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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alluren

Shen, the wings of protection

Alluren Last updated on December 29, 2010
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Shen, the wings of protection
Hi players!
Welcome to this 5v5 Shen build.
I have tried many builds, but I think , after tests, that this one is a must.
There's probably many points that can be discuss, that's why I will try to develop every point , with argues and explanations.
Score of today: 23/12/10

Who is shen?

Shen is one of the champion I call a "true tank" in the game.
There's many champions that can be considered as "off tank" in the game.
Further, there's some "main tank", and there's only a few "true tank".
The "true tank" of the game are Shen and Rammus (but we can also consider Galio as a "true tank") .
why? Because a true tank need more than being only hard to kill and have some decent health points. He needs:
1/ a skill which reduce damage like Shen's , or rammus's (I can also talk about the very good Sion's shield) .
2/ a TAUNT
One of the best crowd control of the game. Shen and Rammus can use taunt very often , unlike a galio one, which can only taunt with his ulti (but I consider Galio like a True tank too). Further, a "true tank" need a very good crowd control. But the taunt force the opponent to attack your character. It cancel channels , control, and allows your mates to dps easily for few seconds.

With Shen, you are the main true tank. You have to (most of time) initiate team fights, protect your mates, and be present almost every where, every time (except early game).
But Shen can also be considered as a tank support. That's the way I play Shen with this build. In some words: Shen is nothing without a good team.
Because he has almost no dps. He can do some damage (we will see that after) , but you can't really do some things alone, even when you are fed.
You are hard to kill, you got many stuff/skills/strategy to survive alone, but the good point in Shen reside in his support abilities.
Shen can't reverse a game alone, but he can be the master piece of your team with this build.

-One of the best tank of the game
-Excellent support for the team
-Great escape/chase mechanism
-Very hard to kill
-Energy champion

-Need a very good map awareness and you have to be vigilant almost every time
-Depend of your team mates and their dps. Shen can't change a game alone.
-Almost no way to dps constantly

Explanations about :

Summoner spells:

=> Ghost is the best summoner spell for Shen, whatever the way you decide to play him. Useful to chase, to run away, to go fast help someone or defend etc.

=> That's a contestable spell. But I think it's a need for a support tank, specially for Shen.
Why heal is a good spell for Shen? Because it is unpredictable.
If you got focus, heal will help you a lot, but it will also help your mates.
Even if the amount of healed health is low, it can really save many lives , trust me!
You just used your ultimate on a extremely low life mate and he survived?
If you saved your heal, use it ! It will prevent from a dot, or from something like the random hit from an aoe , or an unavoidable skill.
During a hard team fight, if your heal is up, remember that it heal every one next to you. It can really change the result. If you dread that this spell could be useless end game, you are wrong. Heal saved my life as a true tank many times end game, because the amount of healed health is quite impressive end game.
There is an exception. Do not choose this spell if there is an healer (soraka, sona etc) or a champion who can heal himself (better example is vladimir) . It will be annoying for those ones.
In this case, you can also choose some other good spells for Shen:

Probably the best pick if you don't plane to get Heal. Teleport will help you to have a better presence on the map in order to help a lane, or protect from backdoor.
But, contrary to a Kassadin, Shen is not a champion who can farm fast. Shen is hard to tower dive, but sometimes opponents don't hesitate to ignore your poor dps and attack your tower like if you wasn't there. If you take too much time to kill all minions, it's annoying.

A good pick. An other way to be useful wherever you are. With Shen, you have to be constantly aware about everything which occurs on the map. It won't be difficult in this way to make a good use of this spell.

If you face heavy physical dps, it's a need. Exhaust is not only a good 1v1 summoner spell. You can save your mates, or make a dps totally useless in a team fight, etc.

Some players love to use it with Shen. Why not? It's a summoner spell that you must not underestimate. But I don't think it's a need. Can be great sometime. Good opponent can take the opportunity to use some CC on you in order to stop your supporting actions.

Other spells:
Ignite: Can be good, but I don't think that the point in Shen is to have many frags.
Flash: Bahh.. you don't need to flash away from a fight like if you were a squishy carry.
Clairvoyance : There is better summoner spell. You act as a support, it's ok, but this spell won't help you much.
Smite: Save it for jungling. But it's not the goal of this build ^^

Just forgot about the summoner spells I did not mention here...


You are a tank/support, so, you don't need to pick any point in offensive masteries.
But in some case, you can go for if you are playing Exhaust.
If you don't play this summoner spell, a 0/21/9 seems to be the best way to play Shen.
In defensive masteries, I took only what is useful for Shen.
The changes that you can give only depend of your summoner spells.
In utility masteries, the choice was really easy.
Shen has no mana, so I put all my points in and (really important for exp) and the last in greed, which can be useful.

Skill sequence:

I begin with , because it's your only damage skill.
Even if it's not really powerful, you can harass cause it doesn't consume much energy , and has a short cool down. You can use it in order to last hit minions.
Then, I go for . It's the best shen's skill, because you can protect your lane mate , or initiate a fight with. Taunt got many others utilities (we will see that further). I focus on vorpal blade because it's the only way to hurt, getting at level 4 ( that is useful) and ultimate at level 6. Then I go focus on the taunt, and finally on the feint. All skills here are interesting . That's why even if this skill sequence is the one I use most of time, you can change it , depend of the situation.
You face really hard harassing lane with tower divers?
Go focus on taunt and feint if your team needs it a lot.
You won't do any damage, but who cares if you got some decent dps at your side?
You have to solo lane?
Taunt is a need, if you choose to use the "taunt under tower" strategy.
You want to farm minions and you don't want to put aside your dps? Focus on vorpal blade.

Rune build:

Quintessence: I go for fortitude, because the stat of flat health is really effective, especially early game. It will help you to survive and to tank.
Some players use Swiftness for the movement bonus, I think it's a good choice too , but Health seem more important to me here.

Mark: Even if you play a tank/support, go for some magic penetration with mark of insight. Magic pen will make your passive and your vorpal blade more effective. It's your only way to deal damage, and it's magic dps. If you really, really want to play Shen full tank, go for mark of fortitude (health). It's the only good defensive mark.

Seal: Evasion is the best seal for every hand to hand fighters/tanks. It gives a really good amount of evasion, which help to survive a lot, especially against physical dps. You can also go for fortitude , or magic resist (warding).

: Magic resist per level seem to be the best choice here. You will need MR, because dps casters are everywhere in this game ! You will often have more armor than MR with this build, especially if you build randuin first. Glyph of shielding will help you a lot. But I am thinking about some cool down reduction, which can be great for Shen.

Items build

A very important section. This build show you a main item build for Shen.
In fact, your item build will totally depend of the situation and the opponents.
First, go for with a health potion . Doran shield a good item for early game in order to face of two dps on a lane. Then, You will have to build your boots. Most of time you will go for because you will need the duration reduction of CC and slow. But If you face some heavy physical dps, will be a need. Works great with your evasion seals.
Then come the true first item choice.
is what I get most of time. Because it gives every thing what Shen needs except magic resist , and there is a good cooldown reduction bonus. More important: the active ability is perfect for your tank/support role .
You can initiate a fight with the combo taunt + randuin. After using your ultimate, you come in the fight with a powerful aoe slow (and reduction of attack speed). Very effective , and it has a really short cooldown.
Build first , then the second item and finish it.
The only con with randuin, is that you will have a lack of magic resist.
That's why all the item build will depend of one question:
What kind of damage deal my opponents? Magical, or physical?
Most of teams used to have a balanced amount of physical and magical dps. In this case, just follow the main item core of this build. It will give you all you need.
But there is some items that I did not mention.

Anti- physical items:

I think I don't have to say more about this item now ;) It gives a lot of armor, slow, and reduce attack speed of physical dps.

It gives armor and health. Don't try to buy more sunfire now, it is useless ;)
It's passive ability can really help in team fights.

Especially if you face some Tryndamere, yi, or other annoying huge hand to hand dps.

A really expansive one. Go for it only if you face three or four physical dps (its rare!). The mana bonus is just useless. For the rest, I prefer a good randuin.

Anti-magic items:

The best one. Because Force of nature is good even if there is not only magical dps. It up your movement , and gives you a very good health regen. The amount of MR is just impressive.

It gives mana and you don't have mana. Not a problem. Banshee gives MR, and a good amount of health. And its passive ability is just perfect against CC and heavy dps spells.
Think about Morgana, Veigar, Kassadin, Anivia etc.

Other defensive items:

: good cheap support item early game. It gives armor and MR , and is perfect in the role of a tank/support. I don't buy this item because I think I have to save my money for better (but more expansive) items.

: An item I used to pick end game.
G.A Can be great mid game. It gives decent armor/magic resist, but no health.
Its ability can crush the enemy's moral . Buy it if you know that even if you are the main tank, you can die at any moment.

: Hmm.. forget it. This item cost a lot, gives incredible health and regen, but it's not what you need first with Shen. A tank isn't an accumulation of health. You have to be balanced between health and resistance.

: If you play Shen well this way, you won't really die and get, many, many assists and even some kills. You can bet on buying a Leviathan. Like I said before, you don't really need a huge amount of health. But leviathan is cheap, and full stack, its perfect for you. I rarely buy it, but it can be great for sure.

: An annoying CC user focus you? You want a Cleanse right know but you did not choose this spell? Buy this little item. Cost almost nothing, and gives some MR. Some players would find this a waste of money .

So, don't forget: there is some good main lines in the item build. But all will depend of your perception of the game. You have to protect and help your team mates, so you have to pay attention to all you opponents.

Gameplay clues:



: It's 50% of your dps :)
When you farm, use it to last hit creeps.
Don't forget to save a Ki strike if you plane to gank an opponent.
Ki strike + Vorpal blade is the only way to see a moment of burst in Shen's gameplay.
If you can choose, never use this combo on a tanky one.
But don't underestimate this burst on squishy.

: Deal some damage and has a short cd. Use it to last hit and harass early game. Further, this skill is tanky. Never forget that you get heal from the target of your vorpal blade. Spam it only if you don't have more to do than dps.

: A great skill that allow you to be almost unkillable.
It has a short CD. You have to pay attention about one thing with this skill: do not spam it! especially in a team fight. It consume energy, so pay attention to use it when you really need. When you initiate a fight, you are 99% sure to be the first target. This skill is a good engage after the taunt, reducing damage you take.
It can save you if you are extremely low life and sure that an opponent will do the last hit on you.
Further, use it whenever you will get an unavoidable hit from something.
It protects you from some dot (for example: teemo's and mordekaiser's ultimate).
Feint will make Karthus ultimate almost useless. Use it against all those kind of skills.
And don't forget to use a preventive feint if you have to check bushes/engage random etc.
You can spam feint mid/end game in order to tank a tower. When your team rush a tower without your creeps, tank it with feint it works ;)

: The best Shen's ability.
Shorter than Rammus one, but you can taunt at range.
This dash also allows you to flee through wall, to run away faster , to reach any aim easier etc. Use it to protect a squishy mate from his fate , taunting this hard physical one before he reaches your mate. The dash is great to chase, crushing almost all escape mechanism. The ultimate CC ;)
Use the dash after your ulti and your mate will become in love! Don't forget that you can taunt all the opponent on the way of the dash.
You noticed a fiddlestick channeling his ultimate in a bush? Rush him with the dash!
See this clone Shen using his ultimate in front of you? Rush him with the dash!
It works with so many ultimates: Katarina, Karthus, Ezreal, Miss fortune, Malhazar.
Some ultimates channels a short time, so it will be almost impossible to do it on purpose.
But if you predict the opponent actions, you can do it!
More and more you will play Shen, more and more you will master this powerful skill !
Be careful : This skill consume 120 to 100 (level 5) energy ! Be careful to save some energy in order to be able to use the dash. Especially in team fight. Sometimes, I don't use any skills for a few seconds in order to be sure to have a taunt ready.
Don't forget that if you taunt an enemy under your tower, he will be automatically attacked by it. Good if you solo lane, powerful with fortify , in the case of a tower dive tentative ;)


: This ultimate was nerfed , but it is still great!
It's hard to predict a Shen coming into a fight with this ulti.
It's the better way to use it. You are bot, safe, but your mates top are in trouble? Use this skill on the focused one. You will surprised your opponents.
Combine it with a taunt, and you will reverse all the fight (if your mate got enough dps ^^ ). Don't forget that your bubble don't give an ultimate protection!
The enemies can break it if they reach the amount of damages that allows this ulti. Pay attention to that. If they break it to fast, you won't be able to teleport at your targeted mate. When you reach the level 6, you have to be vigilant every time . With the experience, you will have a good judgment. Don't use your ulti on a mate who will feed into 3/4 opponents. You will teleport at him and die like he died.
You are the support/tank, you have to save life, help, but don't suicide.
Don't use this ulti on a mate who won't die and who is not focus.
You have to know how to read a fight in order to use make a good use of this skill.
NEVER use it just to teleport some where.
If you play with premade on vocal discussion, you can build epic strategy to gank and crush the opponent !
One example I love : With a friend who play Fiddle:
If he got some decent ap (with some mejai's stack etc) => the enemies are defending at their tower. My friend use his ulti hidden, and flash between every one. I immediately use my ulti on fiddle, and taunt the maximum of opponent into fiddle ulti.
We are still under the tower, our other mates come to fight and crush everyone.
My fiddle friend finish by using his zonya. If I get hits from the tower, I can easily fly away from the fight with feint and dash.
There is an infinite of combinations which implicate Shen's ultimate and others champions.
Be creative, and efficient ;) and always very vigilant all the game !

Combo order with this build: Ultimate => Dash => Heal/feint (if someone/you need)=> randuin => Fight (ki+vorpa) and be careful to you energy => prepare an other taunt etc.

Some other clues:

Early game
: You have to play in lane.
Go with a good dps mate, if its possible, with a CC (many example: Pantheon, Ad Sion, Anivia, Xin Zhao, Annie but Pantheon is REALLY great with Shen ^^ ).
You can use the double CC combo => Your mate used his stun ( CC) => taunt just at the end of the CC, don't use it to fast !
With the little Shen burst combo, and the dps of your mate, you can destroy almost any Squishy and he won't be able to do anything.
If you have to play defensive (for example: you are with Tryndamere or Master Yi) take care of your mate, save your taunt to protect him OR to gank if it's possible.
Last hit creeps with your vorpal/Ki , and try to tower dive ONLY if you are confident and sure to kill and run away with dash/feint.
Use bushes to surprised the enemy with Dash. Don't forget that you are the tank, and if your mate is squishy, you have to be always in front .
When you reach the level 6 , TELL YOUR LANE MATE THAT YOU CAN USE YOUR ULTI . It's important! He will play safer, because if you teleport away without telling him, the enemy can take the opportunity to rush your mate and kill him.
Pay attention to never leave your tower free to your opponents if you are alone.
Except if the situation really need your ultimate somewhere.
If you get the opportunity, go gank somewhere without your ulti. Your dash is perfect for gank. You have a good survivability in lane, so pay attention to back only if you have no health or items to buy. If you saved an ulti, you can back safe, ready to use it if your mates are getting into troubles.

Mid game: You have to be every where!
Move, teleport with your ulti, you have to be at all team fights/push etc.
Your mates NEED YOU and without you mates, you are NOTHING .
Don't go away , trying to push alone for example, even if you can escape easily from enemy's ganks. You can initiate fight, you are the tank in the first line, ready to protect and help.

End game: The gameplay don't really change much.
Team fights will be more complex if the game is hard to win. Some Dps will become horrible for you, so you will have to pay attention to them.
At this point, you can't really reverse the game.
If your mates don't have enough dps, the opponent will be hard to face.
All end game depend of early and mid game, but its especially true with Shen.

Some words about:

Solo laning: Shen has a good profile to solo lane, but you must not do that .
Ok, he his hard to kill, got a great survivability , can taunt under the tower etc.
But solo lane with Shen is a hard deal because of his ultimate.
If you use it, Your opponents wont hesitate a second to rush your tower . And it will be destroy really fast. Ok, you rush your ultimate by solo the lane, but where is the point if you can't really use it without danger?

Shen Middle : I though about it. Why not?
But I think its a bad idea. You wont be able to kill any good mid player. You will be good for gank surprise, but there is so many champions who are truly better for mid.

Shen Jungle
: Never tried it ^^ I know that many players love to jungle with Shen and I Understand it. It seems a little bit fastidious to jungle with him, even with smite. I would try some day, but I think that all the power of Shen early game reside in a combo and the way he will protect , for example, a carry.

Different specific tricks :
Here I will write some tricks I noticed during game, specially against specific foe.

Akali: You can try random taunt through here shroud (use a diagonal line) . You will probably reach her, make her visible for a few time to every one.
Alistar : Do no forget he can bump in lane. Use your feint + dash to fly away in case of. Use your taunt to protect your mate if he got bump.
Anivia : You can Dash through her wall, it can save lives! Use a lot of feint against her burst. Save a taunt If she is into her egg form. So you can taunt her just after she rebirth (she wont be able to flash or other).
Ashe: Easy to gank with dash. You can "flash" her ultimate with good reflex with the dash. Do not hesitate to take her arrow instead of a mate.
Blitz: Same strategy as Alistar, but harder. In lane, blitz can catch a mate far away from you and you wont be able to taunt anybody. Be really careful about that.
Cho'gat : Pay attention to get his silence, he will get some difficulties to eat you with his ulti ;) You can predict his aoe. If you are sure to get the hit, use a pre-feint.
Evelyn : you will be the one who buy oracle. First, you are supposed to survive a lot :) . Then, you are in almost all team fights, so your mates will take benefit of your oracle. And finally, you can taunt, and this will totaly crush evelyn. Your ulti will be powerfull against her one vs one gank strategy ;)
Ezreal : Save a taunt to get him after his teleport skill if you can. Nothing more to say. (feint his ultimate if you are sure to get hit. Be careful to save a low life mate from his ulti with your ulti ;)
Fiddlestick : first of all, and this is good for any champion: Buy wards. It's the BEST way to fight a good gank fiddle. If you see him casting his ultimate RUSH him with your dash ! It will cancel it! You can also feint his drain, its effective.
Good fiddle are hard to predict, so you will rarely see a fiddle casting his ulti in front of you.
Galio : pay attention to his ulti, if you are far enough, you will be able to dash him and cancel it.
Gangplank : You can anticipate the damage from his parley and his ulti with feint. Gangplank is still an easy target to focus with a dash.
Garen: you have to be very careful about his judgment. You can't taunt him while he uses this spell. Pay also attention to his silence. Shen is pretty vulnerable to this CC. And his ulti can crush the rest of your hp even with a lot of resist.
Gragas: save a taunt if he uses his body slam or if he bump you in a hard place with his ulti.
Hemeirdinger : Use a lot of feint to protect from harassment. Easy target to gank with a dash.
Jana : Protect your mate if he get hit by her tornado. You can stop her ulti with your dash, never forget that ! (but cant avoid the bump from it).
Karthus : Feint is a key to counter his ultimate. He wont do a lot of damage to you with feint activated just before the damage from the spell. It wont saves your mates .. but it can saves your life. (easy target to gank)
Kassadin: His silence and slow aoe is a real danger. Feed, kassadin can crush you fast, so you will need magic resist. And he is really hard to chase. Be sure that one of your mate got a CC for him ( a stun is the best example) then, save a dash tu use AFTER his jump. With a good timing, use your dash on him. Kassadin's ulti got 6/5/4 seconds of CD. You will be able to kill him if your team focus.
Katarina: Save a dash to jump on her after a shunpo. Better: you can cancel her ultimate with the taunt. Katarina dont move when she uses it. It would be easy.
Kennen : Hard foe for Shen. You wont really be able to chase him, and your taunt wont really help into his ultimate. Be sure to gank him with a team ready to dps/ use cc into your engaging dash.
Kog maw : Is really weak! focus him in a team fight wish a dash and the dps of your team. He will be destroyed in a second. Kog maw got one of the best dps off the game, you have to engage him, he wont be able to run away. You can almost kill him alone with your poor dps with Ki+vorpal. Use feint to prevent some damage from the explosion of his passive.
Leblanc: Save a taunt when the clone pop up (taunt both of them to be sure) . Be careful to her dps and dont underestimate her!
Lux: Lux can be a hard foe if she is really well played. Remember that you can easily gank her with a team ready. If you have good reflex you can rush away from her almost invisible ultimate. If you cant dash, use a feint to prevent some damages.
Malphite: again a hard one. just forget to damage him , except if you have to focus him in gank. You cant really do better . His ulti is really dangerous , and the two seconds when you are knocked out in the air can crush your support role for a teamfight.
Malhazar : Always save a dash for his ulti! it's the key against malhazar. It's easy to notice when he will use it, and malhazar can't move using it. You can also feint his DOT to prevent some damage. careful about the silence, again.
Master yi: easy to gank if you can catch him (he runs fast ! but can't do anything without cleanse against a good taunt). With good items he wont really do lot of damage against you. Be careful to an armor pen build. Don't try to chase him if he goes too fast! save your energy for an other target. (note: taunt while he uses meditate , it can help, but it won't happen a lot).
Miss fortune: Your dash can stop her ulti, remember that its really effective against her ;) . Easy target to gank with a dash.
Mordekaiser : If he uses his ulti on you, it would be no problem. With the nerf, one feint is enough to survive. Be sure to survive if you got his ulti and be focused by enemies. You can run away from the fight with rush, and go back without the mark above your head.
Morgana : one of the best anti Shen! because of her black shield. It makes your taunt totaly useless if this spell is well played. You have to notice when she uses it, and use your dash on an other target, or wait for the end of the spell. Without black shield, morgana is an easy target to gank. You can focus her.
Dont forget to use your feint if you get catch by her combo dark binding + soil. Morgana can do a lot of damage.
Nasus: Nothing special , except : Some feint into his aoe can help. If you got nothing better to do in a team fight: taunt him during his ultimate. It's better if you, the tank, can be focused some seconds with his ulti, instead of a squishy mate.
Nidale: This useful champion is hard for almost all heroes. You can pre-feint her javelin and take it instead of a mate. It does an overpowered lot of damage! but with the feint, it's not a problem for you. You can take her traps if you know where they are. Save some dash for her when she turn into beast and jump around.
Nidale is a little bit hard to chase =/
Nunu: Dash on his ulti is just perfect ;) but pay attention, nunu often buy Banshee because of this kind of cc. Use a vorpal blade to break the shield before. it works. (remember it , it will be alway useful to break a banshee).
Olaf: His ulti makes your dash useless. He has a lot of armor pen, so he can really destroy you, tank or not. Remember that olaf is easy to gank and kill. A taunt well placed and he will not have time to dps.
Pantheon: A good target to focus in a team fight. He is really squishy, even with his passive. Save a taunt for his Heartseeker Strike , it cancels. You can use your ulti just after he jump, to allows your mates some tranquility , or just to kill him. Use a pre-feint against his spear shot.
Poppy : just one thing about poppy: you wont be able to taunt if she uses her ulti on someone else. It can make the teamfight difficult. Save your ulti to use it on the focused mate.
Rammus : he has some similarity with you but he can't go through a wall ;) juste one thing: get the stun from the ball if you can, instead of a mate of course, and with a feint on you .
Ryze: Feint again, he is one of the dps who can crush you fast. Easy target to gank.
Shaco : hard to chase. Your team has to be ready. if he goes with his ulti, Use the taunt on both of them ;) but focus the real shaco (when you click on him, it's the one you can see his items).
Shen : If you see Shen channeling his ultimate, use your dash on him, it cancels and will makes the difference! Shen vs Shen is only a question of gameplay. Be more reactive, more clever, and more useful for your team. Be sure that the opponent Shen won't cancel your ulti with HIS dash ;)
Singed : Same strategy as alistar's bump.
Sivir : Use your feint against her boomerang . it does a lot of damage (but avoid it if you can). She is still a squishy champion to focus.
Teemo: Only one thing: Use your feint to inspect bush, in order to counter his ultimate mushrooms. But even if you get hit by them , use your feint after and it reduces damages. Teemo is an easy target to kill with a gank taunt.
Tristana : Save a dash for her rocket jump. Be careful to her bump!
Trundle : you can go through his pillar with the dash. it can save, but it will be hard to avoid the slow with that.
Tryndamere : he is the best champion to kill you end game. With a good build and some armor pen, he can kill you in a second if you are not fed.
But tryndamere is a terror for your mate! it's hard to prevent your team mates from his dps. You can taunt him, not focus him, just to save some seconds. remember that he is totally easy to gank and kill before the level 6 and even mid game if your team is reactive. Save a taunt if he goes away, and protect from his damage with feint.
Twisted fate: easy one to kill. Rush him with the dash if he pop up next to you and if its possible! If he go gank a mate with his ulti, be careful and use yours to reverse the fight.
Twitch: FOCUS HIM! so easy to kill ! but be really careful about his burst! Same strategy as evelyn, you have to the one who buy oracle.
Urgot: easy to kill. remember to save your mates if one get hit by his ultimate. Don't underestimate him and his extreme ranged attacks.
Veigar : Dash through his walls don't work (you will be stunned) but he is easy to gank taunt.
Vladimir : Hard one. Just because of this damn overpowered pool. Save a taunt to get him after that ! Use your feint to reduce the last damages from the explosion of his ulti.
Warwick : Taunt into his ulti, it saves life and works!
Zilean : Use a pre-feint against his bombs.

Last words:
Thanks for those who read it ! It was my first build .
Shen is my favorite champion from LoL , and the one I really 100% master.
I don't got the reflex to screen shot my results with this build, but my best one was 11/1/36 in a 5v5 normal.
Got also some really good result in ranked ^^ but I rarely play ranked games.
I am sorry for my bad English, it's not the language of my home country .
Hope that I was understandable through my build and you will enjoy playing the ninja :)
Last thing I would say about Shen: Never understand why riot chose a ninja to be a heavy tank but.. Shen do his job well :)