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Shen -The Rape Tank

Last updated on August 6, 2010
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This build does in fact work. I tried this in five games, and i ended each game winning, with over 15 kills, and less than 4 deaths, EVERY GAME.
The point of this build is so that you have SO much ability power, that when you use your vorpal blade, you and your allies will NEVER die. Since it uses ability power, you can basically throw it at someone in a 1v5 death match and heal for SO much, that you will kill everyone extremely fast.
This build is especially good in 5v5 games, because they tend to last much longer than 3v3 matches. I can basically guarantee you, that you WILL in fact see an improvement in your game by using this build.

PART 1 will be for a normal AP Shen.
PART 2 will be for a jungling Shen.

So lets get started!


----Begining Game----
At the beginning of the game, you're going to want to buy boots of speed, and as many mana potions as you can possibly get. your going to put your first skill into your shield because your going to need to defend yourself against all those scrub opponents. Just stay in the back, but personally i like to just wait and last hit all the minions to ensure that i get extra gold. Once your level 2, your on your way. Put your next skill point into vorpal blade.
Now before you get your AP items, buy berserkers greaves, so that you can attack faster and get more gold from minions since you will be hitting them so fast and killing them.
Farm enough gold and once you get all your gold for boots, buy your first blasting wand.
With this, you will be at least healing for some, but NOT ENOUGH!
Also, at beginning game, make sure you lane with someone that deals a lot of DPS. this way you can get the last hit and steal the gold, so that you can get your items faster. Your lane partner will thank you later once you heal him to victory.

----Mid Game----
After farming minions, and stealing a few kills from and OP DPS characters, you should have one or two of your rings. They are sort of expensive, but with KSing like a real champion, you can get it fast. They are only 3,460 gold. At this point, your team will most likely be engaging in team battles. This is your time to shine. You can just pop in with your ultimate which can teleport you to an ally champion, and throw your vorpal blade at the champion that your team of OP DPS characters is raping. Since you throw it at someone, it will start healing you AND all your nearby ally champions for a lot, depending on how many rings you have.
At about half way through or maybe a little longer, depending on how your Kill stealing is going, you should have maybe 3 rings, which will in fact heal for a lot, especially for a tank.
The ability power seems a little unnecessary but you dont need to have amazing damage to kill a champion. Never, will Soraka be needed again once people learn about this amazing trick.

----Late Game----
Near the end of the game, your team deaths really should only be from that one kid that just refuses to read chat, and goes off on his own and gets ********* by the OP champions their team has picked. Luckily for you, once this dumbass of a player has engaged on some 1v4 battle, you can use your trusty teleport ultimate to get to him in less than a few seconds. Once you get to him, by now their team knows they are basically ****ed up the butt from your WTF heals. They will either..
1. attack you because you are the support of the team. YOU are the reason your team kills are 72 and theirs are 4 from THAT GUY. or...
2. they will cower in fear and run, and since a master YI who most likely doesnt speak english will be on their team, they will be a complete **** face and ulty to get away, since the only thing master Yi is for, is getting away and coming up behind you when your extremely low health.
By the end of the game, this is vital...
Triple make sure you have ALL of your rings, so that you will be healing for Soraka x3 to everyone around you.
Once your in their base, completely ****ting on their faces cause of these WTF amazing heals, you and some of your OP WTF teammates can just completely screw with them, and farm them by walking into their spawn and killing them fast. If you honestly thought that the respawn tower can kill you fast, YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO.
I've only tried this once, but crazy OP Xin and Ashe went into their base, and scored an ace by their respawn tower. They just wouldnt die. With how much ability power you have with your rings, you just wont die. It's basically impossible. It's extremely important to throw your vorpal blade fast as possible, so that you dont die, since your not tanking. Also, a good strategy is for a tank with crazy health like Rammus to engage, he will get hit pretty hard, but do not fear; throw your vorpal blade FAST and let the healing begin. Make sure to stand next to your ally champions though, because if your just slightly out of range, your screwed. Your going to have to throw it every time when the cooldown is up, since it is only 3 seconds. Watch your energy also, because if your energy is too low, your going to have to run!
That is only an optional thing to do, just to make it a funny game, ending with 100+ kills.
Otherwise, your going to have to stand by your allies again by the normal center towers to ensure there infinite rage. Tryndamere's ultimate will no longer be useful, since nobody is likely to die. Every once in a while, you won't be able to get to your allies in time, and some may die. Do not worry though, you can easily heal your champions in team battles. Make sure to tell all your teammates that you need to be by them, so make sure they don't engage in any ******ed OP battles of Armageddon bludgeoned *** rape.
Make sure at the end, you either say "GG" in all chat, or just troll them to death to get a quick "LOL" in at the lobby chat once the stats have loaded.

Here are a few notes for during your normal game.
Ok, so since this shows that you need to max your shield ability first, make sure to take advantage and just use it when your under attack. The slight down to this build, is that you wont be a tank with damage. But the healing will really show an improvement in your game play once you get your items.
They are pretty expensive items, but remember, getting the last hit on things is important since the last hit on a minion will get you the gold; always kill steal. Even minions.

Another note is to have MAP AWARENESS.
Since you have a teleport ability right when you hit 6, you have to watch the map at all times to make sure an ally isn't getting their *** handed to them by other OP champs. Make sure you dont weaste it though trying to help a scrub like Allistar or.... Yi. Since it has a long-ish cooldown, you would mostly use it in team battles, or huge ganks you KNOW you won't win unless you're there.

At lower levels, like lv 6-10, when there's not really a lot of team battles going on, you might as well use your teleport to go to an ally, do the finishing blow on the opponent and KS that ***** like it ain't nobody's business. Your ally will thank you later..


Let's get junglin'!

This guide is all about how to jungle, and leveling up as Shen. If you can not find these monsters, Refer to PART 1.

Basically, all you do is run around in the forest of a 5v5, and kill things to level up so that the person soloing in the lane your supposed to be in can level up higher, so you can dominate the scrub OP nub champions your enemies play.

You can start off the game either 1 of two ways...
1. Start in a lane and level yourself to 2, so that you can have your vorpal blade to heal you.
NOTE: IF you do this, or just go right into jungling, you will have to skip buying boots to save gold so that you can get items to heal yourself at lower levels.
2. Go right into the jungle. You might want to bring maybe a health potion instead of the mana potions so that you won't die.
NOTE: You can also use smite, since all those scrub junglers use it to jungle. It's mostly up to you. I prefer Rally over anything, only cause in my opinion, it is one of the best summoner spells there has been. shame nobody uses it.

Anyway, your going to want to start off killing the those little ghost, lich things in the forest. If you don't know where they are, refer to PART 1.
once you kill all of those, your on your way. They do give **** ***** amounts of gold, but you wont't be splitting XP with anyone, and since you'll be leveling so fast, you can later go into any lane and steal any minion kill, or champion kill. Don't worry, even if your ally is mad, they'll thank you later.

The next monster you're going to want to kill is the wolves. By the time you start killing the wolves, you should be level 3, give or take 3 levels.
Run around at maximum speeds possible for yourself, to get to the monsters quickly in order to assure fast leveling.
You should be getting a good gold intake by now. Don't go back to base until you have enough to buy an item for your AP. Once you have a ring or two though, you can buy your boots so you can kill fast.
If you don't know where the wolves are, refer to PART 1.

Next, your going to want to find golems. Make sure that you're not killing buff reward golems, since they are much harder at lower level. Run around and kill all the normal golems, they will give good XP for yourself, and decent gold. Remember, go back to base when you get enough gold for an item. You will need it.
By now, you should be level 7, give or take 7 levels.
If you don't know where the Golems are, refer to PART 1.

Finally, you can basically run around do reward monsters, or dragon to get quick gold, and decent experience. Kill all the other re-spawned monsters on the way to them.
Remember, MAP AWARENESS. While your doing this, watch the ****ing minimap. I cannot stress this enough. Playing a character where you can teleport means you HAVE to be paying attention to the map at ALL TIMES or your a useless scrub, and you will be trolled to the point where your going to want to cut yourself because you feel like a useless piece of trash!

After all the monsters you have killed and the team battles are-a-brewin', you should be level 10, give or take 10 8 levels.
If you don't know where the rest of these monsters are, refer to PART 1.

Also, you should only be jungling for not that long. If you find yourself to be at the 40 minute mark in a game, QUIT! ALT+F4 is your only solution, because the trolls will come out and harass you. DON'T forget to have map awareness and make sure that your allies aren't getting in a ****-fest of a death match.

I can't stress this any more then the last time i told you that i can't stress it enough, MAP AWARENESS PEOPLE!!! Shen is a key support to winning a game. ALWAYS watch the mini map, no matter what you are doing. If your ally dies, it's basically on you. Your the reason that they died, especially with your insane heals.
Also, a tip on kill stealing, Watch their health, along with the mini map because good map awareness, is a good game. when the health gets to barely none, attack it. Or use a vorpal blade on it, just because its got a long range and it's just complete ******** getting credit for it when you did NOTHING to kill it.

Get the gold fast, if you notice, i have you put a point into your mastery where you get more gold over time, so that it will be easier to get your AP items.

As a last note, it might not even be necessary to get your boots. You might just want to get another ring, because it will be just even more crazier heals.

REMEMBER: Along with having amazing map awareness, you need to know, that more ability power will also make your vorpal blade do **** fest, crazy, OP, WTF, "omg how did he hit so ****ing high? he's ****ing shen, wtf" damage with your ability power.

MAP AWARENESS! It's a necessity. Shen can ONLY be useful if you have good map awareness. Aside from your vorpal blade doin' crazy **** stained wtf damage, your teleport is the best skill you have. It does in fact have a long *** cooldown, but it will be useful when theres big team battles going on.

Remember to stay with your teammates also a lot later game. Where there is lots of people, there will be lots of blood shed. When your high level and with your teammates, you can always be there for the healing and make sure they never die. It's a flawless plan. And with you being by some of your teammates, when another person gets jumped, you can use your ultimate to get to them, and rape the opponents ******* to a huge abyss of ****. They will NEVER want to **** with your ally again.

With this build, I can almost assure you that with map awareness, and the right amount of pure nub skill, ANYONE can basically dominate, even in 3v3.
Post your crazy *** scores if you will, to prove my genius skills of a build with Shen.
Rate this up if your a scrub.
Rate this up if your a pro.
Rate this up if you thought this was the biggest waste of time.
Rate this up just cause i ****in' said so..... :3

Good luck, and have fun.
-Trilf (SCRAX)