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League of Legends Build Guide Author GundamMeister

Shen hybrid tank/AP

GundamMeister Last updated on January 18, 2011
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This is my hybrid shen build. plz dnt flame me for making a hybrid AP Tank, but its workable.I always liked shen because he loikes to save lifes and wif my build the moment they see even just ur ulti they go running yay.also this is my first build so yea have mercy. I like him as a hybrid mage tank bcus his vorpral blade cus friggin **** dmg for a nuke used by a tank.that and this will help ur feint and ur ulti

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Pros and cons

-Best tank in game in terms of saving( a sponge that helps other peepo and a taunt that helps to chase)
-A good nuke for some odd reason. like really vorpral blade does a good amount of dmg for a tank, only beaten by mayb mord and gragas.
-He has a good sponge. better than rammus and morgana, tho morgana is meant to be a friggin support( side note: dumb ***es stop running AP morgana cus u need to friggin support not kill. dumbasses)
-KI strikes neiggas. wdnt wnt to be hit by shen.
-is a friggin ninja

-sigh.... u mite think u can taunt entire team and live to flame them.... but no ur wrong.
-this build kinda makes it easy for u to be a victom of a first blood.
-up the butt if they have armor piecers and entire mage teams
-low MGC resist
-personaly akali is a better ninja.

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MGC pen and some health so u can actualy tank. wif the MGC pen ur vorpral blade will smack like "U JUST GOT KNOCKED THE ****ED OUT"

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Mage friendly offense masteries and the rest for tanking, this build is meant to kill tho.... not to tank entire teams, altho it is possible.

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start out wif a dorans shield for the xtra ki attack dmg and surviability....... then get the new ionian boots to lower CD.U need this to use ur ulti as much as possible.Then get ur first ruby crystal. if they do score first blood on u then get a cloth armor or ruby crystal first.after that get wardesn mail THEN heart of gold. wif wardens mail u can tank towers early and i mean early( one game i got first blood and double kill.TY sion.and got wardens mail. after that i chased ther garen. to tower. and paniced. but then.... in my mind and in garens QQ WTF. i tanked tower. at 5 min into kill and ddnt even have to heal. nxt get a needlessly large wand if u got the money or a if u get the wand first mite as well get rylais sceper instaed of death cap, wat ever floats ur boat a free slow or better AP.then build into ur warmogs armor.get ur sunfire cape or warmogs.after that get a zhonyas hourglass for that armor and AP,now get the death cap for a wtf vorpral balde or a void staff if the start buffing on MGC resist or they have a tank. Finally u can either get thornmail due to ur taunt or simply a guardian angel. funny as hell in team fite i die and they run not camp around my body.

( side note: u may have to change the tank items if they have very heavy mages)

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summoner spells

flash and slow is really good on shen since shen has a secondary flash to use so chasing is so much easier. now get eithere slow or cleanse cus who dsnt hate kennen bursting on u?

Heal is usable since u r tank and mayb fortify. just check if someone else is using it

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using shen

team work. the big word for shen. no for reals dude i have seen azns say team work its a big word.( STFu im azn no flame or back talk)unless ur playing in blind pub games u need to practice skills and combos.for example. i play wif my cusins. one LOVES tyrandan and the other dsnt mind using TF( heresage and ihatemysister respect those names lol)so any ways one game TF was dumb enough to teleport to friggin the mid jungle near the inner turret to kill there teemo. so i had to nwste my ulti on him when outa no where THERE TF teleported to him. but do to my ulti he tanked tower and got DK yay.also another well used combo is tyrandan tower dive and shen ulti.... he tower dives about to die i initiate ulti. ulti wears of he hasa endless rage we kill tower he dies i get friggin triple kill cus dumb *** rammus ANAD aliatsar use there taunts( no team work lol)also practice ur dash. the reason y every one runs from shen is usauly the taunt. me myslef have masterd it. althp ususaly i end up accidently taunting teemo akali eve and twitch.

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Ulti using

yes yes it requires skill and lots of it. look at the mini map constantly if someone is pushing and every one is mia(usualy its just baron tho) or if u see that the guy who pushed is gettin one likes QQ ( wtf shen save me) also becareful and try to comunicate as fast as possible. like once in a while i wste ulti on a gay who ports back to base and i appear rite nxt to him.grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. also be ready to dash cus once in a while they dnt run and try to get the kill.

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the friggin end of the nubest build ever

well guys i hope u like this build im open to comments and suggestions but dnt flame or else ill friggin killl u beat u force RQ make ur ban list higher hack u annoy u give u bad game give u a "GG" slap u *** rape u till u bleed all that **** HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA