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Shard of the Moniith

Last updated on February 21, 2012
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Hi guys, this is Wrecktify with a Malphite guide! i have been playing LoL for quite some time now. i usually play AP heroes in mid. I would definetly say that i am nothing compared to those high ELO players in and competitive players, but i do love the game and i would like to share my playstyle for Malphite.

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These runes are the runes i like to play on tanky AP heroes, like Cho'Gath, Malphite, Mordekaiser,Rumble, maybe Nautilus as well. Basically you will need some survivability with MR/Lvl and armour runes. And since he does magic damage, Magic Penetration is good as well. The flat AP quins is what i find best as it helps give you some AP early game for harassment.

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Skill Sequence

pretty standard, maxing Q and E because it is his main source of damage. putting one point in 4 in early to last hit easier. obviously maxing R when ever possible.

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So everybody may think that mlphite should be a tanky supoort disruptor type champion, but i think malphite is viable to be played like this. i used to troll in normal game by going full AP on him, and his Ult really does a ton of damage. however, he does not scale better than any AP carries and you only play him like this if you have a late game carry on your team.

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Pros / Cons


-disrupts team fights

-does significant damage early and mid game

-good harass

-good gank

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Pros / Cons


-susceptible to ganks early game

-hard to last hit

-no real escape mech, unless you use your ult

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Early game

usually what you want to do is to get your boots and head to mid lane/ top lane. preferably solo top. usually what you wanna do is to last hit properly, and harass as much as you can with your Q, it helps if you get blue buff. When you hit level 6, a standard combo would be q into ult, into e and ignite him. any squishies will get slain or get hurt a whole lot.

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Mid Game

what you wanna do in this part of the game is to get your sorc boots and a few dorans rings. go gank lanes with your ult and get a few kills to work into your abyssal sceptor. Make sure to get last hits as well, and not just go for kills.

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Late game

this is the point where you go into your disruptor mode, with all your items. use your ult to disrupt teamfights and deal some damage. aim the squishes as you will be most effective against them. usually with your ult your team will be able to ace them, unless they are fed and your teammates are bad (that happens to me alot)