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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

Shen - The Double FoN Master

Diesel Last updated on December 1, 2010
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Sup guys,

Since the Tanky Push/CC-Heavy teams are the normal and most consistent, I've gone through 15-20 games with Shen and filtered through a build that may get you laughed out of the game, but will not disappoint you in the long run. Enjoy the cost-effective build!

Tips for Shen:

  • Early game, Shen is all about farming gold to ensure you get the items you need faster than your opponents. So make sure to last hit with Vorpal Blade, as ranks 2+ make it very reasonable to last hit any minion, and is your base poking attack against other enemy champions. Shen may be melee, but Vorpal Blade will keep enemy champions frosty.
  • Your ultimate can make any 1v1 an advantageous 2v1 romp at any time. Make sure to have map awareness when your team is ganking or jungling to make sure you can get an assist yourself, or to make sure the enemy team doesn't.
  • Your Shadow Dash is your play maker; if you are on a Heavy-CC team, use your Shadow Dash later in the battle. If the first CC doesn't capitalize on killing the champ, use Shadow Dash to close the gap and give your team time to catch up and continue fighting. If you are the CC: Shadow Dash is a great initiator, especially when it's at it MAX rank and if you decide to stack Sunfires if the other team is AD-Heavy.
  • Your Magic Resist is going to be much higher than your Armor for most of the game, so this will rule you out from tanking Turrets. Though Shen does have Feint, that will only block 1-2 turret shots at best. I'm not saying never tank turrets, but know that your HP will drop considerably compared to other tanks like Rammus, Malphite, or Alistar.
  • Overall, stay loose with Shen. He's a very consistent character so long as you can farm the gold to be big. Don't be afraid to be aggressive once you get Vorpal Blade to rank 2 or 3, since the low Energy cost and Cooldown will allow you to synergize with Shadow Dash to really chip down HP for your other characters to come in and gank.


  • /- Starting with a Ruby Crystal won't give you any HP Regen, but will put you in the 800-850HP range at level 1, so it will be a fun time trying to chip you down. Getting Heart of Gold is great since it'll really benefit your early game. The 27 Armor, 5 Gold Per 10 Sec, and 200 Health for the 500g you need to get after Ruby Crystal makes it stupid not to grab it.
  • - Most would argue that Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads are the better boots for Shen. I personally cannot stand watching enemy champs retreat when Shadow Dash is on cooldown, so grabbing Boots of Swiftness will synergize with your next two items...
  • /- I know what you're thinking. I know the passive is Unique, but for around 5,200G you get: 152MR, 80HP/5sec, and +%16 Movement Speed. Combined with Boots of Swiftness, you will be charging at 450-460MS, with most AP-Heavy champs negated.
  • - Capping off Randuin's Omen will give you a very high Armor/MR total, which will allow some turret diving, but more will negate champions as you taunt them and receive their attention.

Optional Items:

  • - After finishing Randuin's Omen, this is the next item I get. Since Shen tends to sit in packs of minions and champions, having a little extra Magic Damage chipping away at your enemies never hurt any team.
  • - If you feel a game is going your way and nothing can go wrong, grab a Leviathan sometime between your Force of Nature purchases, or after your Boots of Swiftness purchase. This will give you ample time to stack it up for the late game pushes.

Runes & Spells:

  • - Magic Penetration works for your Vorpal Blade, which are great for early-mid game poking against enemy champions.
  • - Flat Armor is great for Shen as it allows you to be a bit more aggressive towards enemy champs. The extra armor combined with a Heart of Gold will allow some mid-game Jungling, along with going against Dragon.
  • - Flat Magic Resist will help against champs like LeBlanc, Annie, and Morgana early game who can poke right back at you. It will be around the 20-23 minute mark if you've farmed decent before you complete your first Force of Nature, so any head start on Magic Resist is needed to hold out.
  • - Flat HP Quints along with a Ruby Crystal and Shen's base HP should get you to around 800-850HP. Enjoy it while you poke squishier champions.
  • - With Shen, Summoner Spells don't require their attention as much as other champs need them, so being the one guy with the Fortify will help stop dual-pushes and un-manned towers from being demolished. Also, using Shadow Dash and Fortify together early game almost assures a kill on any non-tank champion.
  • - Though you aren't Jungling, Smite equipped the Mastery: Plentiful Bounty will allow you farm even better, with an extra 5G per Smite kill. Use this normally on the Cannon Minions, or help out your fellow Jungler with halving Golem at Level 1. Smite may be an under appreciated Summoner Spell, but it could be the difference between getting or giving Dragon/Baron.