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Shen Tabi

Last updated on June 2, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my guide for Shen.
My name is John and I play as MediumAI on the west-EU servers.

I'm currently level 16 and have had a lot of success with this build rather then the more famous ones currently at the top of Shen's build list.
My primary focus is to zone enemy players away from their minions and to use a shadow dash/shield/auto attack with passive combo to harass enemy players.
I feel vorpal blade just isn't worth the energy to use it, so I get it last and use it on tank minions for a small health boost when I actually have enough health for it to be of any significance; which is late game.

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My runes are all flat magic resistance giving me 13 MR at lvl.1 to take the beating when I harass my enemies using a shadow dash/shield/auto attack (passive) combo.
I'll continue more on this when I explain my item build.

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My masteries focus on improving teleport and heal, giving me +10 extra energy and increase my stats overall.

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I start with a Doran's Shield as I am missing the health regen from vorpal blade early game, this allows me to stay in lane longer and 'undo' any beatings I might take from minions when I harass the enemy champions.
My next item is boots as Shen's base speed is very low and this allows me to catch people in my dash more often.
I immediately upgrade them to Ninja Tabi for additional armor and a flat 10% damage reduction from all sources but towers.
Later in the game when we start tower diving I'll have gotten enough armor from other items to make up for this.
The reason I don't take mercury's threads is because I'm pretty much not getting focused in teamfights as it is due to my itembuild, not getting these boots will make enemy champions more likely to interrupt me from saving an ally, rather then my carry killing one of them.
It's a trade-off I'm happy to make, as is my personal preference.
I move on to Sunfire Cape so I can more effectively defend a lane solo from a big incoming creep wave.
Using that gold I work my way to Warmog's, so my passive hits harder as well as the fact that it balances my health to armor/magic res ratio pretty well.
After this I work my way to Force of Nature for even more health regen, movement speed and of course magic resistance.
If the game still isn't over by then, I grab some smaller item purchases like Aegis and Guardian as by then I shouldn't be farming a whole lot anymore, but will have gotten this gold through assists.

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Skill Sequence

As I said before, I max Dash and Shield first, then Ultimate and finally Vorpal Blade to increase my effectiveness of harassment during team-fights; rather then my damage.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I take Teleport and Heal, having both upgraded through masteries this allows me to save twice as many lives then without; and even get a kill when fighting an enemy champion 1 to 1.
Lastly I die less often if I get immediately stunned after dashing into a team-fight, allowing me to heal through it and afterwards use my shield.