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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author UStoleMyAlias

She so Krazly

UStoleMyAlias Last updated on September 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok this build is fairly well tested across many many many games but as always if you have something to add please do.

Rune Build
This is pretty straight forward, with Kayle's passive AP means stronger spells and attacks so get it anywhere you can. Penetration on mark runes also helps deal with enemies who try to stack some resistance.

21 Attack - Havoc and archmages savvy make Kayle go crazy. Like I said anytime you can stack additional AP do it. Burning embers makes ignite stack AP so pop ignite often. Brute force and sunder make Righteous fury hurt allot especially if you have hit with reckoning before hand.

9 Utility - These are mainly for extra exp to make sure you level as fast as possible, also to get some extra mana regen early game which gives you extra staying power in your lane.

Summoner Abilities
Ignite is a generally all round good ability to have, high damage is a win. Add the mastery that give you 10ap while it���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½s on cooldown and you will be wishing that you could chose this ability twice ;)
Teleport is a good choice as Kayle is well equipped for saving towers or making a push and teleport can make these tasks a lot easier for her.

Item Build
Dorans ring for Kayle is sooooo good off the start. Extra health, mana regen and AP are just win, win, win for Kayle. I had a few people say it was a bad choice because it doesn���¢�¯�¿�½�¯�¿�½t turn into any items later on. But the fact is that it is a perfectly good item in its own right and the best thing for chasing off enemies in the early game.

Sorcerers shoes for extra penetration on Reckoning is self explanatory. Fiendish codex into nashors tooth is awesome. Early on you will have a little trouble with mana regen, i often find myself waiting for more mana. That is why i take dorans ring off the start and nashors tooth before rageblade. Rageblade is an awesome item and is capable of adding huge AP for its cost, without too much effort.

Hextech, self explanatory, jut a generally all round good item to build on kayle. Lichbane goes off something fantastic with the reckoning/righteous fury combo. The added late game speed will also help you chse down enemies that are trying to flee from your endless wrath.

If you get beyond this and the game is still going you can sell dorans ring and go for zonyas ring instead, you have plenty of mana and health and zonyas is the bomb for AP. What can i say, a girl has got to have her bling.

Skils Build

I like to stack reckoning off the start. Especially if laned against some ranged heroes the ability to harass them with it is worth its weight in gold.
1 early point in Divine blessing gives us some staying power in the lane and means we can level as fast as anyone else.
You best trick is a Reckoning + Righteous fury combination. With the items, runes, and masteries chosen here this combination can do a crazy amount of damage before your opponents even know what is going on. Add some items which increase attack speed and you can kill all but the toughest of tanks without too many issues.
If an opponent low on health is hiding behind a tower you can divine blessing yourself for move speed, dive the tower, intervention yourself, pop your reckoning/fury combo get the kill and divine blessing yourself on the way out for more speed before anyone knows what has even happened.
Generally though intervention is best cast on melee dps characters that are heading into a team battle or on fleeing allies. If you notice that one of your team mates are about to get focused, put intervention on them and watch as 5k damage worth of enemy spells add up to deal a grand total of 0 damage :P
A few other little tips, cast divine blessing on any nearby allies before you warp back for items, and on team mates that are chasing down a kill. The move speed bonus is also fantastic for escaping from enemies.