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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dragthul

She is just a little girl!

Dragthul Last updated on May 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, this is my very first guide and i would like to make it as good as i can in order to help annie players to reach the top. Annie is a really nice champion which i always enjoyed playing but after the latest patch she is the goddess of mid lane. My English aint that good so sorry in advance if something is a bit comfusing.

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Pros / Cons

Heavy nuker
can change the tides of a battle with a single spell
despite being a caster she usually build nice hp pool
she is a threat both early game and late game
really good farmer with her Q

If your enemies are afraid of you they will gank you from the very start and make you fail
she has no escape mechanisms
she is vulnerable to CC
gets flamed as a noob champion because of the buff

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Classic Marks for Caster.
For seals i useThey help you build life as the game progress. That helps because usually players don care about armor or magic resistance. If they see a heavy health bar they wont focus you first because they will lose time.
Glyphs are your choice. She needs cooldown reduction. I usein order to boost her Q cooldown and help me farm. You can useif you want to be more efficient in late game.
Classic mage quintessencesshe needs that 15 ap in order to start farming.

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Classic Mage build 9/0/21 with 2 points in Utility Mastery because she needs to sustain blue buff as much as possible.

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I always start with a. I dont find it neccesary to takeand 2 health pots because when my enemie wants to harrass me he will get a stun in his face and go b with half life less. If you are a new annie player i suggest you start with crystal and pots in order to farm more. Your next item is. If you manage to farm it before 10 you are doing great. If you have enough gold you can also buyand a few potions. Now go and farm as much as you can. When you have 1710 gold press b instantly and buy. You need to start building its effect as soon as possible. Now you go foryou need the cooldown reduction from these boots more than anything in order to spam spells all the time. Next item is eitheror. That depends on you and your enemies. If you have a hard time catching your enemies or you need more life you will go 100% forif you are pwning everyone you go for. You will build both of them because your enemies will become stronger and you will need more than a single R Q W combo to kill them so you need the slow and the extra ap. From now on its up to you what you will build. A few good ideas areif the enemy team has an annie or a veigar or anything with stun that can make it impossible for you to land your combo banshee's is the answer to your problem. If your enemies are ad heavy you should rush ain order to keep your *** alive. If their tank is really hard to kill cause of the magic resistance he is stacking go forit will make it alot easier. In case void staff isnt enought build as last itemthat will drop any resistance left. Abyssal is a good choice after banshee's against heavy mage team.

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Skill Sequence

Annie depends on her Q to farm thats why i put a point in it on level 1. In case you play premade you can start off with W to secure a first blood if you gank. Now your main priority is to level up your W because its your main damaging tool. You stun with Q ( before you hit 6 ) and then W that way your enemie wont come near you when you have stun ready. If you think you need to build stun faster you can put a point in E. Next you level up your Q. Level up ulti whenever you can. Last spell is E.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Ingite are the bst choices you have. You flash in R-W-Q 1 or 2 dead allready and you finish off someone with ingite. Also ignite will help you kill your enemie in lane since in low levels if he builds hp pool a combo isnt enough. You can use ghost too instead of ignite because annie is a really slow char. I dont think anyhting else can be usefull on a killing machine like annie.

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Annies is a really funny champion especially when you are owning someone with a single combo. She isnt so hard to play and master but she has a few tricks that you need to learn in order to succeed. I hope i helped you get an idea on annie. This is the way i play annie and i am not forcing anyone to play like this. Have a nice day and enjoy my little girl :)