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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Last updated on July 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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An AP Shaco build that allows you to apply a LOT of pressure early game (usually resulting in kills), and outright murder towards the end game. This build requires you to be sneaky, devious and outsmart your opponent at every turn so it's not for newer players. It also helps if you pick up the blue golems on BOTH sides of the field whenever they appear.

Early game: Purchase a Sapphire Crystal and 2 healing potions. Hit ghost and run to the blue golem spawning area. Start placing JITBs at the very back of the cove where the golem will spawn, such that he will spawn just in front of them. The reason to do this is three fold.

  1. If enemies attempt to mess with you before minions spawn, they're less likely to set off your JITBs.
  2. When the golem does spawn, he will turn his back to you, allowing you to attack him in the back and get your passive bonus damage.
  3. If the enemy messes with you AFTER the golem spawns, you still have a chance to pick up the buff if you throw your ignite on it.

Once you have your golem buff and are level 2, take deceive and run to your lane. Using deceive and JITBs, you can now constantly be pressuring the enemy. You also have an opportunity to reach level 3 before they ding level 2 if you can keep them back from your minions. Whether they're level 1 or 2, as soon as you hit 3 and get your two-shiv poison, you should be able to take out any enemy that's light on hit points by:
  1. Deceive behind them or near them.
  2. Place a jitb on their path of escape or directly behind them.
  3. Hit them in the back for bonus damage.
  4. Two shiv poison in the back.
  5. Keep attacking as they run into your jitb.
  6. If they have a lot of hp after step 4, ignite.

If they're still alive they either have healing or you have a slacker teammate who isn't helping.

Either way, by level 3, assuming you are alive and the game is still even or going your way, you should get Sheen. If anyone escaped before, they won't after this. Thereafter, your build will depend upon the situation.

If things are going very well, you're killing people, your towers are up, build the Lich Bane first, then MP Boots, Then Rylai's starting with the Giant's Belt.

If things aren't going so well, your team is losing a tower here and there, get level 1 boots and a Giant's belt ASAP. The boots will keep you just out of range of most characters with a stun or snare so you can deceive away to safety, and the belt will keep you alive long enough for a second deceive when trying to escape.

For the late game you have a lot of choices.

If your team is doing well and you just need more DPS and a way to get out of stun/mass damage situations, Zhonya's ring is next.

If your team is doing okay but you can't bust through their towers because they're playing a super defensive game, get Infinity Edge next. With hallucinate and the damage from Infinity edge, you'll make short work of a tower. Also consider the Guinsoo's Rage Blade if you find yourself able to stay within fights for the duration.

Finally, for fun, or if you're having trouble fooling the enemy with your hallucinate, get the Guardian Angel. The buff for the Guardian Angel will work on your hallucinate, making it much more difficult for the enemy to know which is the real you. Seeing a buff on your hallucinate causes all kinds of confusion, and when it resurrects, they'll be sure it's you, just before it explodes for massive damage. That's when you deceive in, drop a jitb, and cut someone down with a stab and a shiv.

Hallucinate Tips

Decoy - If the pacing of the game is slow and you're still laning when you have hallucinate, only use it in the brush, then alt click on enemy minions and pretend you're farming. If they attack it, start running towards the tower. Most will chase in excitement of getting a kill. Then just as it's about to explode, deceive behind them, jitb on the path of escape, and slice then shiv them down to nothing. With the AP build, an exploding hallucination will do a large quantity of damage.

Escape - If you're about to get hit with a stun or other nasty things, hit hallucinate, you'll probably dodge it and can then deceive away.

DPS - Your hallucination does do damage. Don't be afraid to use it to get a tower down a bit faster. However, it will also get hit like a minion, meaning the tower won't avoid shooting it like it will you. That's a dead giveaway to enemies.

Jungling - Your hallucinate at level 6 allows you to take out any of the creep camps except for the dragon and baron. Get the blue golem buff every time it comes up (though not if that means abandoning your team in a team fight). The blue golem buff turns Shaco from an assassin into a mass murderer. Don't underestimate it and definitely don't ignore it. Also keep in mind that Shaco has the best chance of getting away if he's caught in enemy territory. When taking out the enemy blue golem, hide at the back of the golem cove and put your hallucinate in the brush. You'll see the enemy coming and can deceive through the forest.

Faked Retreat- If they get you to half hp, run towards some brush as though you're trying to escape, hit hallucinate, then immediately deceive behind them. Let them beat on your hallucinate for a few seconds, then slice, shiv and drop a jitb on their back. If they try to finish off your hallucinate, it will explode and kill them, if they turn to you, your hallucinate continues to do damage and your jitb will go off and allow you time for another deceive and shiv.

  • Most people don't expect an AP Shaco, and many underestimate Shapo's killing power.
  • Shiv can do a lot more damage than Deceive at the early levels, and Shapo is a lot less fragile than the melee Shaco build, causing your enemies to misunderstand your fragility and get confused by your hallucinate's apparent toughness (after you get giant's belt).
  • The damage from hallucinate after you've gotten some AP can be devastating to another team, similar to a double bomb from Zilean, but with the added benefit of being directly positioned by you.
  • The length of stealth on deceive is a bit longer than you think. Don't be in a rush to immediately stab something and destealth. Place that JITB perfectly before starting the kill, make sure you've got their back facing you so you get your passive bonus damage. It will make a difference.
  • Don't forget to use ignite whenever it's up and you're going for a kill. The extra damage from it will insure the kill, and the 10 bonus AP you get from the mastery will increase your shiv and hallucinate's damage. That means the correct order for an assassination is.
    1. Deceive in.
    2. JITB on their path of escape.
    3. Attack the enemy in the back once.
    4. Ignite.
    5. Shiv.