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League of Legends Build Guide Author Typezero12

Shen the true master of tanking

Typezero12 Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have been playing shen since he came out and i have tried many different types of builds and as of right now i find this one the most effect early mid and late game.

Summoner Spells.

i get ghost because i find it most effect in getting into team fights chasing down low health enemy's or to escape ganks.

i get ignite mostly help in a team fight or pick off that enemy that is always running away and with your ghost its a great combo for chasing down and turret diving champs early mid game esp if there at low health.

it can also come down to a preference in what you like to use flash is a good one too heal is ok but since your tanking i don't find it very effect but that's my opinion.

i go with a different format for my mastery's mostly because i find the reduced ability's a very important talent when trying to tank or get off that last vorpal blade to finish off an enemy champion. i get the 1 buff for ghost cause it makes a big difference and pretty much the rest is normal tank spec.

I always start with vorpal blade for early ganks and so on. Alot of people have told me taunt but i don't find it very effect at lvl 1 with low damage output. Than i get taunt at lvl 2 for keeping my lane partner safe. Than vorpal blade 3 and feint at lvl 4. The reason i say get feint at lvl 4 is because it is prob one of shens best skills absorbing damage for i think with the latest patch its 2 secs which 50 at low lvl is surprisingly helpful if your enemy is aggressive they wont really understand how you didn't die and escape outta a gank. from there its pretty basic on what you wanna do after lvl 6 i usually max out vorpal first cause its your main damage and last hitting minions its great cause no mana :}. now how i play shen after lvl 6 i rotate between taunt i usually get lvl 3 taunt than get lvl 2 feint because that usually around the time team fights will be happening around lvl 9-10. again i find it effect because 100 damage reduced for 2 secs from all sources you ghost in taunt hit your shield you take hardly no damage at all and prob by the time its up they will be dead or pretty close to dead from your team fight. and if there not dead throw your ignite on them for the free gold :}. The number one rule with shens ult is don't be afraid to use it if u save someone you help your team and that's what matters not all the kills u should of gotten or can get its about helping your team get the win cause in the end that's all that matters.

i get ninja tabi basic for tank. i find the most effect item at low and mid lvl is aegis of the legion because gives you small health armor and magic resist plus gives off an aura to your team mates which is great for team fights also you get the aura buff to. which is amazing for you and your lane partner trying for those early kills and i find that after i get this on shen i cant turret dive pretty easy with the extra armor and feint they have to have i would say 2 bars or less health tho because if they have a stun you will die from your own doing. next i get sunfire cape for the extra damage in team fights and more armor and health. than i go for warmogs because i find that after those 3 items shen is a Lil low on health for a tank and warmogs is a great tank item. than the choice is pretty much up to you. you can either get another sunfire cape or go for guards angel i find it kinda depends on how the long game is gonna take and or if i get the gold for both and if your the team your fighting has a lot of magic damage or not.

i forgot to mention above i start out with boots of speed and 3 health pots with that you should be able to lane until lvl 6 you should have a nice chunk of gold u should be able to buy ninja tabi and at least 2 pieces of your aegis of the legion. also don't be afraid to use your vorpal blade as much as you can to last shot minions for the extra gold :}.

i think i pretty much covered everything this is my first guide so let me know i need to fix anything please and thank you i hope you all enjoy :}