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Shen The Slow Burning Ninja

Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Okay so first of all you see the scepter and are probably thinking WTF well ill get to it.

[Early game] 1-7
First off try to get with a lane partner that is compatible with you prefer a ranged or a melee with ranged pester power. my best lane partner was a nunu just throwing it out there(great synergy from slow and attack speed). use your pot if you have to keep your heal out of the picture till the last minute they wont expect it. most people dont check skills or remember them enough in the heat of battle. if your gonna die fight to the death, Ive gotten more kills that way then running and die or gotten the assist remember your a tank take the hits.

[Mid game]7-13
Alright so by this point you should have your hammer and boots and maybe gone into a cape. Time to start gank tanking. observe other lanes and port in when it seems right. save people and gank. a note to be taken here if you find your self dying or getting beat up by mages switch out a sun-fire cape for Force of will or some other magic resist armor of your choice. jungle a bit farm up some gold and get ready to tank like a beast

[Late game] 13-18
Game Time. heres where you shine you should have most if not all your build. by this point team battles have started youru objective if to take damage like a sponge and throw vorpal blade out. Start out by dash taunting into your enemys and throing up faint. your gunna hurt but deal with it make sure you taunt outwards from people not inward torwads their mages/ranged. sponge sir/madam and sponge away. people run from you? with frozen mallet and ryalis they wont be able to escape you at all. (a note here if your doin well and you dont need rylais switch it out for whatever your want maybe a stacking item like leviation or mejais or sword of the occult. whatever works.

PS this is for pub stomping not ranked as i dont play ranked yet.

Please leave a note and comment on bad things and good things. just dont downrate. also sorry for spelling english not good. !!