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Shen: Swift, Silent, Deadly

Last updated on February 21, 2012
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Shen - Tank in the Jungle with decent pre-6 ganks or good solo top
this is a rough draft so dont expect much of an intro

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attack speed for ki/faster jungle
movement speed cause hes slow
the other 2 self explanatory for a tank

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played a bit with this and i liked it, only downside is the buff duration 20% increase is lacking and that kinda sucks early game, but i find this to give a more solid over-all game play with an effective jungle/gank still

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a lot of health while still maintaining decent damage output for a tank, im considering replacing the frozen mallet with the scepter for the ability power boost since for some ungodly reason all shen's abilities require +AP but its almost not worth it

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Skill Sequence

i found going vorp 1 and the next 2 levels in feint actually gave me a bit better survivability in the jungle, but if you go vorp 1 feint 2 vorp 3 its just as effective

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Summoner Spells

smite is a must for jungle, but ive tried exhaust/teleport/ignite/flash and they were all acceptable. reason im primarily going with exhaust is because its a perfect tool to slow your opponent down enough for your team to catch up and DPS along with you during a gank.. great for the runners- can also be a decent escape tool combined with the dash

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one of the most fun tanks ive ever played and an unexpectedly effective jungler

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Pros / Cons

early ganks
can turn the tide of a 1v1 fight with jump, turning into a 1v2
decent map control

effective ganks require you to land your "skill slide" taunt
short range attacks
requires teamwork/help to gank (not a huge damage output)

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Creeping / Jungling

i start at blue-->wolves-->wraiths-->red-->golem-->wraiths-->wolves and repeat, if there is no enemy jungler feel free to take their jungle also.
after i get red i check if there is a gank open, if not i continue jungle