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Shiggidy Swain!

Last updated on October 8, 2010
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-I am doing this without an account, if it gets good reviews I might make one. So i will not be able to edit or reply to your comments, but I will read them, i enjoy constructive critique!
-with love ChaosDunk <3

To be honest I don't know how to put all the fancy images in, sorry people.

-As a heads up i would like to say sometimes i feel like running Swain with flash instead of ignite, but also move a mastery point into "Blink of an Eye"-

Why the build is the way it is

Hello Summoners!

First we'll start with summoner spells!
- I choose teleport and ignite. Why? Because teleport, while being useful to get around (especially if it gets down to a 4v5 cause some butthead dc's and you still gotta carry!) But also using Nevermore behind an oppenent as soon as you tele can be devastating!
-Ignite adds to the damage factor from Torment (always good)
*I stated above about the while Flash thing.

Nothing new really.. magic pen (swain scales badly with AP) ... only odd thing may be that glyphs are flat ap, and seals are AP per lvl. Really its a personal thing. I want the high AP power early on for kills from Glyphs.. but want the mathematical better option of per lvl for when your 18. figure i'd do a mix.

Before going over items i gotta talk about this.
- they say Swain is a nuke... well kinda...
Dont play swain as you would a nuke, such as veigar or ryze. NOT THE SAME!
Swain does DOT's (Damage over Time) I see him more as support, since he has some very very strong harrasing abilities.
-When playing Swain dont go balls to the wall for someone. It's fine to lay down a little damage (even if you dont see it right away) and let it tickm away at him while you are safe.
- You can kite!!! For the love of god!!! you CAN KITE!!! as i said before you have dots! why not kite as they tick!! your lazer bird will in fact slow them.. and when you have a rylais your ult will slow them!!!... ITS PERFECT!! DO IT!!


-Pick up a doran's ring and health pot... pretty standard, some mana regen health and AP.. always good
-Even if you dont think you will be raping, grab a mejai's- Swain becomes the ultimate assist getter!! beleive me, just in around with ult up and get assists. you can even just snare a guy for someone else to kill and run away! NEED STACKS!
-boots for spell pen-- always good, pretty standard
-Deathfire grasp... recently i've been getting this before Rylai's. I feel that even though i said that Swain is not a complete nuke, its not like he doesnt have that ability. using the active on this WILL TO BONUS DAMAGE WITH TORMENT! thats some massive hurt! Plus this is an anti tank weapon because it does percent health!
-Rylais- I say get belt first, because by the time your at this point in the build, your pretty low on max HP compared to how hard people will hit you. Other than that, Rylais is just good... i mean.. hp and AP.. plus it slows!! huzzah!!

Now- depending on my mood i get Will of the ancients (usually if we have high AP damage team) so that my team gets lifesteal. This stacks with your ults birds :D you become pretty annoying with that up!
*Zhonyas- HUGE AP BOOST plus a 2 second "whatever you pansy" button- if you feel you arnt hitting hard enough, or that you're getting focused, this is for you!!


w-e-q --> snare, DOT, lazer bird... snare them for damage, torment will dot and make your bird hurt more! yay!!!

r-w-e-q --> start ult up before full combo so if they get a burst on, at leas your getting health before you wanna cast your other ****... plus its a fear factor ;)

*Protip*- use deathfire after you have torment on someone :D remeber to use your actives!!!

remember, you toggle your ult on and off! low on health? switch it on, get some hp! who cares? last hitting minions gives you mana gen!! FREE HEALTH WITH ULT!!

As per earlier, A tip is still to kite, for the love of god dot and run!!! I dont care if they call you a pansy SWAIN IS THE MASTER TACTICIAN DAMNIT!

Honestly, as much as a build seems important, it matters much more how you play a character.

The end!

I hope i didnt forget anything.. sorry i couldnt make it look pretty! Comments appreicates, and sorry i didnt make an account!

with love- ChaosDunk- see you on the field of Justice!