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Shen Build Guide by Nooboverhere

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nooboverhere

Shen, Strong Tank, Strong Damage

Nooboverhere Last updated on February 16, 2012
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Hello and Welcome to my guide.


Lets get started.

I've noticed alot dont play Shen anymore. I kinda like it and then not. I think Shen is a very good pick, for a ranked team game. He got strong ganks with his ultimate, and can save your team mates a** with it.

Now go see my chapter about Elo..

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If you see alot of livestream, you will learn alot if you play in the lower ELO. But it can be a pain if your team mates dont will listen or just can't english. But now dont judge them. When you play in a Lower ELO, There may be alot of jerks, trolls and more. But don't begin to rage on them. If you really want out of Hell, just try to be calm, and try to explain as much as you can to them.

Now im not the highest ELO player. because on my server there is alot of people who dont understand english. Sometimes im lucky sometimes not.

Next Chapter: Shens basic team play.

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Shens Basic Team Play!

Okay, now to a part where you can learn alot.

You, will as much as possible, as Shen just ult your friends and help them out. Get them into a bush where you can ult to them, and then gank your enemies. Hopefully your team, will tank you alot. But not enough with that, After patch 1.54.12_02_14_13_07 blablabla, Shen more likely got a remake. His spells a MUCH MUCH more better from the start of the game to the end of the game.
Do, i think he needs a buff still. Not quite sure do, maby more healing from Vorpal Blades 2% of your maximum health, it would be better with 3-5 percent.

It would be quite a buff.

Next Chapter: Items... Explanations

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Items... Explanations

Lets start off here.

Randuin's Omen Excellent item, gives all the stats you need. Great item.
Mercury's Treads Probaly one of my favorite pair of Shoes. you can also use Ninja Tabi
Frozen Mallet Okay.. Alot says its only for off tanks. Okay, maby it is. but i've seen when i play him. Can i see when i are killing someone, they really can't get away. Okay you got your Randuin's Omen but its not constant slow. i like slowing people down all the time. "Take a Chill Pill Runners" you can probaly switch this item out with Sunfire Cape or Rylai's Crystal Scepter because it isnt a cheap item to buy. Take what you fell is needed.
Wit's End This is a special item, i love it alot. This is very good with your passive Ki Strike and the passive on Wit's End you still get defensive stats and attack speed. That will say, your Ki strike will just pop all the time, also if someone attacks you, at the same time (you can take Wit's End before Frozen Mallet)
Madred's Bloodrazor Attack speed, and defensive stat. perfect. just like your Wit's End also the passive on it. Again your ki strikes just keeps comming up.
Warmog's Armor its fits perfect with your Passive 10% of your maximum health... you will now hit for 300-400 damage on targets with your passive. And your attack speed, will help you alot with your passive now. You can change Warmog's Armor with another defensive item. but i recommend this.

Next Chaptor: Spells!

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Oh Yeah!

Ki Strike Very strong passive. This is just beast with my build.

Vorpal Blade Nice Early game harras + very good sustain in lane and jungle.

Fient Its okay shield, will help you with your passive now. but it will not protect you as much
Shadow Dash i love that spell. "Dash through that Wall" 1. Perfect initiate spell. 2. Perfect escape spell. 3. just fun to Dash around with.
Stand United VERY VERY strong spell. Good for ganks, good for saving. And Escaping if enemy is comming to you and you know you can't kill them.

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Pros / Really couldnt find Cons ^^

Brute Force
Very strong tank
Can jungle
Can Top lane
Can Bot lane Global Ultimate
High! Sustain
Strong passive
And is flippin Ninja

Why Buy?:
You can bring alot of help to your team. As your taunt can hit more than a single target. And ultimate is just very strong, When you can use it Defensive and offensive purposes.

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Patch: 1.54.12_02_14_13_07 Shen spell remake. Making him more viably late game.

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Updates Coming Soon

I will soon add pictures. Gameplay and more. And Summoner spells explanation.

|Have A Nice Day!|