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shredder apcrank

Last updated on February 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is based around building a solid damage output for blitzcrank by building AP and mana, while still taking advantage of blitzcrank's ability to stop a target from escaping for some time while increasing his attack speed.

The result is a blitzcrank who, while slightly more fragile than other builds early, has the potential to brutalize the target he singles out with his pull.

Your basic combo with this build is:
Pull -> knock up -> basic attack a few times -> static field

You should be able to easily destroy a squishy in seconds, or knock up someone a bit tankier a few extra times until you can kill them. Nobody will be able to escape from you without help; your overdrive, knockup and pull are the perfect tools to stop someone from getting away from you.

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Marks of Insight: Mpen = more damage. Handy because we don't get sorcerer's shoes, but do mostly magic damage.
Seals of Resilience: Pretty standard on most champs, armor to help keep you alive
Glyphs of Shielding: Pretty standard on most champs, mres to help keep you alive
Quints of Knowledge: Mana/level. Will give your late game shield a boost, as well as your AP.

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I go 9/0/21 with this build.

Offense tree:
Cooldown reduction and magic penetration are too good to skip out on, so I put 3 points in Mental Force and master Exhaust and Surge to get to Sorcery and Arcane knowledge.

Utility tree:
Mana per level is great, especially for blitzcrank, and mana regen is helpful too. Movement speed is fantastic also, and will help you with chasing/fleeing. I take gold/10s because this build is quite expensive. Spell vamp makes a little difference, will help you stay alive. More cooldown reduction is great, we want to be able to spam our abilities as much as possible, and of course reduced cooldown on summoner spells is way too good to pass on.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is flexible and situational.

Start with a point in power fist; this helps you farm at the start if you time it right (it resets the attack animation). Next take a point in rocket grab, and try to pull some *****es into your tower. Then get some overdrive.

Put a point in static field whenever you can, and then aim to max power fist, then overdrive as quickly as possible, maxing rocket grab last.

Why? Power fist is knockup, and the more you can spam your knock up the more time you have to punch the **** out of people while they can't do anything about it. Following on with that trail of thought, overdrive gives you increased move speed and attack speed. This means you can hit people up, punch them a few times, then chase them, knocking them up and punching them as they flee.

We reserve rocket grab for utility only, to pull people back into your brutal beatdown when they get close to their tower, or to pull people in to your tower to knock them up.

A knockup with a short cooldown is also very valuable in the laning stage; go with a partner who has a high early game dps, and together you have the potential to get very fed.

And, as always, try to pull people into your tower and knock them up wherever possible. The tower does a huge amount of damage at the start of the game, and just by keeping them under your tower for a few seconds you are practically guaranteed a kill. Exhaust them if they look like they might escape.

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Start with a regrowth pendant and either a health pot or a mana pot, depending on your personal preference. I prefer the mana pot, because I tend to try and keep the fight as close to my tower as possible, allowing me to regenerate health with my regrowth pendant and stay in lane longer.

When you go back, buy a philosopher's stone. This is a pretty important item for this build; the health and mana regen are good, and the gold over time is absolutely necessary.

Next aim to get your tear of the goddess as soon as possible, so you can start building your mana pool, then pick up some boots to keep on top of everyone's move speed. You don't need to rush your full boots because of overdrive.

Next grab a sheen. This will boost your ap a little, and give your autoattacks a solid damage boost (as long as you're spamming your abilities - which you should be, we want that tear of the goddess to grow).

Aim to finish your Archangel's Staff as quickly as possible, because your damage output will fall behind if you don't finish it quickly. It will also enable you to farm like an absolute boss; once you have it, you can walk into the middle of a minion wave, pop static field, and walk away at least 100 gold richer.

Then finish your boots and go for Malady. If you can't afford it straight away go for the attack speed daggers, you have enough AP for now.

Once you have Malady and Archangels you can start doing some real damage, but at this point you are likely pretty squishy. So next we grab a glacial shroud for some armor and extra mana, then finish our sheen into a lich bane for a bit of a mres boost and a huge damage increase.

Finish your glacial shroud, then, when you can afford it, sell your philospher's stone and replace it with a banshee's veil - magic resist, more mana, and a great passive.

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Summoner Spells

I always take exhaust with blitzcrank; it makes an excellent addition to your early combo of pull and knockup under tower.

Surge works very well with this build too; the attack speed and ability power buff synergizes very well with the play style you will be using. Pop it before you pull somebody, knock them up and punch the **** out of them, then finish them with your R.

Ignite - always good to have for those occasions where you just don't have enough health to chase them under their tower for the kill
Flash - always a good choice, helpful for escapes, and flash+pulls are scary
Ghost - if you want to be ridiculously fast, but not really necessary
Teleport - if nobody else has it, but you should be fast enough to not need it otherwise