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Vayne Build Guide by hellohyfy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hellohyfy

Shauna Vayne

hellohyfy Last updated on July 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vayne is one of the most strongest, mobile AD hero released in League of Legends. Her ability to kill a single target is phenomenal, one of the best. Her 1 v 1 is nearly impossible to lose unless you make a mistake or you miss your condemn. Here I will be outlining her basic builds, items, and her role in game.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Must on Vayne. Helps her position herself in team fights, escape ganks and many more situations I could put up but I won't.

Exhaust - Helps you pick off a single target and your 1 v 1. Very versatile, can be used defensively and offensively. You can either kill someone with an exhaust, slow down or weaken an enemy hero attacking you so that you can kill them first.

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9 - Greater Mark of Desolation
Explanation: Great runes overall. Strong throughout the whole entire game.

9 - Greater Seal of Armor
Explanation: You may replace these with either Flat AD seals, or Attack Speed seals. Any of these runes are viable. I just feel that in my opinion when you are harassing within your lanes, you don't want to lose too much hp to creeps alone as it will open a window for a gank on you if your hp is too low because of creeps attacking you.

9 - Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Explanation: Once again you may replace these with Flat magic resist seals, or attack speed seals. Either are viable, if you know that you are going to bursted down by the AP carry or be CC'd a lot in fights, go for the magic resist. If you know that you can kill opponents fast and there are little CC's on the other team, you can go for the Attack Speed glyphs. It depends on player preference.

3 - Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Explanation: Really helps out with your early game burst. It adds on to your damage of your auto attacks, your tumble,last hit your creeps, and your condemn. So why not boost up the damage a bit more with Flat AD Quintessence? These are replaceable with Armor Penetration Quintessences, but I personally wouldn't like too as it wont allow your burst to be as strong as if you had Flat AD Quintessences.

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Make sure you pick up the Exhaust mastery, Armor Penetration, Brute Force, and Havoc. These are musts in the offensive tree. Utility I just fill it up as I please. EXP bonus is great and the buff duration is a great pick up as well.

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Skill Sequence

In priority order:
Final Hour > Condemn > Tumble > Silver Bolts

Final Hour - Obvious first priority, gives her invis and bonus attack damage. At level 2 this gives you a free B.F. Sword
Condemn - With your tumble, flash, or final hour it should be easy to pin someone against a wall or tower with Condemn (yes you can use condemn someone to a tower, inhib, etc.)It gives great burst damage and is easily a must skill.
Tumble - Bonus damage, reposition yourself in a teamfight. Nuff' said.
Silver Bolts - This is a great skill, but compared to the other skills it wont be used as much compared to the other skills, level 1 silver bolts is fair enough at level 2.

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Your items really depend on which lane you are put in.

Solo: Standard boots + 3 pots. Great for lane sustainability and to keep up your creep score. You are most likely at top or mid. I would not suggest going mid nor top as the current meta usually puts the AP carry at mid and a Tanky sustainable DPS top. So we follow the current EU style of putting Vayne with support (such as Taric, Soraka, Janna, or Sona).
Duo Lane: You are probably with a support if your team is smart. You should pick up a Doran's Blade instead and last hit + harass while your support heals you.

Why Berserkers Greaves instead of Mercury Treads you may ask? Well for the most part you are a very mobile champion, which means if you get caught, well you shouldn't have in the first place as you should be in the BACK. If you get caught by CC's and such, you are too far out. Let your tanks absorb the damage and CC's and then you go pick off their AD/AP carries or whoever is extending for the most part.

If you find that CC's are inevitable, I suggest you sell your Berserkers Greaves for Mercury Treads, otherwise simply don't.

Rush a The Bloodthirster as it gives great damage and life steal which is what Vayne needs to stay in team fights and deal out damage. Pick up a Phantom Dancer after to increase your damage output and your mobility. Then get a Banshee's Veil, always a great item to pick up to save your *** every once in a while. If the game passes this point, pick up a Last Whisper as they are probably stacking armor, and then get an Infinity Edge.

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Laning Phase

Last hit, last hit, last hit. Cannot emphasize this enough, you are the AD carry you must get farmed and prepare yourself for the upcoming team fights. Your tumble is a great way to assure yourself a creep kill or two, but do not spam it as you will eventually run out of mana during the early phase of the game. You should be able to pick up a kill or two during the laning phase with your ultimate/exhaust and condemn.

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Gameplay/Ranked Play

Some key notes to keep in mind when playing Vayne.

+Use Tumble to position yourself behind your tanks. If you get caught by a CC, you are too far out unless if they flash to you.
+When you Tumble it resets your attack so you can attack twice with quick succession.
+ Condemn can be used on heroes against alive or dead towers, alive or dead inhibs. I have never personally tried it with Anivia's wall, or Jarvan IV's wall. If someone could try this out for me and inform me on this, that would be greatly appreciated.
+ Final Hour gives you INVIS after you Tumble, don't forget this as it is a great juking tool and helps you slip out of tight situations.
+ Condemn adds a tick on Silver Bolts. This grants huge burst damage if they are caught against a wall.
+Use Condemn to stop channeling ultimates.
+Watch where you tumble, cannot recall how many times I've seen a Vayne tumble right into the hands of the enemy team.
+You cannot tumble over walls.

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Vayne is a great AD carry, she just needs to be played right. What separates a good Vayne from a great Vayne is positioning, knowing when and when not to fight, and when you should taunt the enemy team(j/k). When the game begins, everyone is equal in skill level. As the game progresses, decision making is what seperates the good players from the bad players. Vayne is no exception to this fact. Vayne is considered a glass cannon. She is really strong yet easily taken down.

How I learn all of this? You watch top ELO player's streams.

Until then I'll see you guys next time.