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Shurikens That Face Melt

Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Kennen in my opinion is a very bursty Ap nuke, with a an amaizing passive, the ability to stun. Kennen revolves are his Q, which i call his poker. Every spell, and fourth auto attack adds his passive, a mark of the storm. Every three marks stuns the target, and gives the oppertunity to face melt them.

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I take ghost and flash because the both allow you to escape if you ever over extend, because you can be rather easy to kill. Or to quickly close the gap and destroy an enemy that gets separated from their team.

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Kennen's Q is his bread and butter. You will max this skill first and use it as often as possible, because it has a very low cool down, and is your main source of damage.
His W does moderate damage to all nearby enemies with one mark of the storm already applied to them, and adds another. Also dont forget that every 4th auto attack adds a mark, this can get you a kill, or save your life. This is what makes or breaks a awesome kennen.
Kennen's E initiates all his fights, and is his escaping tool. Since it gives a great move speed buff, and magic and armor resistance, it can save your life when running away.

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For Runes i take magic pen marks,flat armor seals, and magic resistence per level glyphs. These allow kennen to pump out surprising damage early game, and still be hard to kill early and late game. Then for Quints i use Magic pen, or flat health, depends on your play style.

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Boots and health potions allow you be aggressive, and still be hard to kill early game.
Mejai's is what makes you so strong. Your abilities already make you relatively hard to kill, and as long as you play smart, and get some kills, kill steals, and assists, you should have 20 stacks no problem.
Sorc. Boots dont need an explanation.
Rylai's gives you health, Ap, and a slow. All of which make you much stronger, both offensively, and defensively.
Rabadon's is just a huge amount of Ap, which is good for kennen. If you can get this after Sorc. Boots, if not just follow the item build.
Hextech gives you Ad, Ap, life steal, and spell vamp, once again making you both offensively and deffensivly stronger.
By now you have enough Ap to face melt people, the sixth item is totally situationally. If the other team is a bunch of Ad then go Zhona's, all Ap then go Abyssal scepter. If you are doing fine, like you should, then just get what ever you or your team wants.

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Whenever u are laning you should use your Q to get a mark, then E for another, the W to stun and do a lot of damage, then Q again for damage and another mark. By now your W and E are still on cool down, so poke with Q to keep up the mark, and just wait to use your entire rotation. Mid to Late game you can use ur E and W to wipe out entire minion waves. 1v1 get down your stun and then pop your ult if you think you want need it right after, and the opponent should not get away.

In team fights let your tank enitiate and then Q anyone on front of the group if you can. If not use you E, W, and then Ult to stun most people, and get some nice kills.

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Ending Notes

All in all Kennen is an amazing Champion, but requires some skill to be effecitive. Your first games will be amazing, or you will totally flop. Once you get use to him he can be an amazing Champion and you might find him being your stand by Ap Champ. Also dont be afraid to use your abilities. Kennen is a ninja and regens energey at a fast rate. However using his E and W very often can drain his energey, which will take some time to regen to full from 0.

This is my first guide so please leave comments to IMPROVE the guide, not rag about what I missed, got wrong, or forgot. Also this guide is based on my play style, and might not be perfect for you. However you should be able to use this as a way to get started, or at least base your own build off.