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Shen Build Guide by Lysono

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lysono

Shen FTW

Lysono Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Shen is a great champ that alot of people think of just simple to play and only able to hold out in fights. Shen can actually overcome most fights and easly be able to dish out quick and effective damage against champs. Acouple well placed taunts with a shield and Vorpal Blades on focused champs will easly allow your team to win fights that seem too great to overcome. This build I use is alittle hard to get down just right, but i have shown time and time again it is very effective. Biggest thing I would stress on when playing shen would have to be map awareness. Shen's ult is very useful for quick ganks aswell as saving a team member in a time of need.

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The items I use in this order were to allow me to haras and be able to stay alive for much longer in fights. As you can see you will have massive health regen, aswell as health. Most champs will stack armor and magic pen, so the health is very helpful in those situations. If you have a champ that will be dealing a percent of your hp in damage the health regen ontop of Vorpal Blade will allow you to overcome the hardest hitting champs. For those champs that deside to just build straight ad or ap, your mixture of regen, health, magic resist and/or armor will easly overcome.

Instead of stacking 3 Warmog's Armor you can easly change out for a Atma's Impaler and/or some more armor and/or magic resist. Depending on how the enemy team is building.

If the enemy team does not have much if any penetration, then more resist will benefit much more then more health. Although you will heal less you will also take less in such a situation.

If your lane is mostly magic based on the enemies side, then starting off with Force of Nature will benefit much more early on then Randuin's Omen.

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You wanna farm minions early on and make sure to stay laned or farming exp as much as possible. This will allow you to build up your items as fast if not faster then other champs, since this build costs alot. Aim mostly for the mage minions to allow you to build up your minions and get quick gold without having to stay out in the open for too long. If you are not in the top 3 in the game for minion kills then you will have to focus mainly on keeping the enemy out of lane as much as possible to allow you to catch up and/or to gain lvl's where they are not.

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The runes in this build will not assist as much as others could in later builds. Mostly this will allow you to overcome the early game and easly own your lane with almost any champ. Early game you will easly be able to dish out a beating and be able to take one without a problem. By lvl 3 with Vorpal Blade and your runes you will be able to out haras most champs with ease aswell as score some easy kills even with a quick tower dive if able.

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Pros / Cons

Able to hold out in most fights aswell as quick recovery of health. Decent stack of magic resist aswell as armor. Lots of health to allow even greater ability to use Vorpal Blade to its full potental.

Low attack damage. Magic damage will dish out abit more damage then attack damage.

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This guide is not made for full detail as to how to play Shen. Nor is it made to be followed to the T. Use this guide to get a start for Shen and see how you play him best. Remeber that no matter how you play or what champ you play over the top minion kills can easly win a game.