that leaves a shadows behind. Shadows buff you for damage & speed. The initial throw will damage anyone it hits & leave shadows following the target for a while.
W - Passive bonus attack speed. Spell block, if you block a spell you get 2x your passive bonus.
E - DoT with a fear at the end of it.
Ult - blocks enemies ally vision and allows you to dash in from long ranges dealing heavy damage.

Start with Q and head to wolves, why not W for the attack bonus? Because Q's damage bursts is much better at killing minions than the speed bonus will.

W is next at the ghosts, you do not use W though. You only get it for it's passive bonus of 20% attack speed. ( Also you should be using your smite to kill the big ghost. ) Use it to block enemy spells, or when you enter dangerous grass areas.

You want to prioritize Q > E > W when it comes to setting your skills.

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Farming & Ganking.

You ideally want to start every fight with Q ( Unless you have your ult )

it's very situational but ideally you want to do Q > Auto attack > E > auto attack, auto attack, Re-align yourself for the next Q shot and repeat.

If you are Ganking with Ult though. I personally do Ult > E > Auto attack > Q > auto attack > auto attack > auto attack.

If You ever go into a lane, shoot out your Q & just auto attack the lane, they should all drop dead quickly due to your passive

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Jungle Path

If enemy has no jungler.

Wolves > Ghosts ( Pop Smite here ) > Golems > Enemy wolves > *Use ghost* > your wolves > Enemy ghosts (Pop smite) > Enemy Golems.

You should have about 750 gold. Go back to town & get your madreds razors. If a lane needs help, go help. If not run to Wolves, they will spawn within 5 seconds of being there Repeat then go get the blue buff, enjoy your ganking.

If they do have a jungler.

Wolves > Ghosts ( Pop Smite here ) > Golems > Red Buff Minions ( Be careful, use ghost to get out ) > Blue Buff Minions > Wolves > Ghosts > Golems (Pop Smite). Go back to town get your stuff & get both buffs. Enjoy your gank.

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You should be getting dragon at around lvl 7-8 once you have your wriggly's. Keep track of dragon times.

Use your ult to confuse enemies taking advantage of a lane.
Even if you're not close enough to gank, most of the time the black screen will make almost every champion panic and retreat from a turret. Especially because of how strong you will be.
Use it strategically to save allied champions!

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Late game

Gain buffs & farm hard. Whenever the team engages or needs help at turrets you ult in and own them. Make sure to use your Q to take down turrets.

Make sure you use wards! The more you can see, the more effective this character is. He is everywhere at once.

Your point is to essentially, get in, take one out. Get out heal up and repeat.
Eventually you'll become strong enough to go from one to the next with ease.